How To: Enlarge Small Space


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If You feel cramped while living in tiny space – simply You need changes, that could be applied at everyone‘s home. We have 5 proven tips that You could try at home.

  • Furniture. The most important thing while choosing furniture – do not believe in myths. It seems that there will be no problem to recreate the composinion You liked at the furniture store, but it could be more difficult than You thought. This is where all the problems start, because customers often forgets about importance of measurement and accuracy.  The second problem faced is willingness to recreate complete looks from magazines and catalogs. Professionals advice to follow few interior style lines and do not overload small space with bunch of small furniture. It is recommended to choose massive couch or table to make it basis of the space. Then the next thing You need to do is to add some charming interior details.
  • Reflections. Through mirrors and light You can make home look spacious and cozy. Big mirrors could enlarge space twice. The only thing You have to chose – the frame which would be functional and become stylish detail of the interior. Also You can decorate wall of furniture with mosaics of mirrors.
  • Combinations of wall and furniture. This is one of the most essential recipe while creating small space. If the colors match with the furniture, then the whole room blends and  becomes solid. That is why You have to know that contrasting colors breaks down the space. So the colors have to be related. If You want to use patterns or stripes, You have to be attentive and make sure to use only as accents, because otherwise details make your space look smaller.
  • Curtains. It is not truth that You should not use curtains in small rooms. You just have to choose wisely! It is better to pick one color curtains and if You make them longer it will definitely heighten the space.
  • Colors. Let‘s deny the myth about small space and white color. Selection should be based on functional room‘s purpose. For bedroom suits warm hues, meanwhile for bathroom You could pick colder ones. Definitely use blue, green or  even black and be carefull with yellow and red.
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