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20 Scandinavian Style Kitchen Ideas

In Vogue’s episode of 73 Questions featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, the award-winning actress was asked to describe living in New York in 3 words. Sarah replied with “symphonic, tiny, real.” It comes as quite a thinker that with the immense upscale in lifestyle, people have resorted to down scaling their actual living space, literally. In contrast to the 80’s well-known love for exaggeration of style, millennials have now waved the white flag against puzzle-like aesthetics. Putting together too many parts to make an integrated whole? Who honestly has the time (or the tolerance)? This era calls for minimalism at best. When it comes to minimalism, the Scandinavian Style will be just what you are looking for, and what best way to decorate the house than to start with the kitchen (as it is, of course, everybody’s favorite room)? Below are some kitchen décor ideas that might tickle your fancy.


To rear the readers into the loop, I must explain what exactly Scandinavian Style is all about. T Scandinavian style décor has lots of advantages and no imperfections. It has minimalist and industrial style features but it‘s a bit cozier. This type of decor inspiration is rooted from the timeless Nordic style. It is best known for its white walls and rustic furnishings, keeping the look simple yet elegant. The Scandinavian Style puts pride in a setting where the actual “less is more” slogan is sincerely practiced. Having stated this, any kitchen décor ideas, may it be modern or vintage, will be emphasized by this minimalist approach.


The first thing that come to mind while thinking about this interior style is the color white. Geographical location and climate (the harsh winters) shaped the style dictated this color choice, as homeowners wanted an interior that was airy, cheerful and moved away from the chill and gloom outside. White is the obvious choice, as it maximizes the available natural light while keeping the visual fragmentation to a minimum.  If you think that white kitchen looks too simple, you should spice it up with some extraordinary details. For instance, colorful lamp or bunch of different chairs. Pick the right details and you will have the most amazing Scandinavian kitchen design.


Even though it was mentioned that Scandinavian style is all about white you can try to break the rules. And it’s worth it! More often we can see new interpretations of Scandinavian interior style by using the opposite-dark colors.


Single Shelf. Creating a mirage of space can make a peaceful ambience. Putting trinkets and essentials on one shelf or numerous shelves placed strategically on one wall can stand as a useful storage area or unique style statement.


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