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The Most Unique Hotels To Stay (52 HQ Pictures)

Airplane Suite, Netherlands

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

This is plane converted to luxury suite for couples. This 1960 Ilyushin 18 has been converted to a single luxury suite for 2. The plane is 40 metres long and now comes equipped with a little more luxury than it’s former owners would have approved of – let alone publicly enjoyed!

With a Jacuzzi, shower, infrared sauna, mini bar, flat screen TV you can enjoy a great deal of comfort – while still sleeping on a plane.

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Solent Forts Portsmouth, United Kingdom

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Solent Forts are a collection of three unusual and historic sea fortresses in the Solent, off Portsmouth. Two of these luxury venues are now available for private hire and hotel use whilst Horse Sand Fort is under refurbishment to develop into a living time capsule museum.

Formerly home to hundreds of soldiers guarding the approaches to Portsmouth, the arms and ammunition have long been removed making way for the most unique venue collection in the world.

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Spitbank Fort, the smallest of the Solent Forts offers nine luxuriously furnished bedroom suites, three bars and restaurant areas, spa facilities and the utmost privacy. No Mans Land Fort offers 22 bedrooms, a helipad and spa facilities, restaurants, wine tasting and more.

IceHotel, Sweden

The IceHotel is built every winter in Swedish Lapland. It melts every summer and rises again the following year. You can choose from a Tron-inspired futuristic ice room or sleep on a bed that seems to float above an ethereal icy floor. It is also one of the best places to see the alien streamer-fest which is the Northern Lights. The hotel is built from ice harvested from a frozen river. In summer, the ice is returned to its flowing mother leaving no trace of the hotel. Its energy is sourced from 100% renewable sources and it even sponsors wildlife conservation efforts under the brand. The ice-rooms are around -5ºC and proper clothing and sleeping bags are provided. There are also a number of cabins with warm accommodation.

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Molja Lighthouse, Norway

Hotel in Lighthouse

The 150-year-old Molja Lighthouse is the 47th room of the Designer Boutique Hotel in Ålesunds’ City Centre. When hoteliers Knut and Line Flakk wanted a luminous landmark for Hotel Brosundet, they procured a hundred-year lease to a lighthouse owned by the City of Ålesund. Downstairs, the designers made an elegant and amazingly compact bathroom. Upstairs, you’ll find a divine circular bedroom with a custom-fitted bed.

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay
The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Train Hostel Brussels, Belgium

Train Hostel

Train Hostel is a themed boutique hotel with authentic train carriages fitted on the roof and into the courtyard of a 100 year old building in a historic part of Brussels. The property and it’s areas are decorated with train memorabilia and railway antiques supervised by an internationally known Belgian artist: François Schuiten.

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Railway carriages converted into penthouse, suites and hostel near Brussels city centre. TrainHostel available to all: business travellers, couples, families, groups or solo travellers. From the amazing roof top railway carriage penthouse suite, double, twin and family suites and a number of hostel compartments in a couchette carriage, TrainHostel offers clean, fun and memorable accommodation at all prices, from backpacker to business executive.

Train Hostel

Book and Bed Hotel, Tokyo

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Book and Bed Tokyo is essentially a library that guests can snooze in. This affordable hostel has room for 30 guests and a selection of 1,700 books in both Japanese and English. Each small room comes with a book light so you can spend time reading at all hours.

Books even hang from the ceiling and visitors are welcome to read whatever they would like, whenever they would like. The hotel is reached by an elevator that brings guests up to the seventh floor, into a wood-panelled lobby; Book and Bed hides its beds behind bookshelves, with some guests only able to access theirs by climbing ladders.

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Blue Lagoon Hotel Iceland

The hotel is only a kilometer away from the main Blue Lagoon resort. It is surrounded by lava landscapes and is a mere 10 minute walk away from the Blue Lagoon thermal springs. The hotel’s 35 bright and spacious double/twin rooms are equipped with modern décor. The rooms also offer private bathrooms and a deck with views of the lava fields. You can also spend your days relaxing and healing in the spa and massage rooms. You can go for a shoulder massage in the man-made waterfall, or try one of the saunas and steam baths that are carved in the lava rocks.

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Longitude 131, Australia

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay in Australia

This unique luxury campsite is set in the Australian desert amidst red sand dunes and stunning views. Located right by the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Longitude offers fifteen luxury tents (each elevated on stilts) where the flick of a bedside switch to raise the blinds is all that stands beside you and the spectacular views of the Uluru sandstone formation at sunrise and sunset. Each tent features an all-glass wall and is named after a celebrated Australian explorer or hero of the outback.

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay
The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Hotel Jested, Czech Republic

Situated in the northern mountains of the Czech Republic, Hotel Ještěd dominates the skyline of the Liberec region. Reaching an altitude over 1,000 meters, it has been a significant landmark and place of historic importance. Due to its unique design, architect Karel Hubáček received the Perret Prize and the structure was declared a cultural monument in 1998. The overall aesthetics make it seem as if it belongs in a science fiction film, the innovative design has combined a TV tower, hotel, and restaurant all in the same structure. Each room offers breathtaking views on the nature around. You have your choice of a modern room or a more retro design.

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay The Most Unique Hotels To Stay The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Hotel Palafitte, Switzerland
The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

Hotel Palafitte takes Japanese minimalism and combines it with over-water bungalows from the South Pacific islands and places it all in the Swiss Alps. Contemporary hardwood floors and designer furnishing deck the rooms. You have a private balcony where you can enjoy breakfast watching the sunlight startle the water of the great lake. In ski-season you can enjoy the Alpine piste and any number of mountainside activities available all year round. There are boats and kayaks to play with on the lake and a rich cultural history to explore in the towns and villages.

Million Donkey Hotel, Italy  

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay in italy

Located north of Naples in the Italian mountain village of Prata Sannita, the Million Donkey Hotel is made up of just three rooms and one bathroom. The name “Million Donkey Hotel” honors the many ‘work horses’ who donated their time and energy making this project possible in the first place.

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay

What was once a collection of abandoned buildings is now a large scattered hotel with cave-like rooms built into the hillside. This hotel was conceived as a way to bring the public, as well as tourists, back into the older area of Prata Sannita.

One stunning feature of the hotel is Il Letto Volante, (the wheel bed), which can be rolled out into a cage suspended from the main wall to give guests the sensation of truly sleeping amongst the stars. This atypical hotel is perfect for adventure seekers who are willing to trade luxury for a one-of-a-kind experience and story to tell.


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