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Design Ideas For Small Apartments (25 HQ Pictures)

If you think that you can never have more space in your tiny apartment, maybe these small apartment ideas can make your small apartment become a spacious heaven.

Go For Mini Kitchens

Small Space Decor Tips

Designing firm Ikea had created some ways on how to add more space in your apartment. Instead of going for a big and detailed kitchen, opt for a smaller one that is complete with your necessities. Ikea had introduced Sunnersta cart and mini kitchen. The kitchen comes along with a moveable cooktop, a small sink and a mini fridge and storage. This mini cart and kitchen are yours at $129.

Expandable Furniture

Decor Tips For small Spaces

You can have more space by using expandable furniture. This type of furniture can make it easier for you to save space. You can fold it or shorten it when you are not using it. If you have guests over your place, you can pull those extenders.

Decor Tips For small Spaces

Add Curves

Interior Decor For Small Spaces

Since most apartments are box-types, why not add a little curvy furniture? In this way, you can have a little space in between your furniture. Another thing about this is that it gives the room an illusion of space in your small apartment.

Go for Open-Plan Spaces

Open Plan Spaces

One of the best small apartment ideas would be adding open-spaces. When you renovate your apartment, make sure that the room sections are intact. You can use glass doors to cover some parts of your apartment or use some furniture to separate different parts of the house. You don’t have to use walls to divide your space. You can also use curtains to separate the bedroom and the living area.

Add Dark Touches

Dark Touches For Small Spaces

Adding dark tones in your apartment is another way to add space. By using warm and dark tones, you are putting definite boundaries of the size of the room. Usually, when you are using bright colors, it tends to blur the boundaries of the room size. Try getting charcoal black or petrol blue, and see the difference.

Make Space for Your Needs

Interior Decor For Small Spaces

You should prioritize your needs when you renovate your tiny apartment.  Prioritize securing the rooms that you should have at home. This will help you lessen the number of furniture that you have inside your house.  You can also merge some parts of the house to avoid consuming too much space.

Take Away Furniture

Take Away Furniture

Using take away furniture is one of the best small apartment ideas that you should consider. Lynko System is created by an Argentinian architect and designer Natalie Geci. She believed that in recent times, many are found moving from one place to another, looking for the cheapest apartment rentals. By using this system, you don’t have to carry large furniture when you move. Lynko can be customized according to your needs. You can use it as a divider or a clothes stand or an office

Now that you have some ideas on how to add more space to your little home, it’s time to get your hands dirty and flaunt your creativity.

Interior Decor For Small Spaces Interior Decor For Small Spaces Interior Decor For Small SpacesInterior Decor For Small Spaces

Interior Decor For Small Spaces


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