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Incredible Underground Houses (23 HQ Pics)

If the towers and castles that are situated on top of the hills gave our ancestors a stunning aerial view, these remarkable underground houses also offer another peculiar dish on the architectural table that we can dig in and give a taste.

If you are familiar with Disney Princess and Lord of the Rings movies and are fascinated by those endearing dwarf house in Snow White or those whimsical hobbits’ house, then this collection of underground homes will surely blow your mind.

Edgeland House in Austin, Texas

Incredible Underground Houses

Designed by Bercy Chen Studio, the roof of this underground home looks like a couple of sloped grass banks and most people walking by might never even realize that there is a large, spacious and stunning modern residence right next to them. A cool pool, elegant contemporary décor and interesting form combine to pretty much present a look that reminds of the famous glass pyramid at Louvre!

Incredible Underground Houses
Incredible Underground Houses

Eco House in Bolton, England

This Eco House in Bolton, England is the first zero carbon property in the area. It is designed by Make Architecture and has a petal design. What’s even more incredible in this architectural masterpiece is the fact that locally-available materials are used to build the house. With its contemporary and modern facilities, one can contently and happily live in the property.

Bad Blumau in Austria

Incredible Underground Houses

If you want to see not just one but a lot of underground houses, then Austria is the place to be. This is hot spa in the Rogner-Bad Blumau resort with grass covered roofs and surreal rainbow facades. Some of the rooms are underground, with windows facing lit courtyards, while others follow the rolling design of the surrounding landscape.The country is home to the world’s most stunning architectural buildings. Just look at the houses in this municipality; they are all perfect!

Incredible Underground Houses

Underground House in Vals, Switzerland

As if the previous houses in this list are not enough to blow your mind, SeArch and Christian Muller architecture built this beautifully structured house in Vals, Switzerland. Seeing the sleek yet sophisticated house circular entrance will surely make your mind scream “envy.” The house is almost entirely buried in the ground save for one side. Whether it’s summer or winter, this house can withstand the changing temperature.

Incredible Underground Houses

The House with the Grass Roof in Poland

When you think of underground houses, you probably padded back in the century-old stone houses we usually see in movies, but this stunning underground house in Poland proves us all wrong. It’s has a contemporary look, elegant vibe, and modern amenities inside. It’s the perfect combination of past and present housing ideas that not many of us will probably strive hard to achieve.

Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse in Dietikon

Incredible Underground Houses

If you have heard about the Peter Vetsch, then you have probably seen at least one of his creations. This Earth House Estate in Switzerland reminds you of that famous Teletubbies’ houses that are surrounded by lush green grass and a 360-degree panoramic view. It’s a refreshing place to live in, for sure

Underground Aloni House in Antiparos Island, Greece

Incredible Underground Houses

This stunning underground home by Deca Architecture is situated in a small valley with views of the coast. The Aloni house consists of two stone walls bridged by a beautiful green roof that spans two adjacent slopes.

Luxurious House in Loudwater, Hertfordshire

Incredible Underground Houses

Tucked away under a grassy hill, at first glance this incredible subterranean house could have stepped off the pages of The Hobbit, but look a little closer and  it in fact bears more resemblance to a James Bond villain’s underground lair. The one-of-a-kind dwelling has four bedrooms, all of which are en-suite, a huge living room, dining room and kitchen, a cinema and a central courtyard. And all of this is hidden hidden below ground level.


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