DC Builders – Is It Worth Building With Them? (Review)

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A design-and-build company is one of your best options for a hassle-free construction project. The company takes care of all aspects of the project, from planning and designing to building and finishing. DC Builders is an excellent example of a design-and-build company that you should check out. This article introduces DC Builders, its products and services, and why they might fit you. 

DC Builders Overview


DC Builders is a design and construction firm based in Damascus, Oregon. The company was founded in 2002 by Dustin Gruetter and Cole Hansen. DC Builders is the sister company of DC Structures. 

A two-story brown wooden barndominium stands in the countryside, with a sloping metal roof and a large porch extending across the front. The lower level features a spacious garage with two large doors, while the upper level has several windows framed by white trim. The surrounding landscape is dotted with trees and grass, giving a peaceful, rural feel to the scene.
A two-story brown wooden barndominium. Image via

Products and Services

Let us look at some of DC Builders’ products and services. 

General contracting

DC Builders offers general contracting services so you can have a complete construction crew take care of all your construction needs. The company will handle the floor plans, building permits, and other requirements. DC Builders will supply the crew and manage the project on your behalf so you can relax while watching your dream barndominium, commercial building, or pavilion getting built.  

A light brown wooden barndominium is situated in a pastoral setting, surrounded by green grass and tall trees. The rustic-style house features a steeply-pitched metal roof with a chimney stack protruding from the top, and a large front porch with a white railing. The front of the home has several large windows, allowing natural light to pour in and offering picturesque views of the surrounding countryside. The overall aesthetic is cozy and inviting, perfect for a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
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Design services

DC Builders offers design services to help customers develop floor plans for their residential or commercial buildings. You can share photos, videos, and other design inspirations with them to create a custom floor plan and overall design that brings your vision to life. 

A striking two-story dark brown barndominium stands in a rural landscape surrounded by green fields and trees. The house features a metal roof with a steep pitch and dormer windows, as well as a large front porch extending across the full length of the home. The lower level has several garage doors and windows, while the upper level features multiple windows framed in white. The dark brown color and the striking architectural details create a bold and impressive statement, making the barndominium a standout in the picturesque countryside.
A two-story dark brown barndominium. Image via

Interior design

The company offers interior design services to help customers transform the interior and living spaces of their barndominiums, pole barn homes, or shipping container homes

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Timber framing

DC Builders supplies timber frames for a wide range of structures, including barndominiums, riding arenas, and pavilions. The company can also supply customers with specific timber sections like trusses and entryways if that is all you need.  

A beautiful two-story timber framing barndominium is nestled in a rural setting surrounded by greenery. The exterior is made of exposed wooden beams with a metal roof that has a gentle slope and dormer windows. The spacious front porch features a wooden railing with a sturdy support system. Large windows are featured on both levels, which allow plenty of natural light to pour in, highlighting the warm and inviting interior. The natural textures of the wood and the rustic charm of the structure make this barndominium a perfect retreat for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and a cozy atmosphere.
A two-story timber framing barndominium. Image via

Building kits

The company’s website notes that they sell building kits for barndominiums, barns, and riding arenas. However, the link redirects to their sister company, DC Structures, which specializes in building kits. 

A brown barn-style barndominium is situated in a picturesque rural landscape. The building has a metal roof with a steep pitch and a central cupola, adding a touch of elegance to the rustic design. The lower level has several garage doors and windows, while the upper level features a large front porch with a white railing, framed by two large windows on either side. The exterior is finished with wood paneling, giving the barndominium a classic and timeless appearance. The warm brown color blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings, making it a perfect choice for a peaceful countryside retreat.
A brown barn barndominium. Image via

Framing and installation

You can hire DC Builders to supply the framing and handle the installation of the said frame. This allows you to hire a local general contractor to handle the rest of the project or work on it yourself. 


DC Builders does not provide information about how much their products and services cost. If you plan on availing of their turnkey services and want to know how much your barndominium costs per square foot, we strongly suggest you contact the company for a quote.  

Client Testimonials

“DC Builders has an amazing staff, great leadership and a product that is second to none.”

Trevor Buffington. Source: Google Review

“The quality of the materials and craftsmanship has no comparison.”

Zachary Petersen. Source: Google Review

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Now that you know about DC Builders’ products and services, let’s look at why they might be your ideal building company. We will also look at some of the consequences of working with them to help you make an informed decision. 


  • Multiple wood options – DC Builders offers multiple wood options for custom builds. You can go with Douglas Fir, Redwood, Western Red Cedar, Red/White Oak, or Architectural Grade Glulam. The multiple options allow you to choose a suitable wood for your location. It also means you will have a barndominium or structure that looks precisely how you want it. 
  • VR Software – DC Builders uses virtual reality software that customers can use to view 3D models of their buildings. What’s great about this program is that it lets customers conduct a virtual walkthrough of the interiors and exteriors of the proposed design. Customers can see how the interior spaces feel and take note of any changes they want to implement.  
  • Can help increase the value of your property DC Builders’ interior design services can increase the value of your property. If you have an old house, you can hire them to update your building’s interiors to make it look more modern and functional. If you are planning to sell a pole barn building, barndominium, or conventional house, giving it an interior makeover can help increase its value and make it easier to sell. 
  • They offer additional installation services – You can hire DC Builders for additional installation needs. They can install flashing, windows and doors, weather-resistant barriers, and equestrian equipment. You can avail of these services on top of their framing and installation services. It can help you save time because there’s no need to hire another contractor to install them for you. It also makes things more manageable since you only deal with one company. 
  • They have an impressive gallery of projects – DC Builders has an impressive gallery of previous projects. What we like about the company’s gallery is the amazing quality of the pictures. You can tell they had a professional photographer take the images because they are beautiful and detailed. You can use the images as inspiration if you are still developing a design for your building. The images also give you a glimpse of the quality of workmanship that DC Builders can deliver. 

The gallery is also very organized and easy to use. Each project has its own folder containing all images for a specific project. Images are segregated so you can view the exterior and interior images separately. The company provides ample details about its projects, like the location of the project and the type of building. There is a generous description of the project’s features to help you better understand the unique features a project may have. The type of barn kit used is also mentioned, if any.


  • Limited area for general contracting services – DC Builders’ general contracting services are only available in California, Oregon, and Washington. If you are not from the states mentioned, you’ll need to look for a local general contractor to hire. However, you can still order a timber frame kit from DC Builders to help get your project off the ground. 
  • Floor plans are not readily available – Unlike other companies that let customers see sample floor plans on their website, DC Builders’ plans are available only upon request. You’ll need to fill up a form to get a copy of the floor plan you are interested in. Requesting a copy of the floor plan might be worth your time since you can use it when applying for barndominium financing. If you are financing your building, we have an article about metal building home financing that will walk you through the entire process. 
  • They do not have pole barn home kits – The company does not sell pole barn home kits, so you’ll have to search for another supplier if you are interested in building a pole barn structure. However, you can still use their general design services to develop a floor plan and partner with a local general contractor to build the structure. 

Should You Choose DC Builders?

Yes, we believe that DC Builders is a company that you should choose if you are still looking for a general contractor. However, be sure you are building in the states where they offer general contracting services. DC Builders still offers many products and services if you cannot avail of their general contracting services. You can hire them to develop a floor plan for you or order a kit or frame from them. You can also hire them to take care of the interior design of your structure. 

With the wide array of products and services that DC Builders offers, this company is worth looking into. Like and follow our Facebook page for more interesting articles about the pros and cons of metal building homes, barndominium insurance, prefab homes, and other helpful topics. 


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