Colors Which Will Bring The Peace And Quiet To Your Home (18 HQ Pictures)

Studies have shown that color impacts you on an emotional, psychological and physical level. It can influence our body temperature and appetite, affect your mood or level of energy. Begin to become aware of how different colors impact you before determining what hue to paint your walls.

Turquoise walls

Check out the meanings of colors by Feng Shui. Think wisely what impact colors going to bring to your home. For example, green color symbolizes growth and new beginning. It has a calming effect, but also invigorating. Brown – provides stability and security. Purple is spirituality, adventure and good character.

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Before you start searching you have to decide where you going to use it. Try to avoid dark and navy hues while painting your home office, because it bothers you to concentrate and be productive. It is better to choose bright and inspiring colors. To feel safer, stronger and happier you should paint your kitchen walls with brown and golden hues instead of using intensive and dark colors.

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Fiery shades – for active zones of your home. It is not a secret that red, orange, yellow are stimulating colors. That‘s why the best place for these active colors are in hallway or dinning room area. Choosing of joyful color for entrance zone definitely will bring energy and dynamics just entering through the door. Orange and yellow stimulates our mental activity, so it could also be adapted in children room. However, you should use these colors wisely, because it can lead to tiredness and irritability.

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For the bedroom and living room pick calm and relaxing tones such as neutral, green and blue. It is important to find balance between light and dark shades while selecting colors for living room. Too much of bright hinder to relax, too much of dark – cause pressure.

What about black? Black is considered as serious and grim, but if you adore this stylish color you don‘t need to give up! You can balance it with shiny and bright shades which reflect light.

Black interior decor ideas

Neutrals for your home elegance. All the grey, brown, yellowish and other pastel shades turn your bedroom, bathroom or dining room into beautifully elegant space. To enrich neutral palette add some textures: shiny metal details, stone tabletop.

Neutral-colored living room with some decor elements

Back to shades of grey. This color is universal, easily adaptable to classical or modern interior. If you afraid of gloomy look jazz it up with bright color. To avoid oppressive mood helps adding of fiery hues details.

Grey interior

Mint colored living room with yellow details Purple room with navy blue accsents Dark blue walls Deep green for the wall 2818339-house-9mar16_paulmassey_b_426x639 Red accsents Deep blue bedroom idea Green-colored walls interior Pastels all over mel-yates_el_10dec13_pr_b_639x426

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