Capital Steel – Is It Worth Building With Them? (Review)

A black barndominium with a wide storage
A black barndominium . Image via

There’s a growing demand for metal buildings, giving more opportunities to growing builder companies and contractors like Capital Steel Industries. You might be wondering what makes people go for such structures over the conventional ones; well, it could be for their easy construction, wide multipurpose space, and the high-quality standard of steel that can withstand tough circumstances like harsh weather.

But of course, the builder you choose plays an important role in achieving the best end construction result. One company that most property owners recommend is Capital Steel. Can this builder provide the high-standard steel structure of your dreams? Let’s find out here and see if this builder deserves to be considered for your metal building projects.

Capital Steel Overview


Capital Steel has been in the industry for over 15 years, providing first-class steel buildings to North America. They are known for producing high-standard steel frames and kits. They claim that the metal they use is 100% American-made steel, tested and certified to fit the state building regulations. To further ensure the structures’ integrities, they work alongside their team of engineers to make sturdy steel units.

Within 15 years of operation, the company has obtained a growing number of pre-screened dealers and builders that joined the Capital Steel force to reach and extend their business to more states like Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Ohio, and North Carolina. They are the frontline crew you might be working with on your project.

An image of a pristine white barndominium with a gabled roof, located in a rural setting. The structure features a spacious front porch with a metal roof, a large garage door, and several windows providing ample natural light. The surrounding landscape is dotted with trees and grassy fields, giving a sense of peaceful seclusion.
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Products and Services

Capital Steel Industries is a master company that associates with experts to deliver structurally sound metal buildings. With all their qualified partners, you can consider them a reliable builder to work with that can cover all the construction phases for you anywhere you are.

Capital Steel can assign a project manager to assist you fully; they will be the ones to recommend to you the best service, from pricing to on-site works, to achieve your dream metal building. You don’t need to worry about customizing; they can guide you with your planning and assist you with any custom floor plans you might have in mind. They also have a collection of floor plans that are now available. Secure them right away and make your metal building project a breeze!

As for Capital Steel Industries’ metal builds, these are some of the projects they work on. (Note that these are not all they can offer, but they can also manufacture all-purpose builds.)

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  • Metal barndominiums
  • Shouses (shop + house)
  • Detached garages
  • Detached storages
  • Hobby shops/workshops
  • Barns
An image of a charming brown barndominium, set against a picturesque outdoor backdrop. The structure boasts a metal roof, wide windows, and a welcoming front porch. The natural color of the building complements the surrounding landscape, which features vast open fields and rolling hills in the distance. The viewer is drawn into the scene, evoking a sense of peace and tranquility.
A brown metal building. Image via


  • Manufacturing spaces
  • Industrial spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Leasable retail spaces
  • Auto repair shops
  • Offices
An image of a cluster of metallic industrial buildings, surrounded by a large open area. The metal structures are characterized by large doors, rectangular windows, and flat roofs. The surrounding space is empty, with no vegetation or other structures visible. The scene conveys a sense of industry and efficiency, suggesting a hub of manufacturing, storage, or other large-scale operations.
Industrial metal buildings. Image via


  • Storage barns
  • Livestock barns
  • Riding arenas
  • Stables
An image of a pristine white agricultural barndominium, set amidst a rural landscape. The building features a gabled roof, a large central entrance, and several windows, allowing for natural light and ventilation. The front of the structure is surrounded by a broad, open expanse of fields, with a few trees in the distance. The overall impression is one of simplicity, functionality, and a close connection with the natural surroundings.
A white agricultural metal building. Image via

Custom Builds

  • Churchess
  • Recreational venues
  • Facilities
  • Gymnasiums
An image of a group of recreational metal buildings, set against a clear blue sky. The structures are characterized by large open spaces, high ceilings, and large roll-up doors, suitable for a variety of indoor recreational activities. The surrounding landscape is flat, with no trees or other features visible. The image conveys a sense of spaciousness, freedom, and the potential for engaging in physical activities in a purpose-built environment.
Retail space metal buildings. Image via


Capital Steel recommends contacting them for the cost and price details; the company knows that steel prices are volatile, and the cost may occasionally fluctuate. Nonetheless, since the kits they sell are prefabricated, you can expect a reasonable price. 

Aside from your direct quote, you can read our Barndominium cost article to know how companies like Capital Steel commonly estimate construction costs of their products, such as metal barndominiums.

Client Testimonials

Capital Steel has been working with many property owners from different states since day one in the business. Let’s take a look at some of their clients’ feedback and see how Capital Steel has performed over these years.

“Capital Steel is amazing to work with! From the PM to the design team everyone is knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with! I highly recommend using Capital Steel for your metal building needs!”

Chris M.  Source: Capital Steel Google Reviews

“Great company, straightforward, professional and easy to work with.”

Jay R.  Source: Capital Steel Google Reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages

Apart from the pros and cons of metal buildings homes, which matter in your construction, let’s check out the positives and negatives of choosing Capital Steel as your metal building provider.


For the clients, working with Capital Steel could be beneficial in areas where extreme weather and climates are prevalent. The metal buildings they provide are engineered to endure strong wind and snow. Depending on your environment, they can also modify the loads to fit your state and safety standards.

The kits they fabricate are also pre-welded to make them DIY-friendly. Once delivered, you can do your own setup or hire a team from the company to do it for you.

What we love about this company, aside from their metal prefabs, is the opportunity they open for local metal building businesses. For the contractors, you can apply for their building program to help your company grow and expand. They don’t markup your services and offer experience and growth strategies to enhance your craft. There might be competition, but they can suggest the best pricing to win your projects. You can learn more about this program by visiting their company website.


We noticed that they did not reveal any financing assistance, though you can still coordinate with your local banks for funding. Our metal building home financing manual is informative enough to accompany you in this construction stage. 

Should You Choose Capital Steel?

Capital Steel Industries is another wide-reaching company that can accommodate your metal building needs anywhere in North America. They even customize homes in Alaska, so they are capable of building a quality metal building for you for whatever purpose and conditions you have.

Even with thorough quality control, they make their units suitable for DIY. Their all-bolt construction system makes your building process uncomplicated. No time and energy to DIY construct? No problem; the company has subcontractors and local experts ready to do the building for you. Are you one of the said local businesses? They can give you a boost to growth and success. Without markups, you can fully control your pricing! 

Hopefully, this article gave you the detailed information you might need to decide which company to work with in your next metal building project. If avant-garde and quirky home alternatives are your options, why not check out  shipping container homes, prefab homes, pole barns and other metal buildings on our Pinterest account? Good luck, and have a productive metal building construction journey!


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