Awesome Dorm Room Decorating Ideas


For students that are about to start college, the opportunity to live in a dorm is perhaps one of the most awaited moments in the college life. However, some dorms don’t have the flair or the substance that defines the student who is about to live in the room

If you are looking for some interesting dorm room ideas check out these tips and you going to get inspired!


Decorate Your Walls. Post pictures or posters on the walls of your room, whether it’s pictures of your family and friends, places you want to go, or pictures of you enjoying life. It will really be a good replacement for a plain colored wall of the room. Posters of your favorite sports figure, artist, musician, or someone famous that inspired you will also do. All you need is a little bit of creativity and a lot of glue to make sure these posters and pictures are stuck on the wall for a long time.

If pasting up pictures is not your thing, then perhaps inspiring quotes will be a difference maker. Living from your family for a long time can be quite stressful and lonely. Having quotes around your room whether on a wall or on your desk to lift you up will surely help. There is really nothing wrong with giving yourself a push, especially if it helps you get through in your college days.


Another way to jazz up plain dorm room walls is to hang a homemade geometric tapestry made from an old sheet or just make a simple confetti mural.

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tapestryGet Organized And Use Any Possible Storage Space

Storage space is one problem that most students encounter when living in a college dorm, more so when you are sharing the room with other students. Fortunately, you can get an extra storage spaces for your things by just recycling some boxes or buying them in a Dollar Store. You can put them in your closet or just place them below your desk or bed. Do not forget to use wall space, which is not only for decorating but also can be helpful. You can place books and any other small details.  Also a great way to organize your gadgets and provide for more storage space by using storage table. This could be the perfect place to store any gadgets you might have!


Lighting Always Matters!

Good lighting is a must thing in your room for reading and studying. Make sure to install proper lighting and do not forget to add different sources of lighting. Clip lamp will definitely become one of those dorm items that your roommate will probably be thankful for. On nights when one of you hits the hay earlier than the other, instead of keeping the obtrusive overhead light on, just clip a mini light on the frame of your bed. To create more relaxing atmosphere install some twinkle lights or candles.


You Are Here For Studying. So make sure to follow tips about home office establishments in your room ( )


Sleep Like Sheep

Throw pillows can be used to easily spice up an ordinary bed, so get creative! You definitely want to invest in a couple of fuzzy plush blankets for those cold winter nights in your dorm. Your bed will instantly look so much cozier! Neutral bedding is easy to match, while colorful bedding makes your room seem bright and cheerful; either way, make sure whatever vibe you are going for is reflected in your bedding.


 Add Some Details

Finally, to make this place more like home you should accessorize. Place some potted plants around your room to add a bit of nature. Using of floor cushions, poufs or area rug totally brings the space together, add more colors and creates additional seating.

dorm-room-boho Living in a dormitory should never be boring and mundane. There are a lot of dorm room ideas available that can help your stay more bearable. You just need to put on a bit of effort and maybe a shade of creativity, and you will certainly be able to achieve a dorm room that suits your style and preference.

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