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Amazing Metal Building Home w/ Enormous Garage

This beautifully constructed metal building home measuring 60′ x 100′ x 18′ is available from Lester Buildings with the desire of making a fusion of both modern and classic design features. The simple and striking green and white color of the metal home looks so modern with such a classic barnyard architectural appeal. The stunning … Read More

Fan’s Metal Building Home In Edom, Texas (10 Pictures & Floor Plan)

It’s a perfect mix of elegance and cosiness; that’s what this metal home building is all about. Ryan G., the house’ owner has thought and planned every detail of the metal home. It is clearly evident in the given floor plan. The plan is detailed, and you will not even believe that it was built … Read More

3-Bed Comfortable Farmhouse w/ Many Features (HQ Plans)

This farm house is a perfect one for a family of 3 or a family of 4. It’s not crowded nor too spacious. Not too big nor too small. This house is simply ” Just right”. The exterior of the house was given a dark and light green paint finish to make the house look … Read More

Extraordinary 36×60 Home w/ Awesome Interior (HQ Plans & 18 Pictures)

There is nothing more fulfilling than to know that your home offers comfort and style all in one. Turn your ordinary home into a unique abode with an interesting and intricate design. Turn it into something that you and your family will definitely love to have. Why settle for less when you have every chance … Read More

Impressive Feature-Packed Rural Farmhouse (HQ Plans & Pictures)

From the looks of it, it’s as if you stepped onto a movie set that’s part of an urban neighborhood. Lo and behold, it’s the biggest house of them all. You’ll feel like the richest person on the block if you actually own this place. This beautiful home boasts of five bedrooms and five bathrooms. That’s … Read More

Awesome Modern Look Metal Farmhouse (HQ Plans & Pictures)

What is the very first image when you think of a farmhouse? More on the traditional side, one might assume. Bet you weren’t expecting this one, were you? Your jaw might have slightly dropped as you lay your eyes on this home for the first time as it has an ultra modern and chic spin to it.   This … Read More

Decent Two-Story House w/ 4 Bedrooms (HQ Plans)

Anyone who stumbles upon this enchanting place will immediately fall in love with a rustic home that has a modern twist to it. Aside from the rough stone accents, one will notice the beautiful addition of metal wrapped around the entire house.   One may choose to have the house built with steel frames and metal sidings for longevity. … Read More

41 x 60 Modular Home w/ Luxury Interior (HQ Plans & Pictures)

This is a pre-fabricated house is with wide land area. The exterior finishing of the house is simple but impressive. However, the interior finishings of this pre-fabricated house is luxury and elegance rolled into one. it is a classy house by Palm Harbour. It has multiple bedrooms where you can relax and sleep luxuriously. It … Read More

Top 5 Metal Barndominium Floor Plans for Your Dream Home! (HQ Plans)

Have you ever heard of a barndominium? A barndominium is a type of house that is built to look like a barn but have the amenities and the features of an actual house. Barndominiums are often built in fields or in areas that have a lot of greenery.   This is the best place to … Read More

Impressive Metal Barndominium Home w/ Abundant Storage (24 HQ Pictures)

This is one impressive metal building home or as we tend to call it metal barndominium by Morton Buildings. This metal building is great for a family who wants to move into Colorado, Texas. A perfect home for the whole family which includes 3 bedrooms that are suitable for 4-6 family members. You can definitely appreciate the … Read More