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Dutch-Gabled Agrestic Barndominium w/ Optional Basement Plan (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)

Dutch-Gabled Agrestic Barndominium with Optional Basement Plan.

A classic country barndominium with a quirky and bright style is our star of today’s feature, offering a wraparound porch, vaulted ceiling living room, huge shop/garage, and a basement plan to make use of your inclined land. Be sure to stick with us until the end to see if this barndo should be your top choice!

To start our home tour right, we would first like to invite you to read our Ultimate Barndominium Guide – the best guide to tell you all about barndominiums in just a few minutes! Check it out now to fully understand and appreciate barn homes like what we are about to see in this article.

Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
1,824 sq. ft. 1 1.5 1 2
Style: Barndominium

Now, let’s begin the walkthrough with this unit’s street charm. Thanks to its stone and wood walls matched with timber columns, the facade is finished with a neat and sleek look. The Dutch gable roof adds rustic appeal, making the barndo more inviting and lofty.

From the covered porch, you can enter the quarters through the front or side doors. The formal kitchen takes the primary entry space, welcoming you to the barrier-free and double-height dining and living room with ample floor for a full dining table and couches.

Floor Plans

The floor plan for the main level of this agrestic barndominium. This layout provides a detailed overview of the interior spaces, illustrating the arrangement of rooms and areas on the ground level of this charming and Dutch-Gabled-inspired home.
Main level floor plan of the agrestic barndominium.
The floor plan for the basement level of the barndominium. This diagram offers a comprehensive view of the layout and configuration of spaces in the lower level, providing insight into the functional areas below the main floor of the structure.
Basement level floor plan of the barndominium.

Since this plan is a single bed, the main bedroom is a master suite with spacious bed space, a sizable walk-in closet, and a luxurious toilet and bath. For extra sleeping capacity, a den near the front door yields adaptable space that you can turn into a guest room or home office.

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On the other side of the barndo lies a massive parking space for two RV-sized cars. This workshop is intended not only for your vehicles but also for your hobby gear and gardening equipment.


The frontal perspective of the barndominium, highlighting its inviting covered porch and an adjacent car garage. This view offers a comprehensive look at the architectural features that combine to create an attractive and functional front facade.
Front view of the barndominium showcasing the covered porch and the car garage on the side.

Meanwhile, this household’s utilities should be in the basement. The lower ground is unfinished, so you have the advantage of furnishing and decorating according to your space requirements. A patio perfects this lower ground, suitable for an outdoor coffee lounge or grilling station.

Can you picture your family enjoying a cozy life in this barndominium? How about turning a sloping land into a lovely sanctuary? Make that vision come to life, purchase your floor plan prints now! Investing in a home like this barndo is a worthwhile investment after all!

Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
1,824 sq. ft. 1 1.5 1 2
Style: Barndominium

Note: this home may be constructed using metal framing; however, you should always consult your local architect-engineer and receive a professional evaluation if such an option is feasible for this plan and your local building codes.

Real-Life or 3D Concept Examples

A front-facing view of the barndominium, with a primary focus on the entrance, substantial garage doors, and the expansive driveway. This perspective accentuates the welcoming features of the front facade, highlighting the spacious garage and ample parking space.
Front view of the barndominium, focusing on the entrance and the large garage doors and a wide driveway.
An angled side view that provides an alternative perspective of the barndominium. This view allows for a nuanced examination of the architectural details and dimensions of the structure from a distinctive angle.
Angled side view of the barndominium.
A rear side view of the barndominium, which offers a unique perspective of the property. This view highlights the patio area and a segment of the encompassing wrap-around porch, giving a glimpse of the outdoor living spaces from this particular vantage point.
Rear side view of the barndominium showcasing the patio and a portion of the wrap-around porch.
An angled rear view of this charming and rustic-inspired barndominium, emphasizing the presence of its welcoming covered porch. This unique perspective provides a nuanced look at the architectural design and the inviting outdoor space.
Angled rear view of this agrestic barndominium showcasing the covered porch.
Main level floor plan of the agrestic barndominium.
Main level floor plan of the agrestic barndominium with a covered porch.
Basement floor plan of the barndominium.
Basement floor plan of the barndominium with patio.

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