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An Inviting 1,986 Sq. Ft. Barndominium w/ Oversized Garage, Loft, & Spacious Locker Room (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)

Feature image of an inviting 1,986 Sq. Ft. barndominium with oversized garage, loft and spacious locker room

This is a space-saving barndominium plan we are excited to share, especially for property owners struggling with space planning. See this home’s loft-type living space with a main-level master bedroom, a capacious locker room, and an attached garage unit for your RVs, cars, and household equipment.

Need a guide for your first barndominium project? Start your journey by reading our Best Barndominium Guide for helpful barndo info to lead your way to construction. Thank us later! The barndo we are revealing today is polished with a bright, New-American style facade, adorned with batten walls, stones, and wood finishes. It has a simple curb appeal but is perfect for a property with surrounding greens.

Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
1,986 sq. ft. 3 2.5+ 2 2
Style: Barndominium

Floor Plans

The main floor plan of this inviting barndominium with spacious locker room.
Main floor plan of this inviting barndominium with spacious locker room.
The 2nd floor plan of this inviting barndominium with spacious locker room.
2nd level floor plan of barndominium.

Its front porch serves as the entryway, capped with metal roofing to provide shade and extra outdoor space for occupants. Upon reaching indoors, you would love the open-to-above living room heated by a corner fireplace, with convenient access to the open kitchen and dining area.

On this same floor, a master bedroom is tucked behind the living room with a spacious and cozy bed span provided with a walk-in closet, a 4-fixture en-suite bath, and convenient access to the laundry room.


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This image captures the front elevation of the Barndominium, offering a clear view of its unique L-shaped porch design that extends a warm and inviting welcome. Adjacently, a spacious car garage complements the overall structure, combining practicality with aesthetic appeal.
Front view of the barndominium showcasing the L-shaped porch and a car garage on the side.

The other private suites share the loft floor upstairs, lending two comfortable sleeping quarters with built-in cabinetries and one common bathroom. This plan also offers an extended loft for your lounge, entertainment, or storage– make your garage more fun and welcoming with this flexible communal area.

Now let’s check out the featured element of this plan, which we bet would thrill you to build this home! Encourage your kids to stash their things in this massive locker room just next to your garage and below the loft extension. It is furnished with bench and overhead hooks, and of course, a space to set up your lockers.

Still not enough storage? Say no more! Our architects included an enclosed space in this locker room to supplement your storeroom needs! Lastly, the garage spares a massive carport for RV-sized cars with three wide bays that open for easy drive-through.

Overall, this barndo plan suits a 1,500 sq. ft. lot, which could build you a maximized house perfect for a family with storage demands. If this is what you’re looking for in a barndo, then we suggest getting your plans now!

Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
1,986 sq. ft. 3 2.5+ 2 2
Style: Barndominium

Note: this home may be constructed using metal framing; however, you should always consult your local architect-engineer and receive a professional evaluation if such an option is feasible for this plan and your local building codes.

Real-Life or 3D Concept Examples

This image captures the expansive right-side area of the car garage, encompassing a row of strategically placed windows that bring natural light into the space. Additionally, a generously wide driveway stretches out in front of the garage, ensuring ample parking and maneuvering space.
Right side view area of the car garage, with windows and a wide driveway.
A perspective from the left-hand side of the Barndominium's rear exterior reveals the presence of generously proportioned garage doors and a series of well-placed windows. This view provides a comprehensive look at the functional and architectural elements of the building's backside.
Left side rear exterior view of the barndominium with large garage doors and windows
The right-side front view of the barndominium, highlighting the presence of a charming porch and a glass door entrance that leads directly to the great room. The seamless connection between the outdoor and indoor spaces is a notable feature of this architectural design.
Right side front view of the barndominium with a porch and a glass door access to the great room.
A captivating evening view of this stunning modern barndominium, illuminated by soft, ambient lighting that enhances its contemporary aesthetics. This serene and picturesque scene encapsulates the timeless allure of this architectural masterpiece under the twilight sky.
Evening view of this beautiful modern barndominium.
An enchanting evening view of the frontal perspective of this splendid barndominium, exhibiting its architectural elegance and inviting charm. This captivating view offers a glimpse of the exquisite details and overall beauty that define this unique structure.
Close-up front view of this beautiful barndominium.
Main level floor plan of the barndominium
Main level floor plan of the barndominium
2nd level floor plan of the barndominium.
2nd level floor plan of the barndominium.

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