The Most Popular 6-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans in 2024

6 Bedroom barndominium floor plans
6 bedroom barndominium floor plan

A magnificent barndominium starts with an excellent barndominium floor plan. A barndominium floor plan is a cornerstone by which you can begin building a structure that fits all your needs. This accentuates the importance of choosing the right floor plan and how it can make or break your dream construction project. 

This article aims to help you choose the right barndominium floor plan to use by presenting you with some promising 6-bedroom floor plans that you can consider. We will also tell you what to look for in a floor plan and how they can affect the cost of a barndominium. 

How Much Does a 6-Bedroom Barndominium Usually Cost?

A barndominium costs around $45 – $173 per square foot. These are estimates for a basic barndominium and can change depending on multiple factors. For example, a basic barndominium in a California suburb will cost more than one in rural Montana. This is because of the difference in labor rates and building materials prices between the two areas. A general contractor in California charges around $28.24 per hour, while a general contractor in Montana charges around $25.74 per hour. There are other factors that we will discuss in the following section. 

5 Factors That Affect a 6-Bedroom Barndominium’s Cost

Let us take a closer look at some of the factors that dictate the cost of a barndominium. 

Barndominium frame

Choosing the right barndominium frame is a critical step in building a barndominium. Barndominium frames come in wood, steel, or red iron. Carefully choosing the material of your barndominium frame is important because it affects the cost of the barndominium frame. For example, steel barndominium framing is often more expensive but can be more durable than timber frames. Steel frames are also non-combustible, so they are better when building in areas prone to bushfires. 

A steel frame construction
A steel frame construction

Labor costs

You need to consider labor costs in almost any construction project, barndominiums included. The amount of money you need to set aside for labor expenses depends on the complexity and size of your barndominium. A complex barndominium is more challenging and takes longer to build, so expect it to accumulate higher labor costs. Another factor is the qualifications of your contractor. Veteran contractors often charge more than their less experienced counterparts. 

To reduce labor expenses, consider going for a DIY barndominium. You can order a DIY kit and handle the rest of the construction yourself. However, ensure you have the requisite skills to complete your barndominium before attempting a DIY build. 


The size of your barndominium is an essential factor because a large structure will take longer to build. This means you can expect more extensive labor expenses compared to building a smaller barndominium. However, this is only true when comparing barndominiums of the same quality. A large but basic barndominium may cost less than a small luxurious barndominium. 

Size is also a factor because it will require a larger area to build on, and if your current lot is too small, you might need to buy an adjoining lot to expand it or purchase a large piece of land in another area. Large barndominiums also require more building materials, hence more expensive to build. 

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Floor plan

A barndominium with an irregular or complex shape can be more costly to build because a general contractor will demand a higher rate. In addition, having an irregularly-shaped barndominium may lead to a larger perimeter or floor area ratio that may increase building costs. 

Building materials

We touched on building materials earlier when discussing the size of your barndominium, but let’s delve into the subject more. Aside from the number of building materials, the type and quality of building materials you will use can affect your barndominium’s overall cost. For example, expect to pay more if you use natural stone or hardwood as your barndominium flooring. If you want to save money, laminate flooring is an excellent yet cheaper alternative. 

Building materials stock up


The type of features you want on your barndominium can affect overall costs. For example, if you want all six bedrooms of your barndominium to have private baths, it will cost you more. Having bathtubs in all of your bathrooms will also be more expensive. If you are financing your barndominium through a loan, present your contractor with your desired features to get an estimate. You can then pare down your list of features to the essentials that will fit your budget. You can always add or upgrade features in the future when you have an adequate budget. 

Buying a Stock 6 Bedroom Floor Plan VS. Ordering a Custom Barndo Plan

When it comes to floor plans, you can buy a stock floor plan or get a custom barndo plan made. So, what’s the difference, and which one is better?

You can save time if you can find a stock floor plan with all the features you want. Just buy the stock floor plan and give it to your contractor. A custom barndominium floor plan will take longer to complete since you need to meet with the architect or draftsman to discuss the features you want on your barndominium. 

There is also this misconception that custom floor plans are more expensive than stock floor plans. Custom floor plans may be cheaper up to a certain size. For example, a custom barndominium plan from our website costs just $295 plus an additional fee of $0.3 per living square foot. The best thing to do is check the prices of stock floor plans and compare them with the pricing of a custom floor plan to get the best deal available. 

What are Some Great 6 Bedroom Barndominium Plans?

Let us show you some examples of amazing 6-bedroom barndominium plans you can use to build your barndominium. 

4,841 sq. ft. Modern Barndominium w/ 3-car Garage

Front view of the house showcasing entry porch and the 3 car garage on the left
Front view of the modern barndomimuim
Main level floor plan of the single-story house with movie room, study room, dining area, great room, kitchen area with utility and pantry, activity room, 5 bedrooms including master bedroom and 3 bathroom including master bathroom and a half bathroom, flex room and the outdoor living area.
Main level floor plan of the modern barndomimuim
Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
4,841 sq. ft. 5-6 3.5 1 3
Style: Barndominium

This floor plan is for a sprawling single-story modern barndominium. Aside from the bedrooms, the floor plan includes a movie room and a study. There is also an activity room that you can convert into a family room or game room. The plan has an outdoor living room at the rear of the property where you can spend time with family members or guests while enjoying the surrounding view.  

Exclusive Barndominium Plan with Wraparound Porch 

Front view of  Exclusive Barndominium
Front view of Exclusive Barndominium
Main Floor Plan Exclusive Barndominium Plan with Wraparound Porch
Main Floor Plan Exclusive Barndominium Plan with Wraparound Porch
Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
6,169 sq. ft. 6 4.5 2 0
Style: Barndominium

If you are building in an area with amazing natural surroundings, this floor plan is for you. It features covered 8-feet deep porches on three sides of the structure so you can enjoy the outdoors. There is also a spacious interior space that combines the great room and dining room. The master bedroom, with a massive walk-in closet and master bath, occupies the ground floor. There is also a guest bedroom on the ground floor. You can find four bedrooms on the second floor, all with their own walk-in closets and private bathrooms. 

Exciting Duplex Barndominium w/ Office & 5 Garage Bays

Angled side view of the Exciting Duplex Barndominium showcasing the staircase, patio, and the garage doors.
Angled side view of the Exciting Duplex Barndominium.
First level floor plan of the Exciting Duplex Barndominium with a 5-car garage, storage area, covered area, and office.
First level floor plan of the Exciting Duplex Barndominium.
Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
3,206 sq. ft. 6 5 2 5
Style: Barndominium

This is a fantastic floor plan if you want to maximize your property’s potential by building a country-style duplex barndominium. You can transform the barndominium into a multi-family structure. Another option is to use one unit as your residence and the other as a unit for guests or as a rental unit. The most eye-catching feature of this floor plan is its five-car garage that occupies the ground floor. The garage has five garage bays, so each vehicle has its own independent driveway.

6BHK Spacious Country Style House with Wide Porch w/ 2-Car Garage 

The front view shows a concrete pathway, a covered porch on both the front and left side of the homestead.
The front view shows a concrete pathway, a covered porch on both the front and left side of the homestead.
First level floor plan of the Spacious Country Style House with Wide Porch with 2 covered porch, a concrete patio, a home office, dining room, living room, kitchen. pantry, laundry room, 2 bedrooms including bathrooms and walk-in-closets, and a 2-car garage.
First level floor plan of the Spacious Country Style House with Wide Porch
Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
3,040 sq. ft. 6 3 2 2
Style: Barndominium

This is a floor plan for a Craftsman-style home with classic components, like gable roofs, board and batten cladding, and wood embellishments. The master and second bedrooms are on the ground floor, while the other four bedrooms occupy the second floor. The floor plan also has an office and a laundry room on the ground floor. It has a gorgeous corner porch and a concrete patio that increases curb appeal and makes the barndominium homier. 

Quirky Gambrel Roof Country House w/ 3-Car Garage & Optional Lower Level 

Front view of the Quirky Gambrel Roof Country House.
Front view of the Quirky Gambrel Roof Country House.
Main level floor plan of the Quirky Gambrel Roof Country House with a 3-car garage, covered porch, covered patio, nook, kitchen, greatroom, study room, mudroom, pantry, master bedroom, and laundry room.
Main level floor plan of the Quirky Gambrel Roof Country House.
Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
2,967sq. ft. 4-6 3.5 – 4.5 2 3
Style: Barndominium

This is an excellent choice for a floor plan if you want to build a barndominium that looks like a traditional house. This Gambrel roof country house has stone elements on the outside that effectively hide its metal barndominium frame. The covered porch on the front of the structure has stone masonry that makes it look luxurious. It has two separate garages for easier maneuverability.  


Choosing a floor plan is the first crucial step you need to take in building a barndominium. With the help of the right floor plan, you will have all the features you need to have a functional barndominium. If you don’t have a floor plan yet, you can choose one of the plans featured here or get one custom-made for you. Check our other collections of amazing floor barndominium floor plans if you want a barndo with fewer or more bedrooms. 

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