The 7 Best Modern Prefab Homes Ideas in 2024

Prefabricated houses have been gaining popularity as more homeowners search for alternative ways of building affordable houses. Prefabricated houses are also faster to build, making them ideal for those who want to move into their new homes quickly. While most prefab structures look like conventional homes, you can easily find a prefab home kit with a modern flair. Read on to learn more about modern prefab homes. We will also show you some enchanting examples of modern prefab houses to use as inspiration when you’re ready to build your own. 

Why Choose a Modern Prefab Home?

If you want to veer away from conventional prefabricated houses, building a modern prefab home is the way to go. A modern prefab home is an excellent choice because it has a pleasant design that makes it stand out. A modern prefab house uses space efficiently. You have almost unlimited customization options because modern designs don’t follow the design templates seen in traditional homes. 

Modernity is not just limited to a house’s design. It can also reflect on modern and energy-efficient appliances and fixtures. Most modern prefab structures have water and energy-saving plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning systems. These prefabricated homes are built using prefabricated or modular techniques, resulting in a lower carbon footprint to help conserve the environment. 

What are the Best Prefab Modern Homes Today?

Let’s check out some of the best prefab modern homes today to inspire you to build a house that looks great and serves all of your needs. 

1. eVista by Escape

An all-electric (EV) ESCAPE Prefab Home with a clean, natural aesthetic. Image and caption via
An all-electric (EV) ESCAPE Prefab Home with a clean, natural aesthetic. Image and caption via

The eVista is an excellent example of a small modern prefab home. It measures 23.6 feet by 8.6 feet and is 11 feet tall. With a total floor area of around 203 square feet, this small house is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to build a starter home. It is also an excellent choice for an accessory dwelling unit, an Airbnb rental, or a granny flat. 

This is an all-electric an all-electric home that comes with an electric water heater, electric heating, and energy-saving LED lighting. There are also USB outlets for plugging in different appliances and charging mobile devices. 

The eVista has low-E thermopane windows to help reduce heat transfer, ensuring that the house is warm during winters and cool during summers. The house has a smoke detector and fire extinguisher as an additional security layer. The eVista’s base price is $45,780. However, this cost can be higher depending on the delivery location. 

2. Connect One by Connect Homes

An elegant one-bedroom, one-bath house that’s also a rapidly-deploy permanent housing solution. Image and caption via
An elegant one-bedroom, one-bath house that’s also a rapidly-deploy permanent housing solution. Image and caption via

Connect One is a modern prefab home with a total area of 460 sq. ft., so it has more than enough space to make its occupants comfortable. It has provisions for a bedroom, a living area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The house features floor-to-ceiling windows that make it look more spacious. These windows can also help reduce electrical consumption by letting in more natural light, so there’s no need to use artificial lights during the day. 

Connect One is an energy-efficient prefab home. It is equipped with a cool roof system that reflects most of the heat coming from the sun to make interior spaces cooler. Connect Homes uses R-38 insulation below the roof to help you reduce air conditioning costs. Although the company does not install solar panels, Connect Homes can provide a conduit from the utility room up to the roof for easier after-market installation of solar panels.

The estimated total cost of a Connect One is around $281,300. This includes estimates for the home itself and the costs of preparing the site, including the rental costs for a crane and a truck, plus the cost of setting a foundation. 

3. S2 by Cover

Sleek and elegance, all in a prefab home. Image via
Sleek and elegance, all in a prefab home. Image via

S2 is a two-bedroom modern prefab house by Cover. It has a total floor area of 870 sq. ft. and is designed to fit in a 50 feet wide lot, making it an ideal solution for those looking for an ADU. It is also a great choice for those who want to build a modern prefab house but have a small lot to work with. 

The S2 has more than enough space for two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living area, a kitchen, and a dining area. The 9-foot ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows give the S2 a touch of luxury. In addition, these expansive windows let in more natural light to make the interior spaces look larger. The house also includes integrated lighting fixtures and premium appliances. There are also built-in storage units for keeping your house organized. 

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The starting all-in price for the S2 is $514,000. This includes the unit price and estimates for site work, permitting, and engineering. However, these estimates can go up depending on the actual cost of permits in your area. 

4. Fairfax by Pratt Homes

A prefab home that has an open and spacious kitchen with a large wrap-around island with seating for family or guests. Image and caption via
A prefab home that has an open and spacious kitchen with a large wrap-around island with seating for family or guests. Image and caption via

The Fairfax is one of the largest models by Pratt Homes. It has a total floor area of 2,260 square feet, so you have more than enough space to move freely inside your prefab house. The Fairfax has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it great for growing families. 

Although the Fairfax doesn’t look like a modern prefab house at first glance, don’t let it fool you. For one, this house gets manufactured within a controlled environment to ensure a minimal carbon footprint and reduced waste materials. Pratt Homes also installs energy-efficient Lennox or Trane HVAC systems to ensure a lifetime of cost savings. 

Durability is one of the hallmarks of modern houses, and this is evident in the 25-year warranty that Pratt Homes provides for their exterior sidings and wood and vinyl flooring. The company also provides a lifetime warranty for all appliances, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. 

Pratt Homes services customers in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the company did not provide pricing information about the Fairfax or any of their other prefab houses. 

5. Azalea by Ecocor

The perfect prefab home that's full of trees and a great yard. Image via
The perfect prefab home that’s full of trees and a great yard. Image via

The Azalea is a two-story modern prefab house with a total floor area of 1,850 sq. ft. It has enough space for three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a powder room. 

The Azalea is the perfect example of a passive modern prefabricated home or a prefab house that is energy-efficient and has a minimal ecological footprint. It has triple-glazed windows to help reduce heat transfer to the interior spaces. It has high insulation levels to keep interior temperatures optimal and reduce the reliance on HVAC systems. The Azalea has thick walls ranging between 17 and 19 inches to reduce the effects of outside temperature on the interior spaces. 

The cost of an Azalea with an Ecocor Passiv Shell starts at $381,000. This is the cost of the prefab house only and does not include the expenses for site preparation and interior and exterior finishes. This estimate also excludes electrical, plumbing, and HVAC system costs. 

6. ModCab by FabCab

A prefab home that features a structural insulated panel (SIP) shell for walls and roof and a modern interior finish. Image and caption via

ModCab has a pre-designed layout that can be modified to meet the customer’s individual needs. The ModCab comes in several configurations, including a one-bedroom and one-bathroom model with 800 square feet of floor space. There is also a two-bedroom and two-bathroom model with 1,366 square feet of floor space and a three-bedroom and two-bathroom model with 1,213 square feet. 

FabCab uses structural insulated panels for the walls and the roof. Combine these with the fiberglass insulation, and the result is an energy-efficient, prefab modern home that consumes less electricity for heating and cooling.

FabCab uses high-end finishes, so you have a lovely yet eco-friendly house. The sidings are fiber cement and available in several colors. Interior finishes include natural linoleum for the floors and porcelain tiles for the bathrooms. 

There is no information on FabCab’s pricing details. 

7. Fernie by Dvele

A prefab home that’s been surrounded by nature and a greenery view. Image via

Fernie is a modern prefab house measuring 15 ft. by 45 ft., with a total floor area of 705 square feet. The Fernie has enough space for one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and dining room combo, a living room, and a laundry area. 

Customization options are available. You can choose from a wide range of palettes for the interior and exterior walls. Aside from the standard lighting fixtures, you can add a dining pendant to enhance the lighting and aesthetics of your dining room. You also have the option of adding a fireplace to make the Fernie cozier during winter. Dvele offers a choice between an Ecosmart Firebox and a STUV Wood Stove for those who want to add a fireplace. 

Smart technology is something that modern prefab houses should have, and Dvele’s got you covered. The company has a proprietary app called Dvele IQ that lets you control your home’s music, lights, TV, and temperature using your mobile phone. Power on your lights remotely to come home to a well-lit home for additional security. You can also crank up your AC while commuting from work to ensure you come home to a relaxing house with just the right interior temperature. 

The estimated price for the Fernie is around $310,000. However, this is pricing for the house and does not include add-ons, like appliances, a fireplace, or the Dvele IQ. 


Prefabricated structures are excellent options for quickly building a home at an affordable price. They come in many architectural styles and designs, including modern ones. A modern prefab house is perfect for homeowners who want durable houses built using eco-friendly building techniques. Modern prefab homes are often more energy-efficient, so you can expect lower utility bills. If you are interested in building a modern prefab home, contact a qualified builder to help you get your project started. You can also order modern prefab home kits from the builders mentioned above or use their designs as inspiration for a custom prefab home. 

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