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Cover – Should You Build With Them? (In-Depth 2024 Review)

 The white building exterior stands out against the backdrop, radiating a sense of contemporary elegance.
A white prefab build in the middle of an arid desert. Image via buildcover.com

Looking for a prefab home builder in Los Angeles? Check out Cover, a prefab home builder utilizing modern technology to design and build cutting-edge buildings. Whether you are building an office, a suite, or a full-size home, Cover has got you covered.

The prefabrication of buildings is becoming a preferred way of building a custom home. This is mainly because of its potential to improve the efficiency of the building process and lowering costs. The fabrication of pre-engineered structural elements in a controlled environment not only saves time but also results in an increase in the quality of the products.

If you want to work with a builder comprised of a team with a history of pushing modern-day technology to uncharted territories, Cover, a prefab home builder in Los Angeles, is just what you’re looking for. 

Cover Overview

Cover identifies itself as primarily a technology company. When you see their process and products, you will understand why. Cover designs, manufactures, and assembles prefab buildings. Their ethos revolve around innovation, resulting in thoughtfully designed homes built with precision and quality standards that make them stand out among other prefab home builders. 

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Building cutting-edge, innovative products run deep in Cover’s history. They have brought together a team of architects, software engineers, automotive engineers, and even aerospace engineers to build a streamlined system that dials down every step of the home-building process. The company is built by people that have built race cars, reusable rockets, and even Gmail. These are things that require the utmost attention to detail and engineering expertise. High performance and reliable products are the norm for their team.

A stunning white stone design, radiating elegance and timelessness.
A white modern prefab home design. Image via buildcover.com

Products and Services

The problem with conventional construction is that it takes a lot of time, costs more, and the time and costs involved can often be unpredictable. Cover aims to solve this problem through prefabricated homes manufactured in their Los Angeles factory using a high-precision, quality-controlled building process similar to car production standards. 

The white exterior of the building creates a crisp and bright appearance, radiating a sense of purity and simplicity.
An elegant white prefab home. Image via buildcover.com


The efficiency of their process is downright impressive. First, you enter your address on their website. Their software will use zoning data to determine if they can build on your property. It will then check the square footage of the area where you can build. After that, their team will visit your property to map it out. You will then get to discuss your design requirements.

After that’s done, their designers will start working on the project. Their proprietary software does the heavy lifting. The software, designed by their engineers, instantly confirms that a floor plan design complies with the local building code. It also confirms that the design is buildable within their system. This software creates a digital 3D model of each custom floor plan down to the last screw. This enables them to give you an accurate upfront price for your custom design.

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When a 3D model is built, you can walk through it on your browser. You can then customize further and pick design elements that suit your style. After that, you will then get a quote. Check out our Instagram Page for inspiration on custom interior designs.

The exterior of the building features a unique combination of black and brown materials, creating a visually captivating and distinctive appearance.
A black and brown exterior of a prefab home. Image via buildcover.com


As soon as the design is finalized, Cover will start working on getting the necessary permits for the build. That’s right, they will take care of every step of the permitting process, so you don’t have to lift a finger. To add to that, if for some reason they can’t get the project permitted, they promise a full refund of your deposit. 

What follows is the fun part. Cover will start manufacturing the structural components of the building. While that happens, they will also start working on all the necessary site work on your property. This significantly cuts construction time. 

After that, they will take care of assembly and installation. The fact that they control every step of the building process allows them to guarantee the highest quality finish of your space. 


More than a builder, Cover handles all the work involved with any project. This includes design, surveying, permitting and engineering, demolition, utilities, and foundation. All of these are included in the upfront pricing that will be provided to you. This gives you a smooth and stress-free experience throughout.  

 The white building exterior stands out against the backdrop, radiating a sense of contemporary elegance.
A white prefab build in the middle of an arid desert. Image via buildcover.com


Just as every project is unique, the cost will vary in each build. It is well known that cost depends on the size and design of the building. Other things are also to account for, such as design components and specialized features.

Unlike other builders, Cover doesn’t give out cost estimates. This is because they aim to give an accurate price for their clients as soon as a fully custom floor plan design is finalized. To get a quote, head over to Cover’s website.

Client Testimonials 

“Our first dive into ADU’s was very interesting, we spoke with 4 companies and each one delivered vastly different designs and price points.  “Cover” was the best overall, the consultation process was dare I say…”delightful”.  Rico and Anna would take our wish lists and turn them into something that you usually see with a high level design firm.  No other company offered this type of personal service- not because they didn’t want to, they just did not have the capabilities.  We were told that we could visit their sites and make our plans accordingly. 

That was not going to work for us with Covid shuttering the city down.  The renderings were beautiful, modern and thought thru.  We had limited space so thinking out of the box was crucial.  The pandemic took a toll on our family and we had to stop the process, but I would recommend this company without hesitation if someone was shopping for a FULL SERVICE ADU company.”

Christine Tohme. Source: Google Reviews

“I highly recommend Cover Build! We had a fantastic experience working with them on our garden studio project. From the site visit to the design package and beyond Rico and the team were professional, accommodating and transparent. I LOVE their designs – modern, clean and so much attention to detail. I’ve had the chance to tour a couple of their finished projects and they are awesome. I only wish our entire house could have been built by Cover!”

Nina Scott. Source: Google Reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages 


The most notable advantage of Cover is its seamless system that allows for the most convenient experiences. Their proprietary software that designs and builds 3D models of the building lets you walk through the floorplan and easily make customizations. 

Cover offers unique standard features that aren’t considered standard by other builders. This includes floor-to-ceiling windows, seamlessly built-in appliances, premium exterior & interior composite options, and other bespoke design elements that make up a modern home. 

Components geared for maximum comfort, such as insulated walls, roofs, and floors, as well as humidity control, not only provide a comfortable living space, but also an overall energy-efficient building. In fact, Cover claims to reduce energy usage by 75%. Structural components that are CNC machine precision-cut ensure minimum waste of materials in the manufacturing process.


Cover wants to take time to perfect the design and building process details. Because of this, they only serve in the Los Angeles area for the time being. However, they mention that this is only temporary, and they will be expanding their service to other cities and possibly surrounding states of California, such as Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona.

Should You Choose Cover?

With the opportunity to work with a tech-driven company to build a home, the answer is an easy yes. Cover is among the top prefab builders out there along with the best pole barn home kit and barndominium kit builders.

Cover provides a seamless process that gives you a price upfront that is accurate down to the penny is unheard of in the construction industry. This is a testament to Cover’s attention to detail. When it comes to building prefab homes, attention to detail is everything.

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