A pleasing and warm view of a prefab home made by saratogamodular.com

Top 5 Modular & Prefab Home Builders in New York | 2024 List

A pleasing and warm view of a prefab home made by saratogamodular.com
A pleasing and warm view of a prefab home made by saratogamodular.com

Are you planning to build a modular or prefab home in New York? If you are, you’re in luck! This is because you don’t have to scour the internet for the information in this article. One of the most crucial decisions you need to make when starting a home-building project is the builder you will be working with. The builder could mean the difference between success and failure. We understand that researching can take time, so we decided to lend a helping hand.

In this article, we have put together all the top modular and prefab home builders in New York. We have also outlined their pros and cons and discussed what their clients say about them. Before anything, let’s talk about why you should build a prefab or modular home in New York.

Why Build a Prefab or Modular Home in New York?

Different folks have different reasons why they think building a prefab or modular home in New York is a good idea. The fact is that New York has a lot of attractions, opportunities, and activities to offer. 

The state features world-renowned landmarks such as New York City and Niagara Falls. Residents can hike in the Adirondack Mountains or explore interesting towns like Beacon. New York is known to offer an iconic lifestyle with endless entertainment options and an environment ideal for outdoor activities throughout the year. The state is home to diverse cultures with a mix of traditions, religions, and customs that add to its charm. 

With all of these things, it is clear why many people have made New York their home. If you find any of these things interesting, perhaps it is time to consider building a home in New York.


We must also talk about the disadvantages of living in New York. For starters, the cost of living in New York can be quite high. In particular, the cost of housing in New York City is quite high. Living in the urban center can be expensive. In addition, the state has high taxes, including property and income taxes. 

In terms of climate, New York’s winters can also be harsh. With heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, it is important to build a prefab home of the highest quality. Ensuring your home is built to last can give you peace of mind. Take a look at our prefab vs. modular homes article for a deeper understanding of their differences. 

How Long Does it Take to Build a Modular/Prefab Home in New York?

The time it would take to build a modular or prefab home in New York can vary depending on several factors. This includes design complexity, permitting requirements, condition of your work site, customization, and other home features. 

Most prefab home designs take 4 to 6 months to complete. It is important to keep these variables in mind when estimating the timeline of your project. Collaborating closely with the builders can help you get a more accurate timeline. Generally, building a prefab home is quicker than traditionally constructed homes. 

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Can I Finance a Prefabricated or Modular Home in New York?

Absolutely! You can finance a prefab or modular home in New York just as you can finance a traditional home. Prefabricated or modular homes aren’t treated differently by mortgage companies or financing institutions. Some builders also provide in-house financing for your home project. 

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Build a Prefab or Modular Home in New York?

The typical cost of a standard 2,500-square-foot home in New York is $395,677.  That is around $158 per square foot. The cost of a prefab or modular home is around $50 – $100 per sq.ft. Keep in mind that several factors can affect the cost. This includes the design of the home, the size, and additional custom features you want. The location is also variable because the cost of labor and materials can vary in different locations. To get more accurate pricing, We recommend talking to a builder to communicate the size, design, and features of your house.

Getting the best deals for a home is what anyone wants. If you want to look at other alternatives to traditional housing, building a barndominium in New York can also be a noteworthy option.

Are There Any Special Building Regulations I Should Be Aware Of?

When building a modular and prefab home in New York, it is crucial to be aware of the building regulations. This includes building codes, zoning, permitting, environmental considerations, fire and safety, and accessibility requirements. New York has adopted the 2003 version of the  International Building Code with modifications to remove the information not applicable within New York. Current and older versions of the New York building codes are available in the New York State Library.

It is important to follow these standards to ensure the safety and sustainability of your prefab home. We recommend working with professionals about the regulations. However, most builders are perfectly capable of making sure your home adheres to these regulations.

Who Are The Best Modular & Prefab Home Builders in New York?

Saratoga Modular Homes

A pleasing and warm view of a prefab home made by saratogamodular.com
A pleasing and warm view of a prefab home made by saratogamodular.com


  • A well-established builder. Their team has over 100 years of combined experience in prefab home building.
  • Durable homes manufactured with Energy Star compliance, branded windows and cabinetry, and high-quality finishes.
  • Custom design homes built to your specifications ensure a personalized building that serves all your needs.
  • Competitive pricing.


  • Does not provide financing. You need to find a lender to obtain an approved mortgage before the project can move forward.

What are their Clients Saying?

“We are very happy with Saratoga Modular!  They are a full service company that made building a house simple.  We worked with Cecil Provost 3 years ago to find a piece of land.  Once the land was secured, both Cecil and Dan Grogan helped us develop plans for a “hybrid/modular” home.  First the modular pieces arrived and were set on the foundation, then Dan coordinated the construction of a Sunroom, Workshop and 3-car Garage. Both Cecil and Dan were very responsive to us during the building process. I would send them a text and they would call me back within 10 minutes. They addressed all our issues and we are satisfied with the final result being one of nicest homes in the neighborhood. They stand by their work. We can attest to their statement that “You are a customer for Life”.  After 3 years there were some minor blemishes from the house settling.  I called Dan who sent someone over to patch and paint the few blemishes we had.  We would definitely build with Saratoga Modular again!”

Peter Lofrumento. Source: Google Reviews.

“I have started the process of ordering two homes, I am dealing with Dominic. He is beyond helpful. He is a pleasure to deal with. I am very hard to please and he pleased me with all that he has done for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Debbie Nichols. Source: Google Reviews.

Our Thoughts

Saratoga Modular Homes is an excellent prefab home builder focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. Working with them to build a prefab home in New York would be a hassle-free experience as they also provide a turnkey option where they handle every step of the building process. In addition, they are also proud of being the only prefab home builder in the region that builds their homes to exceed Energy Star specs; energy-efficient homes will save you money in the long term.

Next Generation Modular Homes & Additions, Inc.

A finished project that's done beautifully by nextgenmod.com
A finished project that’s done beautifully by nextgenmod.com


  • Design flexibility. Their engineering team has extensive experience designing and building complex projects allowing you more flexibility on your custom prefab designs.
  • Customer support. They have a customer care program designed to educate their clients about their homes and warranties.
  • Builds prefab homes with 30% more structural materials than conventional stick-built homes, making their products durable.


  • The user interface of their website makes it difficult to browse through their products, floor plans, and completed projects. You need to contact them if you need more information.
  • Cannot assist with financing or securing a loan for your home project. This is something you need to accomplish on your own.

What are their Clients Saying?

“Great Experience! Brian was so helpful and i found him a pleasure to work with.  Brian helped me every step of the way and found that there are things i didn’t even know where possible that i could do with building my new home and all within my budget!! Its incredible watching how these modular homes go up and how fast too. I loved that he gave out his own cell phone number to me in case i ever had a question, he says he gives it to all his customers to make sure there happy! He came through and i could not be happier with my home. THANKS NEXT GENERATION MODULAR!!!”

Zak Howe. Source: Google Reviews.

“Being a first time homebuyer was extremely stressful, but Brian and his crew gave us everything we could have wanted in a first home. My recommendation comes without reservation.”

Mark Savage. Source: Google Reviews.

Our Thoughts

The company has earned a lot of positive feedback on its products and services because of its commitment to customer satisfaction. This is proven by Brian, the president of the company, who works with their clients to ensure the best service possible. It is no wonder many of their clients wholeheartedly recommend Next Gen for people looking for prefab builders in New York.

East Coast Dormer Inc

The Valley Stream Project. Simple yet Grand. Made by eastcoastmodulardormers.com/
The Valley Stream Project. Simple yet Grand. Made by eastcoastmodulardormers.com/


  • Since 1994, East Coast Dormer takes pride in its systematic approach to prefab construction, providing its clients with a smooth and stress-free experience. 
  • Energy Star efficient homes ensure that your home is both environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly.
  • In-house designers and draftsmen will assist you in designing your custom home and provide you with design blueprints.
  • Top-notch customer service.


  • Their website has limited information on the inclusions of their packages, pricing, and custom options. You need to contact them for a quote.

What are their Clients Saying?

“It’s been 2 years since we renovated our home and we are still happy customers.  Scott, Darci and the crew at East Coast Dormers are the quintessential professionals. We were renovation “newbies” and the process can certainly be quite stressful but they ensured we understood every phase of the project and addressed our questions and concerns.  The crew was equally fantastic…always on time, cleaned up after a day’s work and made the process as smooth as possible.  The construction began on 8/5/19 and completed on time in approximately 4-5 weeks!  We recently reached out to EC Dormers for minor repairs.  They immediately sent a crew out and addressed them…two years later!!!  I’d certainly recommend East Coast Dormer to my family/friends for any construction/renovation needs.”

Syeta Winters. Source: Google Reviews.

“I highly recommend East Coast Dormer Company. Scott and his staff are professional people. Scott does everything for you. He does the drawings (plans), and the permit process very fast. My husband and I are very happy with the job Scott did. It has been 4 years since they did the beautiful dormer. I noticed a few days ago that our daughter’s room was colder than our room. We called Scott and told him about what was going on.  He came immediately, found the problem and fixed it. It is hard to find a company you can trust.

Thank you Scott for the beautiful job you did!!.”

Flor Rincon. Source: Google Reviews.

Our Thoughts

Although it can be tricky to access information on their website, previous client reviews prove how the company cares for its clients. If you are looking for a builder you can trust to provide great service, East Coast Dormer should be on your list.

Westchester Modular Homes

The Hudson by westchestermodular.com. This is what elegance looks like.
The Hudson by westchestermodular.com. This is what elegance looks like.


  • Offers custom-designed prefab buildings for residential and commercial uses. This includes homes, multi-family homes, apartments, retail, and light industrial buildings.
  • Award-winning builder for their high-quality products and services. (2-10 Home Buyers Warranty – The 2022 Premier Builders Award)
  • Can help you find a bank that can finance your project.
  • Complete customization of a floor plan.


  • They have a couple of bad reviews on Google. However, they are not a cause for any concern as they are fixable issues for the most part.

What are their Clients Saying?

“Maybe some past reviews do not know what it takes to build/assemble new modular homes. The houses were built to my specifications, on time with the materials I chose.  Everything was assembled in a timely and professional manner. The complex turned out great.”

ELAN G. Source: Google Reviews.

“Enjoyed my whole experience! The staff was great and worked with me on all my requests. Especially the salesman was very organized and listened to all that we wanted in our new home. I have recommended this company to many of my friends and family. Enjoying my new 🏡 Thank you to the whole staff to get us thru this process.”

Becky Machugh. Source: Google Reviews.

Our Thoughts

With over 30 years and over 8,000 manufactured homes under their belt, it is safe to say that they are one of the state’s most reliable prefab home builders. They were established in 1986 but are utilizing modern technology with continuous innovation.

Long Island Modular

A beautiful white and cream-colored modular home by limodular.com
A beautiful white and cream-colored modular home by limodular.com


  • Has options for single-family homes, multi-family homes, and commercial buildings. 
  • They provide virtual tours on their website showing samples of their previous projects.
  • Their tight-knit team comprises full-time carpenters with over 10 years of modular or prefab construction experience.
  • Customization flexibility and competitive pricing.


  • Their website doesn’t show much information on the inclusions of their packages, pricing, and other key details.

What are their Clients Saying?

“I contracted Long Island Modular of Jericho to put up a Modular home for me. It was a difficult job since the home was over the water in Reynolds Channel. They had to put 25 piles in the water to hold the house up. It turned out beautiful and Long Island Modular did all the work and got all the permits necessary. My family and I are very happy with the job they did. Kudos to Jonathon and Carol Davidson from LI Modular!”

Judith Nappi. Source: Google Reviews.

“We had a very positive experience, they were understanding and willing to work with our budget, also very knowledgeable and the work was outstanding and precise. I would recommend this company to anyone that asks.”

Bridgette Taylor. Source: Google Reviews.

Our Thoughts

Although their website does not have complete information on their products and services, all you have to do is to reach out to them and make an inquiry. Long Island Modular is a builder that can help with any of your prefab building needs. From custom prefab homes to large estates, you are sure to end up with a home exactly as you want it.


Building a prefab home in New York will be a pleasant experience with all of these great builders to choose from. When choosing a builder, it is always best to reach out to multiple companies to compare their offerings and get the best deals. This list should help narrow down your prospects. 

If you want to take a look at more builders, we have a list of prefab and modular home builders in New York’s neighboring states, such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont. 

You can also check out our Facebook Page to stay updated on the latest news on alternative housing, such as barndominiums and shipping container homes.