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Building a Barndominium in New York | Best 2024 Guide

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The State of New York is one of the original Thirteen Colonies of the United States. Although it is the fourth most populous state, around 44% of its residents live in New York City. It shares a border with six other states and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

If you plan on building a barndo in New York, you need a guide to ensure you do everything right. We will provide you with critical information about barndominiums and answers to your questions about building a barndominium in New York.  

Can You Build a Barndominium in New York?

Yes, you can build your barndominium in New York. The state’s location makes it ideal for people who love to travel. You can also build a barndo if you want a quiet refuge from the loud and frenetic city life. A large section of the state has forests, meadows, rivers, mountains, lakes, and farms, so you can find a suitable area for building with your ideal backdrop.  

New York Barndominiums Overview

The term barndominium refers to barn-like structures used as garages, houses, or workshops. Some use them commercially, like a gym, church, supermarket, warehouse, or school. Most of them are made of metal, but it is not unusual to find wooden barndos. There are also hybrid ones made from metal and wood. To see fantastic pictures of different barndominiums, visit our Pinterest account.

Check out our Ultimate Barndominium Guide to learn more about barndominiums and their different types.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Although barndominiums are useful structures, they also have disadvantages. By knowing everything you can about barndos, you can fully appreciate the benefits and challenges they present.


  • Barndominiums are easy to build – Barndominiums have simpler designs than traditional houses, making them easier to build. Some homeowners find them easy enough to build by themselves. Aside from cutting down on the construction time, a less complex build can also translate to savings because you can build faster and reduce the labor costs of hiring a contractor.
  • Barndominiums are durable – Barndominiums are durable, especially against earthquakes. One made of metal can withstand earthquakes better than concrete structures. Metal buildings disperse seismic energy better, so they can take in more damage before breaking. However, concrete buildings can also protect against earthquakes if built according to safety standards.
  • Barndominiums can be multi-functional – A barndominium is ideal if you want a multi-functional one. You can have a home and a workshop under one roof. This can help you save money because there’s no need to build two separate structures.


  • Barndominiums might have limited cellular reception – The metal components of a barndominium can result in limited cellular coverage. The metal sidings can block the cellular signal and result in a weak internet connection inside a barndo. Join our Facebook group and ask members how to improve cellular reception inside your barndominium.
  • Barndominiums present limited exterior design options – Almost all barndominiums look alike outside because they provide limited exterior design options. Although they all look like barns, you can try distinctive exterior color schemes to make your barndo stand out. You can also add unique exterior trimmings.


Residential construction projects require building permits; however, counties can implement different regulations. If you are building in the Village of Johnson City and the construction exceeds 12 months, you must apply for a building permit renewal. In the Village of Croton-on-Hudson, the Village Engineer can give you a two-month extension of your building permit if needed. Consult the local zoning and building office to follow the right regulations.


The average property tax rate for the State of New York is 1.69%. However, counties have different ways of computing barndominium taxes; ensure you get your computation from the local tax assessor’s office to have accurate figures.


The average cost of home insurance in New York State is $1,289 per year for a property worth $250,000. Barndominium insurance is vital because it can help protect your investment. You can file a claim to help repair your barndo if it sustains damage or rebuild it if it is declared beyond repair.


Building a barndominium can be expensive so try applying for a loan from a bank or lending institution. Below are some institutions that offer barndominium financing in the State of New York.

Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan

Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan has been operating since 1913. It has multiple branches across the state and offers construction loans to borrowers.

Walden Savings Bank

Walden Savings Bank is a Montgomery-based bank that’s been in operation since 1872. The bank offers FHA, USDA, and construction loans.

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Building a barndo can be challenging, and you need the help of an experienced builder to ensure that every aspect of your construction project goes as planned.

Fingerlakes Construction

Fingerlakes Construction is a post-frame building company in Newark. This company builds post-frame structures for residential, commercial, equestrian, and agricultural use.

Cole Building Solutions

Cole Building Solutions is a construction company in Silver Springs, New York. Cole Building Solutions builds dairy barns, pole barns, and barndominiums.

Top Gun of Western New York, LLC.

Top Gun of Western New York, LLC. is a Median-based family-owned company. It’s been operating for over 25 years and builds pole barns for equestrian, agricultural, and residential use.

Check our listing of the best barndominium builders that service almost all states across the country.

Kit Providers

If you have adequate handyman skills, you can build a barndominium yourself. The first thing you need to do is buy a barndominium kit from a reliable supplier.

Barden Building Products

Barden Building Products is a building product supplier with offices in Middleport, New York. It offers pole barn kits for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Parco Building Systems

Parco Building Systems has been operating since 1984 and is based in Newfane, New York. The company sells pole barn home kits and pole barn building plans.

House of Steel

House of Steel is a retailer of steel roofing and sidings similar to TIG Roofing out of Texas.. The company also offers pole barn packages for building barndominiums.

You can also use our list of the top barndominium kit providers that sell DIY kits to several states in the US.  


Building a house in the State of New York can cost you between $220,630 and $882,000, depending on the size of the property and the degree of customization. The price to build a barndominium is lower at between $303,000 and $347,000. Try using our barndominium cost calculator to compute the estimated cost of your planned barndo.

Where Can You Build a Barndo in New York?

You can build a barndominium in small and uncrowded areas like Aurora, Woodstock, Cold Spring, and Lake Placid. These are rural areas where your barndominium will look at home.

2 Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in New York

Building a barndominium involves much planning to ensure the structure has everything you need. Use the factors listed below to help you plan a barndo that can improve your quality of life.

Open or Closed Floor Plan

Although most barndominiums have open floor plans, you can go with a closed floor plan if you want to. An open floor plan makes the interior look more spacious, while a closed floor plan can promote privacy for occupants. Like our Facebook page to get ideas on barndo floor plans you can use.

Future needs

Think of the features you want to add in the future. For example, if you are saving for an outdoor pool, leave enough space for building it. If you plan to add more bedrooms and bathrooms, leave provisions for the installation of electrical and plumbing systems.

Is it Worth Building a Barndo in New York?

Yes, building a barndominium in New York is an excellent idea. With a barndominium, you can enjoy a relaxing rural life while being close to livelier areas like New York and Atlantic cities. In addition, you can have a structure that stands out from the skyscrapers that dot the state. For inspiration for your barndominium design, check our gallery of barndominium floor plans for guidance.

Be sure to read our article about the process of building a barndominium to know everything you need about building one in New York.

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