The exterior shot of the house's magnificence.
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Medium-Sized Farmhouse Perfect For Couples or Small Fams! (HQ PLANS)

This beautiful farmhouse is cozy and comfortable.  It is a two-story farmhouse that any family will adore. This farmhouse has a front porch that covered the entire area at the frontage of the house.

The exterior shot of the house’s magnificence.

It has multiple bedrooms which makes it an ideal house for a medium-sized family. It has 3 bathrooms, 2 of these bathrooms are placed on the ground floor; the bigger one is at the master’s bedroom and the smaller one is near the living room and the stairs. Another bathroom is on the second floor to serve the second-floor occupants.

The master’s bedroom is on the first floor and is adjacent to the screened porch. It has also a  laundry area where you can perform your washing activities. The ground floor flooring is elevated to make crawl access below the ground floor flooring. Hydro-static vents are installed in the crawl access while a typical lattice is placed between the piers.

These openings help reduce the heat in the crawl access. A comfortable wooden stair makes it easy for you to get on the porch without any hassle. The porch is enclosed with wood balusters for more privacy.  

The windows and doors are made of glasses which gives the room proper lighting. Fiberglass shingles are used for roofing which makes the house more attractive. Metal frames are used to secure the walls in place, making the house durable.

Stats: 1578 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. More details and features in the plans below.

Blue Print Plans: Scroll down below!

Construction ready floor plans: get here.

Note: this home may be constructed using metal framing, however, you should always consult your local architect-engineer and receive professional evaluation if such an option is feasible for this plan and your local building codes.

Source: Cool House Plans

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