14 Barndominium Living Room Ideas to Consider in 2023

A wide an open take that you will definitely feel in this living room. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group John L.

Living rooms are central to barndominiums. For some homeowners, they are formal living spaces for receiving and entertaining guests. For others, a living room is an informal area for spending quality time with family and friends. Whatever your idea of a barndominium living room is, there’s no denying the fact that you need to plan and design it carefully. 

In this article, we will present you with some of the best design ideas you can use to create a barndominium living room that you can enjoy any day of the week. These are design ideas from actual barndominium living rooms, so you’re sure these are layouts that real-life barndominium owners use and enjoy. 

Barndominium Living Room Ideas to Consider

Here are some living room ideas to inspire you as you build your dream barndominium. 

Bright and cozy barndominium living room

A wide an open take that you will definitely feel in this living room. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group John L.
A wide an open take that you will definitely feel in this living room. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group John L.

Living rooms are all about relaxation, and our first design idea is all about that. This is a cozy barndominium living room where you can unwind after a long day at work. It has an L-shaped sofa complimented by comfortable lounge chairs. The living room used warm earth tones for an inviting and peaceful atmosphere. 

This living room has a high wooden ceiling to make it look larger than it is. Panoramic windows surround the entire space to help you appreciate the view outside. The large windows also let in abundant natural light to make the room look bright. Aside from helping set the mood of the living room, these windows can help you lower your utility bills since there’s no need to use electric lights during the day. 

Homey open-concept living room

A cream-like look for a living room. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Brooklynn C.

If you’re looking for a living room for spending quality time with your family, this design idea might be what you need. This homey living room is part of an open-concept floor plan and flows right into the dining room. What’s great about this design is that you can easily resize the living room space if you need to make it larger or smaller. 

This is an informal living room where you can catch up with your kids after school or spend a quiet movie night together. It has a small brick fireplace to keep you warm during harsh winters. There is also a TV above the fireplace, so you can catch up on your favorite shows while relaxing on the lounge sofa.   

Masculine living room

If being manly was turned into a living room, this is it. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group Todd A.

If you are building a man-cave barndominium, you need to go all the way, and this masculine living room design can help you achieve that. The floor of the living room is made of stained dark hardwood planks. The centerpiece of the living room is a black studded leather sofa set that sets the masculine tone of the area. The sofa set has light-colored throw pillows to balance out the masculinity of the entire room. In addition, the living area has a high ceiling and large panoramic windows to let in more light and create an interesting contrast with the dark sofa set and flooring. 

Black and white modern living room

A white and black combo living room. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Lee D.

Black and white is a classic color combination that this living room idea employs. This is achieved by a black two-seater lounge sofa and two white single-seater lounge chairs. The black and white motif is also evident in the small center table with a black top and white sides. There is also a black and white vanity on one wall. Away from the main living room area are two white lounge chairs to give you a quiet spot for private conversations. 

Tanya’s spacious living room

Two-story great room with a magnificent fireplace and living room setup. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Tanya D.

One thing that we instantly love about Tanya’s living room is how spacious it is. It feels unobstructed and airy. Aside from the open-concept custom floor plan, the beige marble flooring lends the area an illusion of space. The living room also has a high ceiling and clerestory windows that help improve ventilation and ensure the area is well-lit.

A mismatched collection of seating combines a brown leather sofa with two black leather lounge chairs and two white fabric ones. The living room’s focal point is the magnificent fireplace with stone works. This is a living room that’s a master class on how to be chic without trying too hard. Read all about Tanya’s barndominium in our feature article. 

Nature-focused living room

A minimalistic take of a barndo living room. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Heather C.

If you want a living room that emphasizes natural materials, this is it. The flooring is made of hardwood planks. The pronounced wood grain of the planks gives it a natural pattern that adds to the charisma of the living room. There is a plain white vaulted ceiling that makes the room look larger. The living room also has a plain concrete fireplace that adds an industrial touch. The seating comprises two lounge sofas covered in light gray fabric that compliments the light tone of the flooring. 

Coty’s rustic living room

A wide living room with a rustic theme. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Coty R.

The interior spaces of Coty’s barndominium are all about rustic design, which is evident in the living room. The floor is stained concrete with amber, black, and gray colors. The interior spaces utilize an open-concept floor plan, but a sectional sofa helps define the area dedicated to the living room. The wall is a shiplap poplar with a wainscot base of old rusted metal. High above the walls are mounted trophies reflecting the owner’s hobby. Right in the middle of the living room is an enormous bear skin rug that will catch any guest’s attention and make for an exciting conversation starter. 

Elegant brown living room

A living room that has a brown-themed look and feel to it. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Dalton M.

This is a prime example of an elegant living room capitalizing on the color brown. Brown is a color of elegance, sophistication, and class, evident in this living room. This living room features a three-piece brown leather sofa set. The flooring is made of brown weathered hardwood planks, in keeping with the living room’s elegant theme. The living room is connected to the dining and kitchen areas via an open-concept floor plan. The entire living space has a vaulted ceiling adorned with light brown wooden boards to complement the dark tone of the living room. 

Chris’ modern country-style living room

The dining area, right across the great room, is furnished with a 6-seat dining table. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Chris and Brandi

One thing that you might find surprising about this barndominium living room is the fact that Chris built this by himself. This is Chris’ modern country-style barndominium, and it is evident in the living room. It has an L-shaped leather sofa to make its occupants comfortable while watching the wall-mounted TV. The TV is mounted above a stone fireplace that doubles as a makeshift vanity for decor and picture frames when not in use. What draws the attention, though, is the black wooden accent wall that provides an interesting contrast against the white interior walls of the barndominium. 

Southern-style living room

A living room that has a southern-like theme to it. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group

The first thing that you will notice in this living room design is how spacious it is. It is spacious enough to house a three-seater fabric sofa and several lounge chairs without looking crowded. The living room follows a Southern-style design with exposed wood beams on the ceiling. The flooring is made of large beige tiles that brighten the living room. There is also a large fireplace with decorative stonework with a TV mounted above it. 

Charlie’s contemporary living room

A living room with a contemporary design inspiration. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Charlie

If you are looking for contemporary design inspiration, Charlie’s living room should be on top of your list. The living room is part of an open-floor concept that merges with the kitchen and dining room. The floor is stained concrete, while the walls are plain and white. Charlie’s barndominium favored the colors blue and orange, as evident by his choice of chairs and couches. Aside from the stone-crafted fireplace, what draws the attention is the lively wallpaper on the loft that’s on full display when you are in the living room. 

Minimalist Victorian living room

A victorian-themed living room. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group

This living room is a testament to understated elegance. The living room has a Victorian sofa set with a matching center table. There is a simple wooden fireplace with a large TV screen above it. A large and simple carpet emphasizes the central portion of the living area. While the interior walls are painted white, one is painted tan to provide contrast. 

Modern living room with a dark blue ceiling

A living room that has a simplistic yet modern feel. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Terra Y.

This is a simple modern living room that you can design easily. It has a wooden floor that makes the living room feel warm. The seats are a pair of simple fabric couches facing each other. In between the sofas is an unassuming wooden center table. There is also a fireplace with floor-to-ceiling stonework. The living room’s ceiling is eye-catching dark blue, contrasting with the plain white walls. 

Guest house living room

A black and white themed guest house living room. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Luke S.

This is an ideal living room idea if you are planning a guest house or a pool house. It follows an open floor concept to help you make the most out of limited space. There are two fabric couches to provide comfortable seating for its occupants. One living room wall is occupied by a vanity adorned with matching lamps. What you won’t find in other living rooms are the two bunk beds that make this set-up ideal for a studio guest house, pool house, or an Airbnb rental. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Barndo Living Room Design

If you are in the process of designing your barndominium living room, there are some things that you need to consider. These can help you design a living room that best serves your needs. 


We mentioned earlier that a living room could function as a formal receiving or informal area for socializing. So, ask yourself what your living room’s primary function will be. If you are after a formal reception area, it is best to use furniture that will appeal to a wide range of guests. Use comfortable but formal-looking chairs. You can add a center table for when you need to serve refreshments for guests. If you want your living room to become the social center of your home, you can use comfortable couches where you can sit with family members for hours. 


Think of how much space you will work on before choosing a design. If you are working on a limited space, avoid bulky furniture so your living room won’t be crowded. If you have an open-concept layout, you can use a sectional sofa to separate the living room from the dining room or kitchen. You can also use a carpet or rug to mark the space covered by the living room. 

Focal point

Add a focal point or area of interest in your living room. It can be something as simple as a fireplace, a rug, a center table, a vase, or an accent wall. You can use this focal point as a guide to design the living room. Let’s say that a stonework fireplace is your focal point. You can get a couch of a similar shade to the stonework to create harmony. You can also go the other way and create contrast using dark-colored furniture if the stonework on the fireplace is light-colored. 


Lighting is an important element in any room in your barndominium; the living room is no exception. Choose lighting depending on the effect you want to achieve. Understated accent lights can help make the living room look more formal if you intend it to be an area for receiving guests. If you want a lively living room, go for bright lights or install large windows to let in more natural light. 

Where to Look for More Barndominium Design Inspirations?

Finding the best design for your barndominium living room is a critical task. The living room is one area guests will most likely see, so you must make it look inviting and unique. Use one of the design ideas featured in this article or mix them to create a unique barndominium living room. If you did not find a living room design idea to your liking, follow our Facebook page for other living room design ideas you can use. We also feature other useful articles about barndominium costs, barndominium bathroom ideas, and barndo kitchen ideas


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