Building a Barndominium in Montana | Best 2024 Guide

Renowned for its diverse terrain, wildlife, and rich natural resources, building your barndominium in Montana is a fantastic idea. A barndominium allows you to revel in Montana’s natural beauty, and we are here to help you get a head start. 

We aim to guide you throughout the entire process of building your barndominium, answer all your questions, and ensure that you will successfully build your barndominium. 

Can You Build a Barndominium in Montana?

Yes, you can build your barndominium in Montana. Montana is home to the famous Yellowstone National Park and The Rocky Mountains, making it a great choice if you love exploring nature and being close to unique natural attractions. 

Maine Barndominiums Overview

The original barndominiums were barns converted into garages, living spaces, or workshops, and although most barndominiums still function as such, most modern barndominiums are 

newly-built buildings and not repurposed. While old barndominiums were completely made from steel, new barndominiums use wood, metal, or a combination of these two materials. 

Our Barndominium 101 Guide is a valuable resource if you want to know more about the various barndominium types, their characteristics, and how to build them. You can also visit our Pinterest account for examples of fantastic barndo designs and layouts to guide you as you design your barndo. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Although there are benefits to barndominiums, there also have their downsides. Let us tell you more about the ups and downs of barndos so you know exactly what to expect before building your barndominium. 


  • They can resist pests – Barndominiums have many steel components, so they are more resistant to pests like termites compared to wooden buildings. This is an important consideration, especially if you are building in an area where termites abound. However, wooden barndos can also resist termites if you invest in termite-proofing your building. 
  • They are easier to build – If you need a new building on short notice, a barndo is an excellent option. It is faster to make because there are fewer concrete components. Buying a DIY kit can shorten the construction time even more because the frame, trusses, and posts are all pre-fabricated. 
  • They can be cheap – Barndominiums are cheaper because they require fewer materials and a shorter time to build. You can also look to several kit suppliers to get the cheapest one for your barndo. If you’re unfamiliar with suppliers in your area, ask members of our Facebook group for recommendations; other members will be more than happy to help you. 


  • Limited exterior design options – Most barndominiums look alike from the outside because of limited exterior design options. Unlike traditional homes, you cannot design the exterior of your barndo however you like. 
  • Limited resale options – It can be more challenging to resell a barndo compared to conventional houses. The market for barndominiums is still limited, so you need to wait a bit longer before finding a buyer if you decide to sell your barndo. 


Although they are within the same state, most counties implement different building regulations depending on the needs of their constituents. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the building ordinances of your county to avoid penalties or construction delays. 

In Park County, for example, all exterior construction must be completed within 18 months of the issuance of the zoning compliance permit. Missoula County does not indicate a required timeline for the completion of exterior construction. 


Montana’s property taxes are below the national average of 0.83% or around $1,465 for a single-family dwelling, making Montana an ideal location if you want to pay lower barndominium taxes. Visit your local tax office for a more precise computation since counties have different tax computations. 


Although Montana cannot force you to get your barndo insured, it is a requirement if you plan on taking out a construction loan. The average homeowner’s insurance in Montana stands at around $1,957. Insuring a barndominium also ensures that you can get funds to repair or rebuild your barndominium in cases of emergencies. 


Financing is critical for any new homeowner because a local bank or financial institution can help fund a construction project. Barndominium financing can help prevent construction delays due to lack of funds and ensure that the barndominium gets completed on time. 

Bravera Bank

Bravera Bank services the states of Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. They offer VA, FHA, and USDA Rural Housing Loans. 

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First Bank Montana

First Bank Montana offers construction loans and has terms available for up to 30 years.  

Valley Bank of Kalispell

Valley Bank was chartered in 1911 and offers mortgages to clients. 


Local builders are your best partners in building your barndo. They are familiar with local building regulations and can ensure that your barndominium gets built to standards. Show your floor plan to several builders and ask for quotes to get competitive rates. 

Alpine Custom Builders

Alpine Custom Builders is based in Stevensville and specializes in custom post-frame and stud-frame buildings. 

H&H Custom Buildings

Based in East Helena, this company builds post-frame metal buildings like barndominiums, garages, and shops. 

There are also barndominium companies that build almost anywhere in the US, including Montana, and you can check their details in our listing.  

Kit Providers

If you are confident that you can build a barndominium on your own, the next step is to get a DIY barndo kit from a trustworthy provider. The providers can ensure that the frame for your barndo is sturdy and extends your barndo’s life. We have a few recommendations for you.

Montana Post Frame

A company in Townsend that supplies post-frame building kits. 

Montana Shed Center

Supplier of pre-fabricated buildings like sheds, garages, cabins, and custom houses. 

General Steel Buildings

General Steel Buildings is a major supplier of metal building kits. Read our General Steel Buildings review to learn more about this company. 

We also have a compilation of the top suppliers of barndominium kits that ship to most states, including Montana. 


HomeBlue estimates that a Montana barndominium costs between $139,000 and $159,000, which is way cheaper than the average cost of a conventional Montana house at $463,000. These are ballpark figures since barndominium prices depend on the size, location, and complexity of your barndo. We also have a barndominium cost calculator to help you estimate the expected cost of building your barndo in Montana. 

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Montana?

The best places to build a barndominium in Montana include Colstrip, Wolf Point, Scobey, and Billings. These are picturesque rural areas with low costs of living to help you stretch your budget and increase your savings. 

3 Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Montana

Many things go into planning a barndominium, and these are critical points you need to consider if you want to build a barndo with everything you need.

Your lot

The size and shape of your lot affect the size of your barndominium. Make sure you leave room for setbacks because some counties have regulations about how close you can build from your property line. 

What would you change?

Take a look at your current home and list down the things you want to improve. You can then ensure that your barndo has all the furnishings and features you’ve always wanted. 

Outdoor areas

Carefully plan the outdoor areas for your barndominium, like your outdoor kitchen, patio, porch, or ensure you’re not cramming all outdoor spaces together. 

Is it Worth Building a Barndo in Montana?

Yes, Montana is an excellent place for your barndominium. It has varied terrain and a fantastic natural landscape. You can also enjoy lower property taxes, so you might end up padding your savings. 

Now that you are on your way towards building your barndominium use our collection of barndominium floor plans to give yourself a head start. You can also check our Barndominium Construction Guide to learn about the intricacies of barndominium building in Montana. 

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