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Are you looking for a prefab home to assemble on your property in Florida? Prefabricated houses (mobile homes, modular homes) are time efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly, so what’s not to love? In this article we will leave mobile homes aside and focus more on prefabricated modular construction. If you still haven’t decided if a manufactured home is something you want to live in, then read our main article in this category and learn about the pros and cons of these types of homes. If, however, you already decided and are looking to have one built-in in the sunshine state of Florida, then keep on reading.

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We have gathered the best of the local market and some outside the state so that you can confidently pick your go-to contractor without having to research and read reviews for hours. Whether you want to build a vacation spot or a primary residence, the following companies are superior in quality and design.

Here, you’ll find the top modular home companies that are manufactured in or deliver to Florida, with everything from beach house style homes to urban constructions. We also covered the best prefab companies in Texas and California if that’s of any interest to you.

The List of Top Manufactured Home Builders in Florida

Impressa Modular

This modular home company is well-connected with factories across the country, providing you with the expertise you need to build your dream home, with little hassle on your part. This is perfect for first-time home buyers as the company will take care of everything through digital communication.

Impressa Modular (official website) also known as Express Modular in the past provides some of Florida’s best energy-efficient, healthy prefab homes at a great price suitable for a single-family.

This modular home comes with design flexibility. In the state-of-the-art home, there are three main options for creating your home plan with Impressa Modular. Buyers can choose a standard modular home floor plan, customize a standard floor plan, or create a complete custom design.

Once decided, the building team will assist you with everything from design consulting to budgeting assistance, making it a pleasurable experience in the aspect of your new modular home process.

Traditional prefab home with porch model by Impessa Modular
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Pros of Impressa Modular

Excellent assistance

Impressa Modular is a great company that supplies prefabricated homes from Florida to properties nationwide and is able to accommodate almost all of your design wishes. Moreover, the customer service team is run by professionals who will be there to support you from start to finish, should you have any questions.

Cons of Impressa Modular

Limited availability

There might be some difficulty for buyers in the southwest region of the country, due to factories that have stopped producing or transitioned to luxury production. Nonetheless, you should still contact the team and see if they can make an arrangement. Be patient, as Impressa Modular may not be able to respond immediately.

What are their clients saying?

Unfortunately, we did not find any direct reviews from their past customers of this modular home construction.

Elite Prefab Homes

What should be expected from an elite prefab home provider other than excellent service? Elite Prefab Homes (Facebook page) has been offering worldwide shipping since 1975, ensuring that you’ll get just that. Besides the years of experience, the company claims to be cheaper than China, meaning that you’re sure to receive the best price on your lifestyle home.

Pros of Elite Prefab Homes

Free Delivery and Speed

Room additions are shipped to you free of charge. Panels come with a 10-year warranty and the simultaneous installation of the panels speeds up the set-up process, which can be done in as little as one day.

Cons of Elite Prefab Homes

Plan cost

When it comes to the homes financing, the preliminary plan for your future home is not included in the total price and will be $150 extra. Nonetheless, this value is said to be more expensive than other brands, and the company promises that you’re paying for superior quality drafts and resources than a traditional site.

What are their clients saying?

Unfortunately, we did not find any direct reviews from their past customers of this modular home construction.

Turkel Design

If your idea of the best prefab home comes from a company that provides maximum flexibility and energy efficiency, Turkel Design (official website) may be the one for you. Moreover, this luxury prefab company does deliver straight to FL (they are based in CA), with the option to completely customize the interior and guide you through every step.

Beautiful prefab home with wood exterior built by Turkel Design
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Pros of Turkel Design

Paneled manufactured homes

Turkel Design supplies its homes in panels for the utmost building freedom and customer satisfaction. Sending your prefabricated home to the property in flat sections allows you to reap the benefits of spatial variety, easy shipping, and building on any ground.

Cons of Turkel Design


Turkel Design homes start at 850k, so they cost more than some companies that build smaller prefab homes in the state of Florida. Nonetheless, the team’s stellar work in the construction process by outstanding architects is definitely worth the cost. Also, a breakdown of all the various costs and details can be found on the FAQ page on their website.

What are their clients saying?

We love our Turkel house. The building process was fun and even after 5 years, I really wouldn’t have done anything differently. Visitors are constantly amazed. When it snows, it is like living in a snow globe and I no longer mind the rain as the many windows keep it from ever getting gloomy.

– Maggie Carpenter. Source: Houzz


This luxury prefab home brand offers nine distinct homes with flexibility in size. Amazingly, Dvele (official website) plants new trees for each home purchased to help reforest the planet.

Although the company is based in California, their modular homes can be fully functioning on your property in about six months as they serve nationwide.

Dvele homes are more than just a solid frame; the smart prefab home features a number of artificial intelligence components like Sonos, Next, and Lutron. These technologies enable easy control of things like lighting, sound, and technology. The intelligent modular home constantly monitors for air quality, moisture, and in-wall temperature for added security and comfort.

Modern Prefab home model offered by Dvele
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Pros of Dvele

Luxury and Smart

Dvele manufactured homes come with superior artificial intelligence technologies and nationwide distribution, so they do more than just look sophisticated. The company offers various sizes, so your home can be over 3,000 square feet if needed if you have a large number of people staying there.

Cons of Dvele

High price

As is usually associated with luxury manufactured homes, Dvele pricing is on the upper end of the market selection. Although the Floridian company doesn’t have a custom plan offer, they still have additional customizable features. If you don’t want to customize every detail and you have the budget to spend on high-end materials, Delve could be a great company to work with.

What are their clients saying?

Unfortunately, we did not find any direct reviews from their past customers about this manufactured home.

Topsider Homes

The first Topsider Homes (official website) product was finished in 1968, and their prefab kits were some of the first to be sold in the U.S. Today, they’ve sold thousands of models to buyers around the world. From cabins to 20,000 square feet mansions. With such experience under their belt, you can rest assured that you’re receiving a quality prefabricated house when buying from Topsider.

Assistance like sample brochures and cost estimates are provided free of charge. This means that with this brand, you’ll have access to as much information as you need to make an educated decision about your purchase, from price to layout.

Hurricane withstanding prefab home in blue built by Topsiderhomes
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Pros of Topsider Homes

Extremely Weather Resistant

Topsider Homes offers more than 250 floor plans for everything from beachfront vacation homes to winter cabins. This company is especially appealing to buyers who are situated in extreme weather areas. This modular home follows building codes that allow it to be hurricane-proof. With prefabricated kits built to resist catastrophes like hurricanes and earthquakes that might take place in Florida, Topsider homes is a worthy investment.

Cons of Topsider Homes

Time frame

Topsider Homes company is perhaps not the best option for you if you are in a hurry to have your manufactured house built. Complete construction may take more time than initially planned, especially when the wait time for a permit is longer than normal.

What are their clients saying?

Great facility to visit, great people, amazing looking homes that are built to withstand almost anything mother nature can throw at them. Looking forward to working with Topsider, highly recommend to anyone looking to build.

– Sean Urbas. Source: Facebook


As you can see, Florida has a number of quality manufactured modular home suppliers, and some of the companies have been perfecting their craft for many years. Although some contractors aren’t based in Florida, they do deliver nationwide. Regardless of where you’re located and what kind of home you are looking for, we are confident that one of these builders will have the perfect offer for you.

Beautiful prefab home built by Turkel Design
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Contact the companies that interest you for more details, or join our Facebook page and Facebook group for a community of builders with expertise and other people who are looking to buy prefabricated homes. We also have other useful articles on the topic, such as 15 Modern and Affordable Prefab Homes, where you can find both practical information and various prefabricated home models with prices. Hopefully, after reading this article, you are now one step closer to receiving your dream prefab home.


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