5 Best Pole Barn with Porch Ideas in 2024

a white pole barn that has a beautiful porch
A white pole barn that has a beautiful porch

Adding a porch to your pole barn is a great way to add both beauty and function to your post-frame building. What exactly is a porch? A porch is a covered shelter attached to the front entrance of a house. Like cupolas, roofs, soffits, and metal or vinyl siding, porches add a personal touch to a pole barn. At the same time, a porch is an ideal spot where people can just unwind and enjoy the outdoor breeze. 

If you’re not planning on adding a porch to your pole barn, you might want to reconsider. Read on to see why adding a porch to your pole barn is a great idea.

Why Add a Porch to Your Pole Barn?

Great question! A porch is one of the first things guests and passersby see when they look at your pole barn home. It is the first thing that greets people as they walk into the building. You know what they say about first impressions; they tend to last. In addition, a bare facade does not look as welcoming as a building with a porch. 

If curb appeal doesn’t matter to you, maybe function does. A porch provides space to enjoy the outdoors while still in the comfort of your pole barn. It gives shade on hot summer days and keeps out the water and mud when it’s raining. If you’re the type of person who likes spending time outside, adding a porch is a no-brainer. 

What are the Different Types of Pole Barn Porches?

There are several types of pole barn porches you can choose from. To know the best type of porch for your pole barn, you need to look at several options. Below are different types of porches for pole barns and other rural properties. 

1. Basic Porch

A simple standard porch may not sound much, but it is enough to make substantial changes to the overall appearance of a pole barn. A basic porch is typically placed on the entryway at the front of the home. It can also be placed on the rear and the sides. They are an excellent yet simple extension to your pole barn’s living space allowing you to spend time outside without being too exposed to the elements.

You can get creative on your floor plan with a basic porch. In addition, they can come in different designs, meaning the porch can match the style of your pole barn.

An image of a basic porch with wooden flooring and a white railing.

2. Eyebrow Porch

The eyebrow porch can be similar to a lean-to porch. They are simple structures that give your pole barn a warm, welcoming feel and add an attractive design element to an otherwise plain pole barn home. They are smaller than a standard porch, but they can provide ample space to welcome guests or a place to relax. 

The simple design of an eyebrow porch doesn’t use much material, thus, making it a great low-cost option. 

A close-up photo of an eyebrow porch, featuring a small covered area protruding from the front of a building.

3. Recessed Porch

This is also known as an inset porch. Rather than being an exterior attachment to the pole barn home, a recessed porch has its floor set within the house’s main structure or slab. These porches look like they are carved into the building and typically have three or fewer walls. Because of this, recessed porches look like they are embedded within the actual layout of the building. A recessed porch is great for folks who don’t want to add to the home’s square footage by attaching a basic porch outside.

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A photo of a recessed porch, showing a covered area with a sloping roof and a few steps leading up to it.

4. Screened Porch

For pole barns in an area with pesky bugs, a porch covered with window screens is a wonderful solution. Is a screened porch indoors? Is it outdoors? This type of porch gives you a great combination of indoor and outdoor space. It allows you to spend time outside without being too exposed to the elements. You will have peace of mind, making a screened porch a perfect place to relax and admire the outside view from your home. 

Another great feature about a screened porch is that you can place more furniture as if it’s your living room. Your guests will immediately feel welcomed as soon as they step into your home.

 A screened porch on a sunny day, with wicker furniture and green plants.

5. Wrap-Around Porch

A porch that wraps around multiple sides of your post frame home gives it a facade of grandeur. In addition to giving your home an aesthetic boost, wrap-around porches give you more living space. This allows your family and your guests more space for fun-filled activities. You can lounge on the porch to watch the sunset, or it can serve as a place to host a weekend barbeque with your friends. With more space, there are a lot more possibilities!

Wrap-around-porches also come in different styles and designs. Its structural elements, like columns, steps, and roofing, can be customized to fit the design of your building. When designing a custom floor plan, be sure to include the wrap-around porch. Builders often include a blueprint package and design a custom house plan or commercial plans with the help of CAD software and design professionals. The designs usually come in a cad file, pdf file, cd, or other electronic format. These designs must also adhere to the requirements of the nationally recognized building code. 

A porch that wraps around multiple sides of your house.

1) Impressive 1BHK Ranch Barndominium w/ Wraparound Porch & 2-Car Garage

Front view of the Impressive 1BHK Ranch Barndominium showcasing the wrap-around porch that is supported with wooden columns with a stone base, and the white garage doors.
Front view of the Impressive 1BHK Ranch Barndominium.
Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
1,366 sq. ft. 1 1.5 1 2
Style: Pole Barn Home, Barndominium

A post-frame ranch house with a wraparound porch and enclosed garage, featuring a large great room, dining area, kitchen, and a master suite with his and her bathroom facilities. The front of the house is highlighted by a cool-colored outdoor wall and stone-cladding finishes, with a wraparound porch supported by wooden columns with a stone base. The design breaks from stereotypical ranch houses with its gable roof style and a tall chimney. Despite being a one-story house, it offers ample space and essential amenities. This ranch home is a great option for those looking for an affordable, simple, yet spacious home.

2) Cozy Pole Barn Home w/ Full-Length Porch, Loft, & 3-Car Garage

Front-right side view of the Cozy Pole Barn Home emphasizing the covered porch, and the 3-car garage.
Front-right side view of the Cozy Pole Barn Home
Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
1,350 sq. ft. 1 1 2 3
Style: Pole Barn Home, Barndominium

A charming pole barn home that exudes a cozy vibe, complete with a full-length porch, loft, and a spacious 3-car garage. The post-frame structure design is both affordable and uncomplicated, making it a perfect option for those looking for a stylish home with the best value. The exterior is beautiful, with rustic metal siding and stone accents adding to the overall charm. The loft provides additional living space with a bedroom and bathroom, while the porch offers an inviting outdoor space for enjoying the beautiful landscaping of the outdoors. The open living area on the first floor comprises a kitchen, dining, and living room, with a bedroom and a master suite with a private bathroom. The three-car garage is a perfect bonus, offering ample storage for vehicles and machinery.

3) Expansive 6-car Detached Pole Barn Garage 

Left-front view of the Expansive 6-car Detached Pole Barn Garage.
Left-front view of the Expansive 6-car Detached Pole Barn Garage.
Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
3,000 sq. ft. 0 0 1 4-6
Style: Pole Barn Garage, Garage

If you’re a car enthusiast looking for a spacious garage that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, you might want to check out this impressive pole barn garage design. With a maximum capacity of 6 cars, it offers plenty of space for multiple car owners who want to share the costs of a garage. The two mirrored garages are separated by a wall for maximum privacy, and each side has a large floor area that can fit up to three cars or an RV. The high ceilings and side barn doors can accommodate large vehicles as well. 

Besides beautiful garage doors, this garage also provides ample space for a man cave and workspace for tools and equipment. But that’s not all – this garage also features a lovely covered porch where you can sit and relax amidst nature. The timber texture and barn-like visuals give it a rustic charm, while the white finish adds a modern touch. Whether you’re sharing the garage with family or friends, this design is definitely worth considering. So why settle for an ordinary garage when you can have this impressive pole barn garage?

4) Engaging 6-car Pole Barn Garage w/ 60-foot Long Covered Porch

Front view of the Engaging 6-car Pole Barn Garage showcasing the garage doors.
Front view of the Engaging 6-car Pole Barn Garage.
Size Beds Baths Stories Cars
3,000 sq. ft. 0 0 1 4-6
Style: Pole Barn Garage, Garage

If it isn’t very obvious, we have a wide variety of garage plans. Looking for a garage or a storage shed that could house up to six cars and accommodate your outdoor needs? Look no further than this charming barn garage, complete with a 60-foot-long porch, perfect for outdoor relaxation. With a subtle red finish, it can complement any style of residence. The garage’s facade features a full-length porch, two bays, pedestrian doors, and front windows for ventilation. With its open and spacious floor plan, you can easily store up to six vehicles or farm equipment. This design is a promising deal for families that entertain guests regularly, and the covered porch makes it a great addition to any existing structure.

Are Pole Barns with Porches Worth It?

It is established that pole barn porches can be valuable additions to pole barn homes. The covered outdoor space offers so many possibilities. No matter your lifestyle, you will find a perfect use for a porch. This makes porches a good investment, adding value to your pole barn. Discuss this with your builder, and they will give you a free quote on your ideal porch that follows local building codes and regional building codes. For design ideas and inspiration for your pole barn porch, you can check out our Instagram Page.

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Porches, just like pole barns, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From a 6-foot wide eyebrow porch to a spacious wrap-around porch for outdoor entertainment use and family gatherings. When choosing the best type of porch, you must consider your preferences for design and lifestyle. What are you going to use the porch for? You should also consider the outdoor environment. Will there be insects that you want to keep out with a screened porch? 

The beauty of pole barns is that there are a lot of possible ways you can design them. This includes porches, pole barn roofs, pole barn sidings, and a lot more.

Pole barns are growing in popularity in the United States and Canada. If you want to look into more content on pole barns and other alternative housing solutions such as barndominiums and shipping container homes, you can follow our Pinterest Page