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Wick Buildings – Is It Worth Building With Them? (In-depth Review)

Looking for steel buildings that will surely stand the test of time? Whatever type of metal building you need, Wick Buildings (official website) has you covered.

Endless innovation that fits everyone’s budget is what sets Wick Buildings apart from its competitors. They have an array of designs for cabins, residential homes, workshops, churches, and everything in between. Whether you are looking to erect steel structures for commercial or residential use, this company has it all.

Other than having a metal building home that looks good, Wick Buildings also makes sure that every structure that they manufacture will stand the test of time. However, finding and choosing the right contractor for your dream home, workshop, etc. is a big decision and it usually doesn’t happen overnight. We invite you to take your time and read this article to learn more about Wick Buildings and also see what their past clients have to say about their real estate products.

Residential post-frame metal building home with green roof, front and back porches, cupola and white colored exterior.
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How Did Wick Buildings Start?

In the year 1954, John F. Wick founded the Wick Buildings in Mazomanie, Wisconsin. During those days, pole frame buildings were mainly used to replace the labor-intensive construction of two-story dairy barns. With this in mind, the founder of this company understood the demand for metal pole buildings.

Today, Wick Buildings has constructed more than 70,000 buildings and has become one of the leaders in the metal building industry. They cater to clients in the Midwest, Great Lakes to the Great Plains, including Kansas and Illinois.

If you talk about customization, Wick Buildings is never absent from this discussion. The company is known for allowing its clients a lot of freedom when it comes to designing their dream metal buildings, whether residential or not.

What Services and Products Do They Offer?

Whether you need a pole-barn, warehouse, garage, or even a man-cave, Wick has got you covered. They offer several pre-engineered metal structures, plus you have the option to design one yourself on their site. Wick Buildings typically have four building types to offer and these are:

  • Commercial – When purchasing commercial structures, you will have to adhere to several building codes specific to your area. With Wick, you will be sure that they meet these standards. At the same time, you can have a building that is not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective as well. They have designs for offices, stores, institutions like churches, industrial, and municipal buildings. All these come with a lot of customization options.
  • Agricultural – Nowadays, a barn isn’t just a barn. It functions as storage, workshop, warehouse, and even a milking parlor for your cattle – sometimes all at once! Wick Buildings has considered all these and has come up with efficiently designed structures. They have many designs for warehouses, livestock pens, and multi-use storage.
Post-frame horse stall with living quarters in bright red color and two sliding barn doors constructed by Wick Buildings
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  • Equestrian – You will have access to designs for horse stables of any size. It can also accommodate and incorporate the latest technology into the structure’s design for convenience and comfort.
  • Suburban –  Whether you need an extra garage or a workshop, you will certainly find the right one for you here. They have designs for Wick homes, cabins, workshops or garages, and even toy sheds. Re-roofing materials and plans are also available from Wick Buildings.

Wick Building Prices and Cost

Wick Buildings is known for providing great service while staying within your set budget. Compared to other companies like Morton, Wick Buildings is usually priced thirty percent lower. However, customization, location, design, and the type of materials you intend to use in your building will greatly affect the total cost.

Metal building two-door garage and a workshop with green metal rood and light brown siding constructed by Wick Buildings
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For example, a two-story ranch-style metal building home will usually cost you $202,000 or about $67 per square foot. However, with Wick, it usually starts at $40 per square foot. It seems that choosing Wick Buildings will definitely give you the best value while saving your hard-earned bucks.

Of course, every project is different and we cannot guarantee that the contractor can always offer lower prices compared to competitors. In addition, the ballpark price very much depends on the interior materials you are going to pick. With this in mind, please be cautious about pricing estimates you find online, including our own website, the best thing you can do is – jump on a call with their rep and discuss your project in detail. That’s the best way to receive a real estimate and plan further accordingly.

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Do They Offer Financing?

Wick Buildings doesn’t offer financing, but they do have partners that can do that for your post-frame project. These organizations can finance garages, workshops, storage barns, agricultural buildings, livestock structures, and many more. Here are the money lenders that you can contact to help finance your project with Wicks:

These organizations offer competitive rates that are quick and easy to apply. Furthermore, they also provide flexible terms for payment. Take your time to go over all of these companies and make sure to shop around before you decide to pick one. There might be better rates waiting for you just next door.

Post-frame brown toy shed with green roof and metal siding erected by Wick Buildings
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The Benefits of Choosing Wick Buildings

There are many great metal building companies out there, so why should you choose to invest in a Wick Building? Choosing their products means that you are investing in something that will last you a lifetime or even a few.

First of all, the contractor has professional licensed engineers that continue to innovate and apply new technologies while keeping up-to-date with the latest building codes and manufacturing processes in your area.

Furthermore, the company works with trustworthy local construction companies in your area to make sure that your construction and repair get done promptly and properly. It also saves you a lot of time with only having a single point of contact throughout the whole process of your dream project coming to life.

Additionally, Wick Buildings only uses durable paint, quality steel, and lumber for each of their structures. The company’s warranty and service covers include extensive scenarios and products to make sure that every client is satisfied and will continue to be one.

One story metal building workshop with sliding barn doors constructed by Wick Buildings
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What Are the Disadvantages?

One of the disadvantages of going with Wick is that there might be delays in communication. Although they have a great reputation, some of the information that should be passed might get delayed due to mixups.

This is because Wick takes on subcontracting services. Some customers tend to contact the main office instead of the local contractor that is handling their project. So instead of it being handled quickly, the message gets a long detour from the main office to the local contractor. So be sure to get the contact details of the contractor that’s handling your project. Unless of course, you don’t mind waiting.

It is also worth mentioning that many companies do act similarly when it comes to subcontracting, thus it’s a fairly common thing in the industry to get communication delays and mixups. Human errors happen daily, thus in our opinion, it’s a very minor disadvantage when considering what you get from Wicks when it comes to quality and price.

Client Testimonials

Wick makes sure that every client has a great building experience while having a structure that will last more than a lifetime. A customer from Indiana even stated that they were looking for a company that can finish the project quickly and with great quality. Wick did just that. They even suggested a few more features to make the building more durable.

Wick also makes sure that each contractor is knowledgeable and knows the latest building codes in your area. A client from Illinois commended the local contractors of Wick Buildings. He shared that they were very helpful in the building process and even finished the construction ahead of the deadline.

Here are more word for word testimonials that we found online:

My beautiful garage was built by a wick worker they have top of the line steel and do a wonderful job drive by 6th Street in Delavan and you will see for yourself.

Stacey Metternich on Wick’s Facebook Page.

My wick building is now complete! Fox Brothers construction out of Union Grove WI did a wonderful job. Great craftsmanship, great service, and extremely knowledgeable. They can do it all and do it correctly. Great communication with me as the customer made it such an enjoyable experience. I could not be happier with my new building. Thanks so much !

Katie Wee on Wick’s Facebook Page.
Huge post frame shouse in brown colors manufactured by Wick Buildings in US
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Q: Can I customize my steel building?

A: Yes, of course, you can. In fact, there’s a 3D editor on their official website that will give you access to hundreds of designs. After that, an email will be sent to you for the estimated quote. It should take about 24 to 48 hours before you can get a response from them.

Q: What are the warranty terms for both metal building kits and on-site construction?

A: For the kits, the warranty starts on the arrival date of your package, while the on-site construction warranty starts on the day of completion. You can find more detailed information on warranty and building terms on their official website.

Q: How do I contact Wick Buildings?

A: There are many ways to contact the company. You have the option to call their customer service hotline or contact them through email. The contact details are available on their website. If you wish to speak in person, you can go to the nearest branch. Just type in your location in their local builder finder.

Final Thoughts

Choosing Wick Buildings certainly seems to be a great decision for most of their customers who voiced their experiences online. They not only offer great service to their clients but also have options that will most likely stay within your budget. To this day, the company continues to use quality materials for each of their post-frame buildings and have experts at their disposal to assist you in each step of your dream home or any other project. If you want to learn more about the company first-hand, make sure to go to their website or contact them through their customer care line and receive the answers you are looking for.

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