Owner’s Story: Josh’s DIY Blue Barndominium in Wisconsin (5,200 sq. ft. + Floor Plans)

Angled front view of josh's blue barndo

Building a barndominium you can call your own is definitely a significant achievement, especially if you built it yourself! Like this featured home, the owner had the chance to build his house firsthand. The result? A lovely blue barndo for a beautiful family!

Luckily, we were given a chance to present their home to the public. Without further ado, let us take a look around this barndo and hear Josh Laufenberg’s dream-home-building story.

Home Details


5,200 sq. ft.







Construction Time

13 months




$400,000 – $450,000

Josh's blue barndominium front view
Josh’s blue barndominium front view

Barndo Building Process

This charming 5BHK barndo has quintessential living spaces such as a living area of 3,400 sq. ft. and a spacious 1,800 sq. ft. garage. It is built on 11 acres of land, which is excluded from the total cost of construction. Based on the owners’ calculation, the construction cost was in the ballpark of $400,000 to $450,000. 

the base post frame of Josh's blue barndominium
The base frame of Josh’s blue barndominium

Additionally, building it on his own with the help of his Dad’s construction company Madcity Remodelling, it had turned out to be cheaper than conventional construction. Josh cut some costs, including the labor fees, since his brother and father lent a hand with the building. This saved him money and gave him a chance to be hands-on in constructing his dream home.

livingroom furnished with a double seater sofa and a table beside a window
Livingroom furnished with a double seater sofa and a table beside a window

Financing – How Did Josh Do It?

When constructing a home, we all know budgeting is essential. Ideally, architects or real estate experts manage the finances for your convenience. In some cases, like this DIY home, one must manage his own construction budget. Most people find this process challenging and stressful, and Josh could relate.

elegant u-shaped kitchen equipped with white cabinets and an island and chairs at the center
Elegant u-shaped kitchen equipped with white cabinets and an island and chairs at the center

According to him, managing construction finances was a little challenging initially, especially when dealing with banks. Eventually, it turned out to be a relatively easy process for him. Here, you’ll get to see the details he incorporated in the house design as we explore the barndo.

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Josh’s Barndominium Exterior – Bright and Elegantly Blue

angled left side front view of Josh's blue barndominium
Angled left side front view of Josh’s blue barndominium

Looking at the exterior, it boasts a minimalist country-style appeal. The eye-catcher of the structure is the Persian blue batten facade that envelops the bungalow barndo– equipped with abundant windows for fresh air and light. It also features a side porch with bright yellow poles that complements the blue exterior walls.

Up front, the house is seen as a nicely and neatly built pole barn, not to mention an attached garage. It also has a vibrant color scheme, making the residence stand out in the middle of lush surroundings. 

Interior – Airy Quarters

A step into the house, the spacious living quarters are pleasantly inviting. The owner, Josh, made ensured a bright and cozy interior for his family. Thanks to the free flowing plan of the barndo, he maximized the spaces and created a harmonious home.

Here’s a better look at his living spaces:

view of the carpeted livingroom and an elegant dining area
View of the carpeted living room and an elegant dining area

Living Area

Josh’s living area serves as the reception area right after entering the house. It covers enough room for his entertainment and couch setup and has adequate space for lounging and spending time with his family. It exhibits a neutral theme with matching luxury vinyl plank flooring to fit the cozy ambiance.

cozy and spacious living room with an elegant sofa and wall-mounted TV set
Cozy and spacious living room with an elegant sofa and wall-mounted TV set

Kitchen & Dining

Across the living room is a spacious kitchen and dining area floor. The main/formal dining table is set on the left side of the open kitchen floor. As the owners prefer, the dining set is an eight-seater and still has leeway for serving food. A quartz island a few steps further also has a bar/nook, and next to it is a horizontally spacious kitchen. What’s handier is a pantry and storage closets near the access to the back porch. It is essential for a family like his.

well-lit dining area equipped with white cabinets and an island at center with chairs
Well-lit dining area equipped with white cabinets and an island at the center with chairs


Four sleeping quarters are present in this barndo. One is a master suite with a stunning view, an en-suite toilet, and a bath. The remaining three have generous areas for beds, all designed according to Josh’s family’s needs. An additional den is available for occupancy, which can be another bedroom if needed.

well-ventilated bedroom with a large glass door
well-ventilated bedroom with a large glass door
carpeted kid's room with white cabinet, bed and glass windows
Carpeted kid’s room with a white cabinet, bed, and glass windows


bathroom with bathtub beside the windows, shower, and a toilet
Bathroom with bathtub beside the windows, shower, and a toilet

The barndominium has one guest bathroom, one en-suite with a bathtub, and one shared toilet and a bath for the three bedrooms. Josh specifically chooses every quartz countertop for these bathrooms to match the ones in his kitchen.


Spacious garage that can fit several cars
Spacious garage that can fit several cars

The attached 1,800 sq. ft. garage is adjacent to the main living zone. It has plenty of car space for Josh and his family, could cater to more vehicles, and still allow clearance for his utilities. A door connects to the mudroom and main home hall for his convenience. 

Storage Room

storage and closet with white cabinet and drawers
Storage and closet with white cabinet and drawers

Being a bungalow-type home, the barndo leaves Josh a horizontally wide unit without a basement. Nonetheless, he managed to have a large room with large closets that could function as his storage. 

Floor Plans

Josh didn’t leave y’all hanging and provided us with his barndo floor plans and even elevations. We are certain these will help you generate some ideas for your own build. Scroll down even further for additional plans, that are similar to Josh’s.

Similar Floor Plans For Your Dream Barndo

You might be planning to build your DIY home and have chosen Josh’s unit as an inspiration for your future residence. To make your barndominium hunting easier, we listed similar plans in various sizes that you should consider for your barndo. We urge you to check out these barndominiums and see if they fit your requirements.

Bungalow Carriage Style Barn Home w/ 3-Car Garage (HQ Plan & 3D Concepts)

If you have an eye for traditional houses, this one’s for you to check out. A barn home in the style of an old-fashioned carriage with a 1,933 sq. ft. floor area, sheer in design yet homely and perfect for a family. Its single-level plan offers an open layout with a living area, cozy fireplace, and access to the next-door car area with fantastic space.

front view of the traditional bungalow carriage style barn home
Front view of the traditional bungalow carriage-style barn home

Glorious 5BHK Barndo w/ 2-Sided Fireplace & 2-Car Garage (HQ Plans)

A country-style 5-bedroom barndominium with panel and board exterior cladding, timber doors, and inviting porches with simple timber pillars. It offers a modern and pleasant floor plan with a spectacular open layout that brings the family together.

Front view of the glorious country-style 5-bedroom barndominium
Front view of the glorious country-style 5-bedroom barndominium

4 Bedroom Country House w/ Optional Expansion w/ 3-Car Garage (HQ Plans)

This amazing barndominium has a fantastic open floor layout and a massive triple garage adjoining it. The house has gable roofs, creamy white exterior paneling, and an inviting front portico with timber columns. It is a mixture of a traditional country house and a new American style.

Angled front right-side view of the 4 bedroom country house barndominium
Angled front right-side view of the 4 bedroom country house barndominium

Wrap Up

To wrap it up, Josh’s blue barn home is worth seeing, especially if you are sourcing inspiration and innovation for your own barndominium. Together with the people on our Facebook group, we acknowledge his effort in building this house: it is constructed, planned, and spaced meticulously. It is indeed a pleasure to showcase this home to all of the aspiring and current barndo owners. Josh is open to being contacted and answering your questions – click here to visit his Facebook profile and shoot him a message. Picture It Sold Media took all photos of his barndominium- kudos to them.

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