4 Best Barndominium Ceilings: Ideas and Inspiration You Can Use

a newly installed barndo ceiling by Becca W
A newly installed barndo ceiling by Becca W

Ceilings are important in barndominiums, houses, and other buildings; they act as a barrier between your barndominium and its exterior environment. A ceiling can help prevent sound from transferring from one room to another. A ceiling helps control the diffusion of sound and light within a room. Aside from its functionality, a ceiling also adds to the aesthetics of a barndominium. An uninspiring ceiling can ruin a fantastic barndominium design. 

This article will show you barndominium ceiling ideas and inspirations you can use as you develop your design style to take your dream barndominium to the next level.

Do Barndominiums Need to Have High Ceilings? 

High ceilings are not a requirement in barndominiums. However, you will often see high barndominium ceilings due to how barndominium frames are made. Most barndominiums have tall sidewalls and pitched roofs that result in high ceilings. 

What is the Average Ceiling Height in a Barndominium?

Most barndominiums have ceilings of around 14 feet and higher. These are taller than traditional houses’ ceiling heights, often around eight to nine feet high.  

What Kind of Ceilings are in Barndominiums?

This section discusses the different kinds of ceilings in barndominiums. We will also tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each type so you can choose one that fits your needs. 

Classic Drywall

A classic drywall ceiling is a type that almost everyone is familiar with. It is a ceiling with a plain surface made of drywall. This type of ceiling is versatile and will work well on almost any room in your barndo, be it mudrooms, bathrooms, garages, showers, or walk-in closets. 

A drywall’s versatility also extends to its ability to be transformed into almost any shape you want. You can go with a classic flat ceiling for your walk-in pantry and experiment with a peaked or tray-style ceiling for your master bedroom or family room. 

Drywalls are commonly white in color. This gives you the flexibility to repaint it with any color option you want. You can also add texture to it if you think a drywall ceiling looks too plain. 

The McGinnis’ barndominium is an excellent example of a barndominium with a drywall ceiling. The drywall ceiling worked seamlessly with the white walls of the barndominium interior. It also helped save money because there was no need to repaint the drywall barndominium ceiling. Another benefit that the white drywall ceiling has is that it makes the living room of the McGinnis’ barndominium look more spacious.

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An image of a classic drywall ceiling with a smooth, white surface.


  • You can use it in almost any room in your barndo. 
  • It is cheaper than other ceiling types. 
  • You can repaint it to any color you want.
  • You can transform drywall into a wide variety of shapes. 


  • It might be too common. 

Wood Planked

If you are gunning for a farmhouse style or barndominium with a rustic look, a wood-planked barndominium ceiling is an excellent choice. You can choose wood planks with dark stains for a farmhouse or country style. Light stains are ideal for a modern or contemporary look. If you have an old house, you can reduce your barndominium cost by repurposing old wood planks and using them in your ceiling. 

A wood-planked ceiling is also a viable option for building a DIY barndominium. Although a drywall ceiling is cheaper because of affordable materials, it can be trickier to install and might force you to hire a contractor. Wood planks are easier to install, so you might save on labor expenses. If you live in an area with high labor rates, the savings in labor expenses might result in cheaper barndominium per square foot expenses. Check out Chris and Brandi’s DIY barndominium for an excellent example of a wood-planked barndominium ceiling. 

An image of a wood planked ceiling with a warm and rustic feel.


  • Ideal for rustic-looking designs. 
  • Might result in cheaper labor expenses. 
  • You can use old or repurposed wood planks. 


  • New wood planks can be expensive. 

Metal Ceiling

A metal ceiling is an uncommon but fantastic option if you aim for an industrial-looking barndominium. Although barndominium kits come with metal roofs, this doesn’t mean that the roof will double as your ceiling. It would be best if you bought metal coverings that will act as the ceiling of your barndominium. A metal-covered ceiling can provide great contrast against wood-covered walls. However, metal ceilings don’t work well in all rooms or living spaces. While a metal ceiling may do well in a garage or front porch, it might not be ideal for a master suite or a kitchen. 

One of the downsides of a metal ceiling is the inflexibility of metal coverings. If you are building a DIY barndominium, a metal ceiling can be challenging to modify if you have a specific lighting fixture in mind, like a grand chandelier or recessed lights. Some metal coverings cannot be repainted, so ask your supplier if you can repaint a metal covering or not. If the available options cannot be repainted, choose a color that works well with your barndominium layout or design. 

Another challenge with a metal ceiling is managing indoor temperatures. Metals conduct heat which can result in high temperatures inside your barndominium. If you are going for a metal ceiling, invest in high-quality insulating material, like spray foam insulation, to make your barndominium more energy-efficient. Check out Brandon’s barndominium to see how he used a metal ceiling to make his garage look amazing. 

An image of a metal ceiling with a sleek and modern appearance.


  • Can be ideal for industrial-looking barndominiums. 
  • Can make for unique-looking ceilings. 


  • Can decrease a barndominium’s energy efficiency. 
  • Can be difficult to modify. 
  • Not versatile

Exposed Wood Beams

Using exposed wood beams on a barndominium ceiling can break the monotony of your modern-looking barndominium. Unlike the other ceiling types on this list, the exposed wood beams will only act as accents. You can use it in combination with a drywall ceiling or a metal ceiling. The rustic appeal of the exposed wood beams will balance out the heavy use of steel on most barndominiums. Tanya’s barndominium is a perfect example of how exposed beams added a rustic touch in contrast to the concrete slab flooring and the modern stonework fireplace of the barndominium’s living room. 

One downside with exposed beams is that they can be heavy and difficult to install. This might force you to hire a contractor to complete your ceiling. An alternative is to use faux wood beams that are lighter and easier to install. 

An image of an exposed wood beam ceiling with a warm and inviting ambiance.


  • Ideal for rustic-looking barndominiums. 
  • You can use repurposed old wood beams. 


  • Wood beams can be heavy and difficult to install. 
  • Might be prone to termites

How to Choose a Ceiling for Your Barndominium

Here are some factors you should consider to ensure that you have the best ceiling type and material for your barndominium.

The location of the ceiling

The type and design of the ceiling can vary depending on the room or area where it will be located. For example, the ceilings of living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms are often more intricate than those of bathrooms, garages, or showers. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot have an intricately-designed ceiling for a bathroom or garage if you want to. 

Interior design

Living room interior with furniture in modern cottage
Living room interior with furniture in modern cottage; Image via

Consider the overall design of your barndominium when choosing a ceiling design or type. If you have an industrial theme, you can design a ceiling with exposed plumbing pipes. If you want a farm or barn-style barndominium, you can go with an exposed wood beam ceiling common on barns and farm buildings. 

Your budget

Your budget is something you always consider when building barndominiums, and it is also important in choosing a ceiling type. Some ceiling designs are complicated, so you’ll need to hire an expert, which can increase your barndominium’s overall cost. Examples are coffered, tray, suspended, and vaulted ceilings. If you are trying to save money, wood-planked ceilings are easier and cheaper to install. If you have handyman skills, you can install a wood-planked ceiling yourself. 


Aside from the materials, color is another aspect you must consider when choosing a ceiling. White ceilings are the most popular due to their elegant appearance. They can also make a room look larger than it is. If you have a large space or room, like a family or great room, you can use dark colors to make it look cozier. You should also consider the paint sheen when choosing a color. For example, if your master suite has a low ceiling, you can use semi-gloss paint to make the room look larger and give the ceiling the illusion that it is higher than it is. Flat or matte paint is recommended for rooms with many lighting fixtures because it is non-reflective and will reduce glare from artificial lights. 


Ceilings have a considerable effect on barndominiums which is why you should carefully choose the type of ceiling you will use. A ceiling can make a barndominium look more modern or give it a rustic appeal. Ceilings can also make rooms look larger, smaller, or cozier. Before you decide on a ceiling for your barndo, consider the different types we mentioned above to choose a type that will bring out the best in your barndominium. Remember to like and follow our Facebook page for other articles about pole barns, sample barndominium floor plans, and interior design ideas.