Owner’s Story: Brandon’s One-story Gray Barndominium + 1,500 Sq. Ft. Shop in TN (Only $59/sq. ft. + Floor Plan!)

Front view of Brandon’s Adorable Gray Country Barndominium.

Here, we are invited to follow another journey of a family that once dreamt of having a sweet barndominium. They transitioned to barndo living and are now enjoying this impressive unit we will feature. It’s an honor to share this honest building story that has already been discussed on the Barndominium Living Facebook group as well! Make sure to join it if you haven’t yet.

Without further ado, let’s get into the details and see which ideas Brandon incorporated into his DIY barndo.

Home Details








2,184 heated sq. ft. + 1,500 heated sq. ft. shop

Construction Time

5 months





The construction phase of Brandon's Adorable Gray Country Barndominium.
The construction phase of Brandon’s Adorable Gray Country Barndominium.

Barndo Building Process

This stunning 2,184 sq. ft. barndominium incorporated Brandon’s favored layout that wouldn’t have been successful without the planning assistance of Summertown Metals Company. This collaboration was a cost-saving route for him since the company offers free actual planning services and tons of practical construction goods. Thanks to them, he obtained his final plans and got to partner with his recommended builder, Rick’s Construction. Fortunately, the said company is his father’s, so working with the team was not a hassle. 

Building this barndominium in Tennessee took them 5 months to complete, including the duration of foundation curing and framing. Brandon chose conventional framing with 2 by 6 ft. exterior walls, securing its integrity. The utility works were done in a breeze though they faced a few nuisances along the way. Brandon personally handled finishing touches such as floor tiling and painting, saving him up to $15,000.  

The foundation of Brandon's Country Barndominium.
The foundation of Brandon’s Country Barndominium.

Financing – How Did He Do It? 

Brandon chose to seek a bank’s help for his construction funds. Based on his experience, the bank initially hesitated, but the appraisal went well later. It was not long until he acquired the loan covering all the building expenses. Having the plans ready was the best move for him; it tackled every cost the bank had estimated for his loan. For this very reason, we always encourage people to get their custom barndo plans done before applying for barndominium financing.

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Front-right view of Brandon's Adorable Gray Country Barndominium.
Front-right view of Brandon’s Adorable Gray Country Barndominium.

Barndominium Exterior – Charming Modern Country-Style

Jumping straight to the features, we are greeted by cool and clean gray exteriors here. Modern country architecture dominates the facade, emphasizing the rough-sawn cypress wood beams, posts, and overhangs. Its porch is spacious enough, allowing one to enjoy the scenic landscape. It exhibits a stone wainscot paired with a shade of gray finish and contrasts the wood and metal textures. 

Its entire facade has a dominant minimalist design– a soothing appeal to partner with such lovely surroundings. It is horizontally wide but uncluttered and whole and looks just like a large family home.

Interior – Clear and Bright Humble Quarters

A glimpse inside, we get to see the neat and homey dwelling that mirrors Brandon’s barndo goals. Here’s his take on his modern country residence.

Living Room

A step indoors, you are welcomed by an extensive and bright living area. We love how Brandon opted for a vaulted ceiling that makes the room wide and exclusive. He used stained cypress tongue and groove shiplap in the coffee shade for the ceiling and wood-look floor tiling to complement it. It is the best area to hang out with his family.

The living room is furnished with sofas and side tables, and a TV.
The living room is furnished with sofas, side tables, and a wall mounted TV.

Kitchen and Dining

At the right end of the hall, the rustic kitchen houses a sizable square island and an enclosed pantry. It looks like an upgraded and efficient kitchenette ideal for a small household.

The kitchen is equipped with a square island, rustic cabinetry, and kitchen appliances.
The kitchen is equipped with a square marble island, rustic cabinetry, and kitchen appliances.


Brandon’s layout includes 4 spacious bedrooms. The cozy master bedroom is equipped with an en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet. 2 more medium-spaced rooms are accessible from the living area, sharing a jack-and-jill toilet and bath. The last room serves as their child’s playroom. It can be occupied as a guest bedroom if needed. 

The cozy master bedroom with wooden flooring.
The cozy master bedroom with light wooden flooring.


The common powder room for this barndo is located in the kitchen area, next to the laundry room and garage entry. The other bathrooms are for the bedrooms, one Jack and Jill and one en-suite with a bathtub. All are well-lit, clear, neat, and supplied with heaters. 

En-suite bathroom with a bathtub and separate shower.
En-suite bathroom with a bathtub and separate shower.


It’s fancy to have an extra enclosed working space, and Brandon leveled up his barndo with one. His enclosed office is ideal enough for peace and quiet working from home.

Brandon's office, with an L-shaped desk and computer set.
Brandon’s office, with an L-shapedwooden desk and computer set.

Garage / Shop

The attached garage next door covers 1,500 sq. ft. of ample space for parking 2-3 cars. There’s more room for hobby equipment and storage (attic). Provided with gas and water supply, the garage is furnished with its own HVAC as well as a handy water heater for car washing and maintenance.

Garage with 1,500 sq. ft. of ample space for parking 2-3 cars.
Garage with 1,500 sq. ft. of ample space for 2-3 cars.


This barndominium prides itself on a two-side porch with a panoramic view. It is braced with cypress posts and beams; equipped with gas taps, owners can have guests over for barbecue parties and outdoor grill feasts.

Porch with a spectacular view that is perfect for relaxing.
Porch with a spectacular view

Floor Plan

Thankfully, Brandon included a copy of his floor plan that we can look up to for inspiration. Check out the detailed plan below for reference. If you want something similar, our team of architects can make it happen – order your custom barndo plan here.

Similar Floor Plans For Your Dream Barndo

We know Brandon’s barndo unit is a good starter house for a family. With an office, an outdoor shaded area, and a large hobby shop, what more could you ask for? 

If you are hunting for a barndominium like this one, here are the suggestions that might help you in choosing your future barndominium.

Custom Barndominium Plans by Metal-Building-Homes.com

Before you scroll down to stock plans similar to Brandon’s barndominium, have a look at what our team of architects has to offer. We believe that the barndominium and pole barn homes floor plan market is way overpriced. This is the main reason we slimmed down our margins to offer you the best price in the industry for custom barndominium home plans. Without further ado click the button below and have a look at our custom barndo plans package. It usually turns out a few hundred bucks cheaper than the stock plans!

Refreshing Barndominum w/ Front Porch & 3-Car Garage (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)

The 36′-deep double garage with another overhead door on the back façade is located on the right side of this Barndominium. The use of French windows and doors ensures that the rooms are adequately ventilated. While the left side has the living accommodation with a flexible plan. 

Front view of the Refreshing Barndominum w/ Front Porch & 3-Car Garage.
Front view of the Refreshing Barndominum w/ Front Porch & 3-Car Garage.

Massive Garage/Workshop Apartment with Living Area Above w/ 6-Car Garage (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)

The idea behind a shouse (shop+house) is that it includes a workshop or large workstation linked to the living area. The workshop of over 3000 sq. ft. isn’t a standalone structure. It is linked to the property, making it easy to move from the family room to the workspace as needed. 

Front view of the massive garage barndominium.
Front view of the massive garage barndominium.

4 Bedroom Modern Farmhouse with 2 or 3-car Garage (HQ Plans & Real Examples)

Owning a splendidly designed home is a dream for most people. This dream can come true if you choose this floor plan from Architectural Designs. They are not only known to create the best farmhouse or barn-inspired floor plans but also other types of houses as well.

Front view of the 4 Bedroom Modern Farmhouse.
Front view of the 4 Bedroom Modern Farmhouse.

Wrap Up 

Seeing how good Brandon’s unit turned out; it was a worthwhile experience and decision for him to build a barndo. It resembles a traditional house yet offers more! Everything he would have wanted for a home is nicely incorporated into this structure; kudos for his effort! Indeed, he has a cozy home where he can nurture his growing family.

Did you get inspired to own a barndo, or do you want to inspire a fellow owner? Join our Facebook community and tell us your building story as well! We will wait for your entry there! Catch up soon, home hunters!

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