Fantastic Metal Building Home w/ Detached Garage! (10 HQ Pictures)

This Farm style delight with its sloped scarlet roof and meticulously manicured lawns, not to mention quaint shuttered windows and large solid doors is a perfect home for retired couples looking for tranquility.

On the exterior, we have a gravel surround leading to the detached garage which has a barn-like feel. Going inside the home you will find a compact, fully equipped cottage kitchen with dark wood floors and beautiful light wood cabinets. The lighting is very modern in the form of down lights in the ceiling which match the wooden cabinets. There is a convenient eat-in section in this pretty kitchen with an outstanding view of the lawn through the sliding glass doors,  a relaxing way to enjoy your meals together.

There is a large amount of craftsmanship that went into creating the interior of this home, no doubt made by a master carpenter. Moving on to the detached garage, this could easily be converted into a small cottage or left as is and be used as a workshop or office area. It has an upstairs storage area and deck, high metal ceilings, adequate lighting, clean concrete floors and is large enough to park a camper van inside. Another stunning home, lovingly created by Morton Buildings.

If you are looking for an exquisite home idea, this could just be it. It’s high time for you to enjoy a rustic experience in an elegantly dazzling way.

Stats: 54’W x 16’H x 72’L, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, detached car garage (430 sq. feet).

Ballpark Price: $25 – $80* per sq. ft.

*Price varies due to finishes, materials, extras (doors, windows, etc.), permits, etc. For precise price/quote contact Morton Buildings.





Source: Morton Buildings

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