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Practical Barndominium Plans for Your Future Home!

Barndominiums are becoming increasingly popular especially in the southern part of US. What is it? It’s a livable house, the main thing that differs from regular homes you see all over the country – it looks like a barn and it’s not uncommon to get these build in plain fields surrounded by crops. If you … Read More

Affordable prefab Dubldom house starts at $23,000

The DublDom series from Moscow-based firm Bio Architects, headed up by architect Ivan Ovchinnikov. DublDom – serial modular home, designed to carry off the shelf and installed on site in one day. This affordable prefab house has all communications – electricity, water and sewage, so the area can only connect to the shared network. The package already includes … Read More

Prefabricated Small Country Retreat by NOEM

Designed by NOEM, this small country retreat was built by combining two prefabricated wooden modules and a terrace which uses a metal structure. The owners of this Smart refuge are a couple who have begun to prioritize shared time with family and friends and to enjoy nature. For years they dreamed of building a small … Read More

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Barn Houses (22 HQ Pictures)

In recent times, there are so many innovations surfacing, and one of them is barn houses.  Recently, there are many families who are planning to get a metal home instead of going for the traditional houses. The traditional way to build homes is slowly becoming inefficient. Taking a look at modular homes, it simply makes more … Read More

Awesome Spaces With An Indoor Slides (30 HQ Pictures)

Remember how much fun it was to zip down the slides at the playground as a kid? That feeling of flying through space was so exhilarating that you just couldn’t wait to climb the stairs and do it again, over and over. Maybe you dreamed about your own indoor slide? Childhood fantasies can come true … Read More

The Arc House by Maziar Behrooz

The Arc House designed by studio Maziar Behrooz Architecture, completed in 2010. This contemporary architecture house has two levels and a total surface of 6,400 sq. feet. It is located in East Hampton, New York under a flight path of a local airport and close to a train track. The architects considered this fact that house … Read More

The Most Unique Hotels To Stay (52 HQ Pictures)

Airplane Suite, Netherlands This is plane converted to luxury suite for couples. This 1960 Ilyushin 18 has been converted to a single luxury suite for 2. The plane is 40 metres long and now comes equipped with a little more luxury than it’s former owners would have approved of – let alone publicly enjoyed! With … Read More

The MCNY House With A Folding Wood Facade And Interior Garden

To create cohesive whole architects and interior designs try as much as possible to establish a smooth dialogue between the internal and external spaces and to expose the interior to the views and the beauty of the outdoors. The MCNY House is a private residence located in Franca, Sao Paulo. It was completed in 2016 by mf+arquitectos, a … Read More

Incredible Sliding, Unfolding And Rotating Houses (15 HQ Pictures)

We’ve seen modular furniture that can change within minutes but seeing an entire house change the way it looks is definitely something else. These houses can radically change their appearance by sliding, unfolding and rotating and the transformation is absolutely spectacular each and every time. Sharifi-Ha house You’ve gotta love the Iranian design group Nextoffice project which … Read More

Seascape Retreat in New Zealand

Designed by Pattersons Associates Architects as a honeymoon destination, The Seascape Retreat on the Banks Peninsula, is perfect for anyone who appreciates seclusion, romance, style and a view. Banks Peninsula is a peninsula of volcanic origin on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand set into a rock escarpment. Its plan is an … Read More