How Much Does a 30×30 Metal Garage Really Cost In 2024?

A red car in a white metal garage with three other vehicles in the background
A red car in a metal garage. Source:

Deciding on a new garage can be challenging, especially when it comes to budgeting. Did you know that a basic 30×30 metal garage could cost between $10,000 and $15,000? This article will show you the pricing for these sturdy structures and what factors might affect the cost.

Understanding 30×30 Metal Garages

A 30×30 metal garage gives you 900 square feet of space, which is equivalent to a large 2-car garage or a regular-sized 3-car garage. This size is perfect for parking cars, storing tools, or setting up a workshop. These garages are made from steel panels and have a strong frame. You can pick different roof styles, like flat, hip, or gable, to match your taste and weather needs.

They come as prefab buildings, built in a factory and assembled at your place. You can get one as a kit if you prefer DIY. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and last many years with little maintenance.

Factors Influencing 30×30 Metal Garage Prices

When considering the investment in a 30×30 metal garage, it’s crucial to recognize that several specific factors will drive the final cost. From fluctuations in steel prices to regional building codes, these components interact to shape pricing – like pieces of a puzzle coming together, they determine how much you’ll need to budget for your new structure.

Raw Material Costs

Prices for 30×30 metal garages are increasing since steel mills have raised prices. This means that metal buildings may cost more now. Builders need to charge more when steel prices go up. If you plan to buy a metal garage, these changes can also make you wait longer for your new building. These numbers might change with time and location specifics. 


A 30×30 metal garage gives you a generous 900 square feet of space. That’s plenty of room for cars, tools, or even a small workshop/shouse. The size also affects the cost. Larger buildings need more materials and labor to construct. Costs go up as the building gets bigger. 

Four vehicles parked in a spacious 30×30 metal garage
Four vehicles parked in a 30×30 metal garage.

Design Complexity

Choosing a simple design for your metal garage keeps costs down. According to Eversafe Buildings, the price increases if you want unique features, like lean-tos or unusual roof styles. Complex designs demand more materials and labor. These choices add complexity and give your space the custom touch that might be worth the extra expense.

Location Specifics

Prices for a 30×30 metal garage can shoot up if you’re in a place with strict building codes. Labor costs might also go higher. Some areas have unique rules that could affect your final bill. Checking local regulations before setting your heart on a design is ingenious.

Costs for delivery and setup can change based on where you are. Getting your metal garage might cost more if the company has to travel far or deal with challenging logistics. Always ask about these fees upfront. They could make a big difference in what you’ll spend overall.

Foundation and Anchor Requirements

Getting the foundation right for a 30×30 metal garage is critical. Different places have unique building codes that must be followed. These rules decide how deep and strong your foundation should be. A sturdy foundation makes your garage last longer, even in rough weather.

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Metal Buildings Organization recommends hiring experts who know what they’re doing, which is essential for correctly setting up foundations and anchors. They make sure your garage stands solid on the ground. The installation usually takes one or two days if the weather’s good.

A black 30×30 metal garage set on a concrete foundation with trees in the background
A black 30×30 metal garage set on a concrete foundation. Image via Maverick Steel Buildings.

Cost Estimation for a 30×30 Metal Garage

Estimating the cost of a 30×30 metal garage involves considering a range of factors, including materials, design, and installation. To provide a clearer picture, let’s look at estimated prices from different builders to see how these costs vary. Remember, these figures are subject to change based on market fluctuations, location, and individual supplier pricing policies.

BuilderEstimated Price Range Without Customizations
Eversafe Buildings$13,615 – $15,835
Boss Buildings Starting at $10,950
AA Metal BuildingsStarting at $11,259
A table comparing the cost of 30×30 metal garages among different sellers in 2024.

This table should serve as a starting point for those interested in a 30×30 metal garage. Various builders offer competitive rates, but it’s crucial to consider each one’s specific offerings. Detailed proposals can vastly differ when accounting for the finer points of construction and design. Requesting a quote tailored to your specific needs is advisable to ensure accuracy.

Important Considerations when Designing a 30×30 Metal Garage

When diving into the design of a 30×30 metal garage, it’s crucial to navigate through several key factors that will dictate not only the functionality and aesthetic appeal but also ensure legal compliance and financial viability. It’s about mapping out your vision within the realm of practical possibilities—thinking through each step from conceptualization to final construction. Now, let’s unwrap these pivotal aspects that you should weigh before laying down the first panel of your new structure.

Building Usage

A 30×30 metal garage can serve many purposes. People use them as workshops to fix cars or create art. Some folks turn their metal garages into pole barns or warehouses. You can choose what your garage will do for you. With so many options, these buildings help make life easier and more organized.

Budget Constraints

Money matters a lot when you plan your metal garage. You need to think about how much cash you can spend without trouble. Sometimes, you might want a fancier design or extra features like insulation or roll-up doors, but these add to the cost.

Keep your eyes on the total price and decide what is important for your garage. If money is tight, consider options like financing or rent-to-own deals that some dealers offer. These choices help spread out payments over time instead of all at once. Be careful with credit cards, as interest rates can be high. Loans are another way to manage costs if you need more funds upfront. Always check with suppliers about deals that could save you some greens in the long run.

Building Permits

Boss Buildings recommends getting the correct garage building permit before setting up your 30×30 metal garage. Local laws can be strict, and you want to avoid any hold-ups or legal issues. Check out what paperwork your town or city needs. This could include plans for how your building will look and where it will sit on your land.

Make sure to get these permits squared away early in your planning process. It helps everything go smoother later on. After all, you’ll be ready to talk with reliable metal building dealers next, knowing that the legal side of things is taken care of.

Reliable Metal Building Dealers

Choosing the right metal building dealer is crucial for an excellent 30×30 metal or pole barn garage. You want one that offers quality and reliability. Good dealers provide strong warranties and guarantees. They make sure you get a long-lasting steel building. These dealers often have options like rent-to-own or financing plans. This can help if you need to manage your budget.

Before you pick a dealer, look at their service quality, too. They should offer helpful customer support and installation services. The price might change based on where you live, but an expert team will handle it all for you from start to finish.

Customization Prospects

Your 30×30 metal garage can truly fit your needs with customization options. You get to choose the side walls, end walls, and roof style. Pick colors that match your home or business for a sleek look.

Add lean-tos for extra covered space. Windows let in natural light, while walk doors make entering easy. Garage doors are essential — roll-up doors save space and look great! Insulation keeps it comfortable year-round.

Include accessories like vents for better airflow if you work inside or store sensitive items. Every feature you add makes the space work better for you. Builders offer different prices for these custom garages.

A green and red 30×30 metal garage with roll-up doors and trees in i the background
A green and red 30×30 metal garage with roll-up doors . Image via Alan’s factory Outlet.

Available Warranties

Metal garages come with standard warranties. These protect your building against certain defaults. Each warranty is different. Some cover the paint finish, while others focus on structural issues. Ask about coverage length and what events might void your warranty.

Benefits of a 30×30 Metal Garage

A 30×30 metal building is a smart choice for many property owners. It offers a blend of durability and flexibility that’s hard to beat. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Weather Resistant: These structures can withstand heavy rain, snow, hail, and wind. Steel doesn’t rot, unlike wood, making it an excellent choice for harsh weather areas.
  • Low Maintenance: Forget about constant upkeep. Metal garages need less care than those made with other materials.
  • Value Addition: Adding one of these buildings can increase your property’s worth. They look good and serve many purposes, which buyers love.
  • Customizable: You can choose from different doors, roofs, and colors to match your style. Your garage will be unique, just like you want it.
  • Fast Assembly: Prefabricated pieces mean quick installation. Some dealers even handle the entire setup for you!
  • Versatile Use: From storing cars to creating man caves or workshops – use this space however you wish.
  • Eco-Friendly: Steel is recyclable and often contains recycled content already. 
  • Long Lifespan: Expect your metal garage to last decades with its corrosion-resistant features.
  • Expandable: As needs grow, so can your building. Metal structures allow easy expansion later on.


You’ve learned a lot about the cost of a 30×30 metal garage. Remember, prices can change with different builders and locations. Whether you need a 30×30 metal garage or any other particular size, we have the perfect solution; just fill out the form below, and a local dealer will contact you promptly. For more content about alternative housing solutions such as barndominiumsmobile homes, and shipping container homes, follow our Facebook Page.


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