A white and beige 3-car metal garage with 3 parked vehicles and open doors

Size Matters: How Big Is a 3-Car Garage?

A white and beige 3-car metal garage with 3 parked vehicles and open doors
A 3-car metal garage.

Deciding on the perfect size for a three-car garage can be tricky. The dimensions can vary from 20’x30′ to 30’x60′, affecting how your vehicles fit and what else you can store. This article will guide you through understanding ideal sizes, costs, and factors to make the best choice for your space needs.

Determining the Size of a Three-Car Garage

When planning for a three-car garage, understanding the necessary dimensions is essential to accommodate your vehicles comfortably and meet any additional storage needs. From the minimum size required to fit three cars to more extensive options allowing more versatility, we’ll explore how ample your space should be for an ideal setup.

Minimum Three-Car Garage Size

A three-car garage needs enough space for vehicles and storage. According to Sheds Unlimited, the smallest size for this type is 20 feet by 30 feet. This gives you the basic area to fit three small cars side by side.

But if you want to park comfortably, go bigger with at least a 24-foot by 36-foot garage. With this extra room, you can open car doors wider and not worry about dings or scratches from tight spaces. Additionally, there’s more space for bikes, lawn equipment, or a workbench along the walls.

Average Size of a Three-Car Garage

According to CarParts.com, most three-car garages are 24 feet by 36 feet. That’s about the same size as a small classroom or a large living room. This space can hold three cars comfortably, with some room left for storage on the sides or in front of the vehicles. People often choose this size because it gives them extra room for things like bikes, lawnmowers, and scooters.

At 704 square feet, these garages give you plenty of space without being too huge. They’re larger than a two-car garage but smaller than you’d need for tractors or camper vans. If your family has different types of cars, like SUVs, the average-sized three-car garage will likely fit your needs nicely.

Large Three-Car Garage Dimensions

Large three-car garages offer extra space beyond just parking cars. They can measure up to 30’x60′. With this much room, you can easily store big items like motorhomes or farm equipment. You might also turn part of it into a workshop, a shouse, or a tool shed. An oversized garage gives you plenty of square footage for your needs.

Think about adding customization options to make the space work better for you. Install built-in shelves or even plan for a small office area within the extensive dimensions. This way, your garage can double as a garden shed or warehouse, providing valuable storage space alongside your vehicles.

The white interior of a large 3-car garage with a green mini excavator and an RV parked inside
The interior of a large 3-car garage. Image via Barndominium Living FB Group.

The cost of a Three-Car Metal Garage

Building a three-car metal garage can range from $6,970 to over $30,000. The price changes based on location, size, and whether it’s attached to your home or detached. Prefabricated buildings may cost less but might not match your house style as well.

Adding features like extra storage space or a workbench can increase the cost. Expect to pay more if you want high-end finishes or a foundation that supports heavy use, like pole barns or barndominiums. Keep in mind that local building codes can affect the final price of your garage project. To offer a more comprehensive perspective, let’s examine estimated prices from various builders and observe the variations in these costs.

BuilderGarage DimensionsEstimated Price Range Without Customizations
Eversafe Buildings24×35From $12,555
Boss Buildings 26×20 to 30×60$6,970-13,060
AA Metal Buildings24×35From $14,102
24×40From $15,851
24×36From $11,830
24×55From $20,774
30×35From $18,755
30×51From $21,220
A table comparing 3-car garage pricing among different manufacturers in 2024.

Factors to Consider When Sizing a Three-Car Garage

When contemplating the ideal dimensions for a three-car garage, it’s essential to examine personal needs and preferences that will craft the perfect space—keen to delve into what shapes the ultimate garage size? Keep reading for those pivotal insights.

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Number of Cars

Think about the cars you own or plan to buy. Why a 3-car garage and not a 2-car garage? A minimum-size 3-car garage might work if your family has two small sedans and a minivan. But you’ll need more room, like a 30’x30′ garage if you have larger vehicles like an extended cab truck. Measure each car from bumper to bumper and side mirror to side mirror.

Check how much space is between cars when they’re parked inside. You need enough room so that doors can open wide without hitting another car or the wall. Think of how kids swing doors open fast! Make sure there’s also space to walk around each vehicle easily.

A large metal garage with 3 parked vehicles
A large 3-car metal garage.

Size of Each Car

Cars come in different sizes. A compact car might only need a 9’x18′ space. But a big truck or SUV could require up to 10’x20′. You must think about all the vehicles you want to fit in your three-car garage. Measure each one’s length and width. Make sure there’s enough room for doors to open and people to walk around.

If you have bigger vehicles, your garage needs more space. Don’t forget extra items like bikes, tools, or lawnmowers that might share the garage with cars. Give yourself room for these, too. Plan for at least a few feet of space on every side of each vehicle for easy movement and storage needs.

Storage Needs

Think about the extra items you want to keep in your garage. Many choose a larger three-car garage for more than just parking cars. This space is perfect for storing bicycles, garden sheds, or having a workbench. 

You’ll also want room for large items like a refrigerator or holiday decorations. Plan enough space so your garage can serve as storage, not just parking. You must consider what you own now and what you might get in the future. Your storage needs are critical when deciding on the size of your three-car garage.

Ceiling Height

A three-car garage with a standard height of 8 or 9 feet suits most cars and storage racks. Carport Central advises having a higher ceiling if you need to park taller vehicles like trucks or want room for overhead storage since taller ceilings give more space for hanging bikes, storing kayaks, or setting up a workspace. They also help if you plan to install car lifts or need extra clearance for tall items. Remember that the correct height increases your garage’s usefulness whether as a parking space, warehouse area, or even turning part of it into a basement or extra bedroom.

Local Building Codes

Local building codes play a key role in determining the size of your three-car garage. Local governments set these rules to ensure safety and order in construction. They might state minimum square footage or specific dimensions for garages. If you plan too small, your design might not get approved.

You must check these regulations before laying the garage foundation or starting any work. Sometimes, codes also restrict how to use your space and where to build on your property. Ignoring these laws could lead to fines or having to redo some of the work, so it’s wise to know what’s allowed first. Always consider code requirements as they impact the structure’s present plans and future uses.

Future Needs

Think about what you might need your garage for later on. Your family might grow, and with it, the number of cars you own. You could also pick up new hobbies that require more space, like woodworking or fixing cars. It’s smart to plan for extra room now instead of having to add later on. Choosing a bigger size than just what you need today can save time and money in the future.

Space for storage is another thing to think about for the years ahead. Bikes, sports equipment, and lawn tools always seem to pile up over time. A larger three-car garage gives these items a home without taking away from car space.

Other Considerations for a Three-Car Garage

When envisioning your perfect three-car garage, it’s not all about size; the functionality and type can make a world of difference. From choosing between an attached or detached garage to considering the installation requirements for your foundation, these additional elements play a crucial role in tailoring the garage to fit your lifestyle seamlessly.

Attached vs. Detached Garage

An attached garage is connected to your house. It’s easy to access and can share heating and cooling with your home. This makes it comfortable in cold or hot weather. A detached garage stands alone, not touching your house at all. It gives more design freedom and can reduce noise reaching the main living space.

Some people prefer an attached garage for safety since they can get to their cars without going outside. Others like a detached garage because it offers more privacy and doesn’t affect the house’s look as much. Consider what matters most to you: convenience, style, or privacy before choosing between an attached or detached three-car garage.

A huge black attached 3-car garage with an ATV and vehicle parked outside the white driveway
Charlie’s attached 3-car garage.

Foundation Installation

Choosing between an attached or detached garage takes us to the crucial step of laying a strong foundation. For a stable three-car garage, Angi recommends pouring concrete slabs. This type of foundation keeps the structure level and sturdy. It’s important because it stops your garage from sinking under the weight of multiple cars.

The proper foundation is vital for keeping vehicles safe in warehouses or at home. A good base ensures that vehicles stay secure over time. Even large garages can face serious issues down the line without proper support. So, it pays to get the foundation right from the start.


Three-car garages come in various sizes to fit your needs. Small ones start at 20’x30’, but bigger options go up to 30’x60′. Consider car sizes and how much extra space you want when picking a size. Whatever garage size you are looking for, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs. Just fill out this form, and a local dealer will promptly get in touch with you. Take a step towards a durable and reliable storage solution customized to your requirements. Follow our Facebook Page for additional content showcasing alternative housing solutions like pole barn homes, shipping container homes, and mobile homes.


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