Barndominium Roof Styles: 4 Options You Can Choose From

Bardominium Roof Styles
Barndominium roof styles

Barndominium popularity is rising because barndos are great alternatives to traditional homes. They provide much flexibility on how they can be built and used. Part of a barndo’s appeal is the level of customization it allows its owners to make. Barndominiums allow owners to design and build their dream homes exactly how they want them, with more room to spare for other purposes, such as a workshop or a home office. 

When planning to build your metal building or pole barn home, you must decide what type of roof you will get. Choosing a good roof is a crucial step in the process of starting a house plan because it greatly affects your home’s appearance from the outside. A well-thought-out roof design will benefit your home in many ways, such as improved efficiency. 

We will take a look at barndominium metal roofs and how to choose the best roof style for your home.

What’s the Purpose of Having Different Roof Styles on a Barndo?

There are several purposes for having different choices of roof styles for barndominium homes. One reason is that different roof styles can create a different exterior aesthetic for your steel building. Another reason is the functional requirements you have for your home.

For example, you might choose a gambrel roof if you want more attic headroom or storage space. These are some of the considerations you need to consider as you work with your architect in choosing the roof style for your barndominium.

Barndominiums are low-cost alternatives to conventional houses. If this is your first time hearing about them, you can check out our barndominium guide that has all you need to know about these homes. 

What are the Different Styles of Barndominium Roofs?

Let’s look into the different styles of roofs and some of their advantages and disadvantages.


The Gambrel roof style is commonly used on barns and barn homes and is now common for barndominium homes. This type of roof sets itself apart from the other roof styles by having slopes on each side. The upper slope is positioned at a shallower angle than the lower slope, which sits at a much steeper angle. This gives the building the classic barn appearance.


  • More Space – Due to the geometry of the roof design, it allows for more space that can be used for storage or additional living space. Having a shallow-angled upper slope and a steeper-angled lower slope makes this possible.
  • Aesthetics – Gambrel roofs are commonly used in farmhouses and barns. The distinct look of the Gambrel roof design is sure to make your barndo stand out in your neighborhood. 
  • Easy to Build – The Gambrel roof style may look like a complex structure at first glance, but it is relatively easy to build. The simple framing makes it convenient to make. Check out our article on barndominium framing to learn more about the process of framing a barndo. 


  • Wind and Snow – For climates with heavy snowfall and strong winds, this may not be the best roof style for durability. The flatter upper portion of the roof tends to accumulate snow. It is also susceptible to wind damage because the lower slope does not allow air to flow smoothly.
  • Needs Additional Waterproofing – The structure’s design gives it an additional place for leakage to occur. Gambrel roofs need additional waterproofing along the ridges.
The image shows a home with a distinctive gambrel roof style. The roof has two sides, each with two slopes: a steep upper slope and a shallower lower slope.
A gambrel roof style Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Samantha E.


A shed roof, also known as a single-slope roof, is a design that slopes in one direction. This provides a simple, minimalist design commonly used in sheds and garages. However, they are gaining popularity among barndo enthusiasts for their sleek appearance.


  • Low Cost – Shed roof design is cost-effective as it doesn’t need many building materials. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective solution, a shed roof may be your best choice. It allows you to cover more square footage with little material
  • Easy to Construct – The simplicity of just having one flat surface makes the roof easy to build. This makes it convenient for your contractor as they don’t have to work with various surfaces. 
  • Contemporary Home Look – The minimal design creates a modern look that works well with a contemporary home. A single-slope roof will be a fantastic choice if you’re going for a clean aesthetic.


  • Lower Interior Ceiling – Ceiling height might be an issue. A slanted roof means the roof is higher on one side than the other. Steeper slopes would mean more difference in height. A significant amount of space will be lost for those planning to have an attic space.
  • Possible Drainage Issues – A shed roof design with a low angle can have drainage issues. Lower slopes may have difficulty shedding water. Snow can also accumulate on a shed roof with lower slopes. For those looking for a low-maintenance solution, this is something to consider, especially in climates known for heavy snowfall. 
The image is a close-up view of a small shed with a roof that slopes downward on one side, creating a shed roof style.
A shed roof style Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Christian J.


A gable roof is the most common roof style not just in barndominiums but also in traditional houses as well. You will immediately recognize it for its triangular shape, sometimes with dormer windows. It is best matched with wraparound porches. Unlike a Shed style, this roof style has two sides that slope and meet at the highest point.


  • Easy to Construct – Although not as simple as a shed roof. Gable roof design is still a pretty simple structure. The building process is quick and convenient for your builder. This translates to lower labor costs.
  • Great Drainage – This roof design features a steep slope. This makes it much easier to shed water and snow as it lets gravity do all the work.
  • More Space – A gable roof design allows for more space. Some barndominium floor plans will utilize the extra room for more storage or living space.


  • Prone to Wind Damage – Depending on the construction’s quality, a gable roof can be prone to damage from high winds due to its shape. 
  • Not Easy to Install – High-pitch gable roof design can be tricky to install. However, builders with much experience in this design shouldn’t have any issues.
A house with a gable roof style featuring two sloping sides that meet at the top forming a triangular shape.
A gable roof style Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Josh B.

Monitor Roof

A monitor roof design features an elevated structure that runs along the ridge of a double-pitched roof. This structure, referred to as a monitor, has its own roof that runs parallel to the main roof. 


  • Unique Appearance – With this roof design, your home will give off a grand high-end vibe. A monitor roof’s unique shape is sure to capture the attention of guests and passersby.
  • More Natural Light – Barndominiums with a monitor roof design allow more natural light into the home through the raised structure. Matched with an open floor plan, sunlight can easily flow from the clerestory windows on the monitor.
  • More Space – The raised center allows for more functional space. Some barndo owners design custom floor plans to have the entire monitor as a living space. This feature adds to your home’s functionality. 


  • Complicated to Build – The monitor roof design comprises a complex structure that can take time to build. The windows or louvers need to be properly designed and installed to make sure rainwater doesn’t leak through.
  • More Costly – The grand barndominium appearance doesn’t come cheap. Other than the additional materials you need to construct the roof, labor costs can go up due to the complexity of the build. It is crucial to consider cost when you are financing your barndominium.
 A building with a monitor roof style featuring a raised center section with a flat top and sloping sides on either side.
A monitor roof style Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Heather C.

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How to Choose the Best Barndominium Roof Style

When choosing the best roof style for your barndominium, there are several factors to consider.


The roofline refers to the contour or silhouette that a roof creates at the edge of a building, where it intersects with the walls or metal siding. This line can vary in shape and style depending on the type of roof you are using. This can have a significant effect on the overall appearance of your home. 


Energy efficiency is another factor to consider when choosing a type of roof. Choosing a roof style that can provide good insulation and ventilation to help regulate indoor temperature is important. Check out our article that goes into detail about barndominium insulation.

Barndo roof under construction
Barndo roof is under construction. Image via Barndominium Living Facebook group by Matthew B.


The local climate will play a major role in determining the best roof style. For places that experience heavy snowfall, a steeply pitched roof may be the best option to prevent snow buildup. A low-pitch roof with good insulation might be better for hot climates. 


One of the most important considerations is the cost. Some roof styles may be more expensive than others. This must be factored in as the roof greatly affects the overall barndominium cost.

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Choosing the best roof style for your barndo is an important decision that affects not only your home’s aesthetics but also its functionality. There are plenty of options to suit your needs and preference. Consult a professional builder and carefully weigh your options based on the information you found here, and you will surely choose the perfect roof style for your home. 

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