Worldwide Steel Buildings – Should You Choose Them? (Review)

Worldwide Steel Buildings guarantees you a steel structure that has quality design and built to last long without the need for much maintenance. Whether it’s a residential, agricultural or commercial project you have on your plate – they can do it all.

When people purchase buildings, they look for something durable with little to no maintenance. With Worldwide Steel Buildings, you will be assured that you will get to have these features and more. Each metal building they build and deliver can withstand any external factors like wind and snow that could damage the structure.

Furthermore, if you are interested in designing the building yourself, the company also has a 3D building designer online. Plus, they have an array of presets available and resources to help you decide how to customize it best. They have 50-year warranties for their buildings as well. So, choosing them would be allowing you full control over your building all without worrying about unexpected costs.

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The Beginning of Worldwide Steel Buildings

Worldwide Steel Buildings has been producing quality buildings since 1983. It was in that year that they opened a truss factory in the city of Peculiar, Missouri. This is what sets them apart from the rest in the industry. Unlike most metal building companies, Worldwide Steel Building has a factory for manufacturing secondary framing and trusses which does not only eliminate another markup in prices but also ensures quality.

Since the trusses and secondary framing are manufactured in-house, you will have a lot of freedom for customization. Additionally, you will also be reassured that your building is durable enough to withstand the weather conditions of your local area. The company manufactures steel building kits in the US and ships it directly to you wherever you are in the world.

Their Services and Products

Whatever type of steel building you need, Worldwide definitely has the kit that you want. You have the option to purchase a pre-engineered metal building kit or you can design one yourself. If you can’t find one that perfectly matches your needs, however, Worldwide Steel Buildings can certainly design and construct the kit that you have in mind. You will only have to contact a specialist from the company to get started. Please bear in mind, that they work with metal framing only, thus if you’re after a pole barn home or a simple pole barn you should consider a different contractor.

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They have metal building kits for:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Recreation centers and buildings
  • Churches
  • Commercial buildings
  • Horse barns
  • Arenas
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Production greenhouse
  • Industrial buildings
  • Residential structures
  • Mini storage units

How Much Will Worldwide Steel Building Cost You?

The rising popularity of metal building kits has made them become a common thing to see in any neighborhood. With their low cost, durability, and simplicity to erect, it is no wonder that it has become a go-to for any type of building.

Each kit from Worldwide Steel Buildings includes everything that you need, from the framing down to the windows. Here is a list of some of the metal building kits the company has to offer and their prices. Note that the price may vary since they are currently offering an exclusive deal. In addition, the price may vary due to many factors – please do visit their official website to get up-to-date costs.

Worldwide’s Steel Building KitsAproxx. Price
30 x 48 x 10Discount Price : $20,085

Original Price  : $23,599

48 x 84 x 12Discount Price : $40,873

Original Price  : $48,077

50 x 60 x 12Discount Price : $39,497

Original Price  : $46,482

30 x 60 x 12 HybridDiscount Price : $20,096

Original Price  : $23,599

24 x 36 x 10Discount Price : $13,568

Original Price  : $15,953

48 x 72 x 12Discount Price : $44,990

Original Price  : $52,891

70 x 110 x 14Discount Price : $75,675

Original Price  : $88,991

The table shows the different kits and their prices from Worldwide Steel Buildings as of June 2022

Do They Offer Financing

One of the perks of choosing Worldwide Steel Buildings is that they offer to finance the structure. They have partnered with the New Century Bank to give you the advantage of having two well-known companies in the industry in financing your project. You can expect to get competitive rates that can provide you with the right solution. Moreover, from the application down to the release of the fund, you can expect to have a smooth transaction.

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Just make sure to remember that your application will be subject to the credit approval of the partner bank. If your application makes the cut, the terms will be based on the amount, term, purpose of the loan, and your credit standing. Just go to this page to download the financing application form.

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The Pros of Choosing Worldwide Steel Buildings

When you get a Worldwide Steel Building, you will be assured that when the weather takes a turn for the worst, your metal structure will stand strong. The trusses that are manufactured by the company in-house are guaranteed to withstand heavy weight. These heavy-duty trusses have four sections that are easy to bolt in and assemble; thus, reducing costs and saving you a lot of time.

The system that the company uses allows you to do things by yourself. The legs of the structure can easily be anchored. Additionally, they also have pre-welded clips that are edge-mounted on two center columns for added durability. The kits from Worldwide include self-tapping and drilling screws as well. What’s more, the company provides a relatively quick and affordable way to construct any type of metal structure. They also have a strong customer care department that provides great help in every phase of the client’s project.

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The Disadvantages of Worldwide Steel Buildings Company

To this day, we have not really found any major disadvantages of this company. But, here’s one piece of advice that we can give, which generally applies to any company really: it is best to check the details of the kit you have purchased along with the other requirements that you have requested. It is also advisable to clarify if there are any extra charges for any additional requests that you have. There might be chances of miscommunication on both ends which could lead to confusion and delays. For example, if you are in need of stamped concrete plans with your concrete, be sure to check if there are any additional charges. The representatives would be glad to answer any of your questions.

Client Testimonials

Worldwide Steel Buildings guarantees quick delivery and smooth transaction all for an affordable price. A client shared that he was very satisfied with the service of Worldwide Steel Buildings. He also added that the cost, the process of purchasing the kit, and delivery were all quite fast. The instructions were easy to understand as well.

Another client shared that his home was struck by a tornado. With winds at 104 MPH, it is quite hard to imagine that he was spending his night comfortably. The garage from the company was able to withstand the winds. It is truly a testament to the building’s durability under harsh weather.

You can find many similar positive reviews of Worldwide Steel Buildings left by their customers online. Just a simple Google search will do if you are still considering and looking for confirmation on their quality. We always advise doing your own due diligence before choosing any metal building company.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Worldwide Steel Buildings purchase steel from a US building manufacturer or do they import steel from other countries?

A: Worldwide Steel Buildings is a US-based steel manufacturer. The steel they use is recycled which makes each of their buildings 98% environment-friendly.

Q: Do they use galvalume or just lower quality galvanized steel?

A: Worldwide uses galvalume with a 25-year or 40-year warranty painted panel.

Q: How many years of warranty does the company offer?

A: The company offers 50 years of structural warranty which is considered one of the best in the steel building industry.

Q: Do you need to do field wielding for the pre-engineered kit?

A:  The kit from Worldwide has a complete set of bolts and screws for quick assembly. It includes easy to follow instructions as well.

Q: Does the metal building kit include certified and sealed blueprints or does the client have to hire an engineer to prepare these himself?

A: The company can give you a building engineer-certified and stamped blueprints at your request. However, this comes with an additional charge. However, if the certificate is not required, each design and metal building kit from Worldwide Steel Buildings will certainly meet your local building requirements. Plus, it also includes blueprints without engineer stamps as well.

Q: Do They Offer Pole Barn Home Kits?

A: The company works with steel structures only, thus you should look elsewhere if you prefer a pole barn home instead of a barndominium. We have compiled a list of pole barn home kits and contractors that you could look at.

Final Thoughts About Worldwide Steel Buildings Company

Worldwide Steel Building has comprehensive pre-engineered kits that are not only easy to assemble but also friendly on the budget. Furthermore, their buildings are known to be durable with little to no maintenance needed. Choosing a Worldwide Steel Building will certainly put your worries to rest especially for those of you who live where harsh weather conditions are common.


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