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Bucket Truck Rental Cost in 2024: How Much is It?

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A bucket truck is a type of work truck with an attached aerial or boom lift. It is an excellent machine to use to reach something high while building. You can use it to install lights, repair your roof, or paint the sidings of your structure. Renting is an excellent option if you need to use a bucket truck but don’t own one. 

This article will guide you in all matters concerning bucket truck rentals. We will also give you fantastic tips to get the cheapest rental bucket truck in your area.  

What are the Typical Rental Rates for a Bucket Truck?

bucket truck rental cost

You also have the option of renting a bucket truck on a daily basis. The cost to rent a bucket truck per day is between $275 and $1,700. If you need to work on your barndominium or pole barn for several days, consider renting weekly. The average weekly rental rate is between $650 and $4,700. 

If you need to accomplish a lot of work, consider renting a bucket truck on a monthly basis. For example, a monthly rental might be cheaper if you need to work on several construction sites or do a lot of tree trimming. Monthly rental rates can vary depending on the model but expect to pay at least $2,300 monthly.  

What Factors Affect the Rental Cost of a Bucket Truck?

As mentioned, the cost of renting a bucket truck varies depending on several factors. Consider these factors because they add to the cost of your rental. Let’s break down these factors to help you bring down rental costs. 


This is probably the most influential factor affecting a bucket truck’s cost. The minimum reach of a bucket truck is around 29 ft. Some bucket trucks can reach more than 60 ft. The longer the reach of the bucket truck, the more expensive it is to rent. 

For example, if you are painting your barndominium siding, a bucket truck rental with a reach of 29 feet should do the trick. It would be impractical to rent a bucket truck that can reach up to 85 feet since it is too expensive, and the excess reach would be wasted. A bucket truck with such a reach is often reserved for tree care or forestry work, like trimming particularly tall trees. Personnel can reach high places and poles with chainsaws to lob large tree branches. 

Duration of Rental

Long-term rentals often cost less than short-term ones. You will notice this even with other rental equipment like pressure washers, boom lifts, and skid steer loaders. This highlights the importance of careful planning. Assess the work you need to do and determine how long to complete them. This will give you a general idea of how long you need to rent a bucket truck. 

It will also be best to schedule all the work that requires a boom truck so that you can do them one after the other. This will help you maximize the cost of renting a piece of equipment. Schedule all your landscaping work and anything that requires the use of a ladder to complete them all using your bucket truck. This is more practical than renting a bucket for one day to trim trees and then renting it again the following week to fix your barndominium roof


Your location can also be a factor in the rental costs of a bucket truck. For one, if you live in a rural area with few rental companies, you have limited choices and might be forced to go with a steep rental rate. A large city will often have more rental companies competing for customers, so they might offer lower rates. 

Some companies have delivery rates, which can increase if you are located outside of their service area. Delivery charges can be between $200 and $300, depending on how far you are from the rental company. Try asking the rental company’s sales staff if it is possible to transport the bucket truck yourself to avoid paying delivery fees. 

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Things to Consider When Renting a Bucket Truck

When renting a bucket truck, you need to consider several things to ensure you get the right equipment at the best possible rate. 

Type of Bucket Truck

There are different types of bucket trucks. Each type has a specific use, advantage, and disadvantage. Below are some of the most common types of bucket trucks. 

  • Telescopic bucket truck – This heavy equipment is also called a stick boom or squirt boom. It has no knuckles, so it can only extend telescopically. It has excellent horizontal reach and is best for working in areas with limited access. 
telescopic bucket truck
A telescopic bucket truck. Image via
  • Articulating telescopic bucket truck – Aside from its telescopic abilities, this type can also unfold like a traditional knuckle boom. This type has more side reach even at higher elevations. 
articulating telescopic bucket tuck
An articulating telescopic bucket truck. Image via
  • Insulated bucket truck – This type of bucket truck has a safeguard against electrocution, so it is chiefly used by utility crews and those handling electrical work. 
insulated bucket truck
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  • Material handler bucket truck – This bucket truck can support the weight not just of a worker but a moderate load of materials too. 
material handler bucket truck
Material handler bucket truck. Image via
  • Track bucket truck – This type of bucket track has tracks instead of wheels. It has great traction and is excellent when working in uneven, muddy, or swampy terrain. 

Good Rental Company

Although cheap rental rates are a primary consideration, you should also consider the reputation of a rental company. A good rental company ensures that their equipment is well-maintained and in good working condition. Check for online reviews to see what previous customers say about a company. 

Rental companies with stellar reputations often charge more than others. However, you might want to pay the premium to ensure that you are renting an excellent piece of equipment. 

To give you a better idea, a small bucket truck from Versalift costs around $1,950 per month. Elliot charges around $3,350 monthly, while Terex and Ford charge $3,100 and $5,000, respectively. 

Modes Of Payment

Most rental companies accept payments either via cash or credit card. If you are financing your barndominium using your own money, paying via credit card might be a more suitable payment option to reserve your cash for other construction needs. 

Some companies require a deposit to reserve a piece of equipment. If there are a limited number of rental companies in your area, put down a deposit to ensure you have a bucket truck to use on the day of the rental. Rental companies will deduct the deposit from the rental costs, so you are just making a partial advance payment. 

Bucket Truck Condition

Thoroughly inspect the bucket truck you are renting. Take note of signs of wear and tear or damage. This is important to avoid getting blamed for damages upon returning the bucket truck. If the rental breaks down, the rental company cannot blame you if you pointed out an issue at the onset.  


Some rental companies offer bucket truck accessories for a price. Assess your needs to determine if you need a specific accessory for the work you have in mind. 

For example, a tool tray might come in handy if you are building a DIY pole barn. A tool tray lets you carry basic tools in a one-man bucket without sacrificing comfort and space. If you are working alone, a tool tray can help you work faster because you have all the required tools with you. An alternative is a tool apron with several pockets to keep your hand tools within reach while you are on the bucket. 

How Can I Find the Best Rental Rates for a Bucket Truck in My Area?

Finding a rental company that offers favorable rates is the first order of business when renting a bucket truck. The first thing you need to do is check for rental companies in your area and request quotes. This will help you compare rates and see which offers the best deal. 

Ask for recommendations if you have a contractor helping you build your pole barn home or shipping container home. Contractors often have a list of preferred companies that they’ve worked with before. This can help you avoid renting from a company with a bad reputation. 

Final Thoughts

A bucket truck is a piece of critical machinery that can help you work efficiently. However, not everyone has a bucket truck, and buying one can be expensive. Renting a bucket truck is a cost-effective option you should explore. The cost of renting differs depending on multiple factors, but you can use the estimates above to get a better idea of how much a bucket truck rental will cost. You can also use the guidelines outlined above to help you choose the best bucket truck rental according to your needs. Follow our Facebook page for more articles about shouses, shipping container garages, and other fantastic metal buildings. 

bucket truck
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Are there any discounts or promotions available for bucket truck rentals?

Yes, some rental companies offer discounts or run promotions for bucket truck rentals. However, these promotions are only available during certain periods, mostly during lean months. Promotions also often have eligibility requirements, so make sure that you meet the said requirements. 

If you have a contractor, ask if they have a partner rental company. Partner rental companies often offer discounts as a reward for bringing in new customers. 

What are the typical fuel charges associated with renting a bucket truck?

This is another aspect that varies depending on the rental company. Some companies have fuel surcharges for bringing the machinery to your location, while others have the fuel surcharge bundled with the delivery fee. Don’t be afraid to ask the sales staff for information about the different add-on charges to know precisely how much you are paying. 

Can I rent a bucket truck with an operator, and how does that affect the rental cost?

Yes, you can rent a bucket truck with an operator. Some rental companies offer bare rental units, which means that you or a part of your team is in charge of operating the machinery. However, some companies won’t allow someone who is not their employee to operate their bucket trucks. This means that your bucket truck rental will come with a driver and an operator, which is often more expensive. 

If you are a certified operator, you can handle the bucket truck yourself. Most contractors have members certified to operate heavy machinery and can handle the bucket truck for you. 

Another option is to hire a certified operator in your area. Hiring a local operator might be a cheaper option. The best thing to do is compare the rate the local operator charges against the cost of renting a bucket truck with an operator to see which one is cheaper. 


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