Building a Barndominium in Michigan | Best 2024 Guide

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We all desire to live in homes with customized designs and our preferred aesthetics. However, given the steep cost of building custom houses, only a few can turn their dreams into reality. 

We have good news if you are also troubled by traditional houses’ sky-rocketing prices. Unlike conventional custom houses, Barndominiums have made life easier for those who want to build their custom homes at an affordable price. 

Barndominium construction is a popular trend in almost every US state today, and Michigan is no exception. Building a barndo might be more convenient and cheaper if you live in Michigan than opting for conventional houses.

If you need to learn what a barndo is or how to build one, we have listed a detailed guide to building a barndominium. By the end of this article, you’ll have everything you need to know to construct your custom barndo in Michigan. 

Can You Build a Barndominium In Michigan?

Absolutely yes! There is no doubt that you can build a barndominium in Michigan. Michigan already has many barndominium homes owned by the residents there. There are many streams in Michigan, so if you want to take advantage of the area’s beautiful scenery, you should consider building your barndo somewhere nearby. 

Since the demand for barndominiums is increasing significantly in Michigan, now is a perfect time to invest and get a well-designed custom barndo at affordable pricing. Are you intrigued enough by this point to get a barndo for yourself in Michigan? Continue reading because we have done all the legwork for you and compiled the necessary information to realize your dream of owning a barndominium.

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Michigan Barndominiums Overview

Michigan is a state known for its streams and lakes. The state is also connected to the east of the Mississippi river. Its lush green suburbs and running streams across the state make it a desirable spot to enjoy natural aesthetics while living in your dream home.

What differentiates barndos from traditional houses is that they are unique dwellings created straight up with the help of machines and steel components.  In place of a conventional wooden frame (stick-built home), barndominiums use metal, or laminated timber posts bolted down into the ground. 

Barndos were previously only used for storage, as farm sheds and garages for vehicles. However, the trend has recently changed. Now a barndo can also be used as a unique, trendy, and beautiful home with every facility you need to live comfortably. Barndos are cost-efficient, easily constructed, and easy to maintain.

Have a look at our Barndominium 101 Guide to understand the benefits of owning a barndominium.

Advantages and Disadvantages


There are various advantages to building a barndominium in Michigan. Some of them are listed below:

  • The most significant advantage of having a barndominium home in Michigan over a conventional home is that it takes much less time to get built than traditional homes. A barndo can come prefabricated, saving much time in the building process, and can be ready in about 4-6 months. 
  • Building a barndo is cheaper than a traditional home. Individuals usually fear buying houses due to Michigan’s expensive real estate market. But now, you have an alternative option; getting a barndo.
  • Another great advantage of building a barndominium in Michigan is its durability. As they are usually made of metal frames, they tend to be more reliable in withstanding weather conditions with little maintenance. Especially in a place like Michigan, where winters are severe, a barndo can be a great choice as it can withstand snow, ice, and moisture more than traditional houses. 


While there are many advantages of building a barndo, you may want to consider some of the disadvantages that a barndominium entails, which include: 

  • The primary disadvantage of barndominium homes is that they are prone to rusting since they are usually made of steel which can rust with time. Since various lakes and streams surround Michigan, the high humidity increases the chances of corrosion.
  • Unfortunately, not all counties in Michigan allow barndominium construction; if this is your case, you must get special building permits. 
  • Metal structures usually used to construct a barndominium do not function well for multi-story homes. Some barns feature extended lofts where you might incorporate an open second story into your interior design, but most barns provide an open space that you will need to partition after construction.


With every construction, there is a State governed regulation code that you need to follow. You must adhere to Michigan barndominium regulations to avoid inconveniences like fines and delays. 

If you aim to build a barndominium in Michigan, you must comply with the Bureau of Construction Codes’ (BCC) “Stille-DeRossett-Hale Single State Construction Code Act (1972 PA 230),” which states that the construction standards shall comply with chartered guidelines mentioned in the building code. Ensure that your building materials, floor plans, and construction procedure are all per international and local building codes.


Like other traditional homes, you also have to pay tax for your barndo. Barndominium taxes differ according to where you choose to build. Also, the tax price varies according to the structural design and quality of the materials you have used in the building.

In Michigan, barndominium taxes vary from county to county and depend on the municipality you choose to build in. The structural layout of your barndominium house will also impact the amount of property tax that must be paid.

Remember to contact a local real estate expert or a specialized property tax manager to better estimate the taxation of your future barndo.


A significant investment like a barndominium deserves adequate protection in the form of barndominium insurance. When shopping around for the most cost-effective insurance policy, it’s crucial to consider factors like the potential severity of weather in your area and the design of the barndo you’ve chosen to construct. Get a reputable company to get your insurance agreement which includes all the necessary clauses that offer protection to your barndominium home. 


Investing so much money into constructing a barndominium home without guidance or backing can leave you feeling lost and vulnerable. Building a barndominium is a colossal task, and getting finance from a trustworthy lender can help you avoid headaches and anxiety. Building your dream home can be accomplished with less stress on your bank account if you plan well and seek out adequate barndominium financing.

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Financing In Michigan 

If you run short on money to build a barndominium, you can contact a bank to get a loan or financing to meet your expenses. Sometimes, it is hard to obtain finance for a barndominium, but it is possible.

Eastern Michigan Bank and Farm Credit are the two banks that can help you get finance for your barndominium. These two banks have easy money-lending protocols. The staff will also assist you in lending procedures politely and professionally. 


Finding a builder is the most crucial thing that comes to mind when considering building a barndominium. Everyone desires an experienced and trustworthy builder so their barndo home can be the perfect.

You can find experienced builders in Michigan by looking at their past projects and overall experience building barn structures and barndominiums. The more experienced a builder is, the more reliable he is for your barndo project.

Here is a list of some of the most experienced and trustworthy barndominium builders in Michigan that you can consider.

Orchard Construction 

Orchard construction is an experienced construction company with over ten years of experience building barndominium homes. They highly cooperate with their customers to design cost-effective barndos within the customer’s price range.

D & J Building Michigan 

With over 35 years of experience in the area, D & J building can be an excellent choice to construct your dream barndo. All you need to do is to tell them about your desired plan and requirements. Their professional staff will work hard to make a perfect home for you. If you live in Michigan, you should visit them before deciding what builder to choose. 

Michigan Barndominiums 

Michigan barndominiums have significant experience building custom barndominium homes. Their years of experience and experts will not let your dreams and money go to waste.

Morton Building Inc. 

With decades of experience constructing post and beam barndominiums, they can make your vision come true. They are well-versed in residential, suburban, commercial, equestrian facilities, and farm storage buildings. Their vast experience and know-how in building barndominiums are what they are praised for all over the country, including the state of Michigan. If you’re still not convinced, have a look at our Morton Buildings review here.

Milmar Buildings

Milmar buildings has a massive team of professionals and skilled personnel who always deliver quality work..  

Baumann Building Inc. 

With more than 25 years of experience, from building your barndo home to meeting the exact needs of your customized floor plan, Baumann building is at your service.

These builders can be an excellent choice for building your barndominium in Michigan. However, if you want to look further, take a look at this list of barndominium contractors who have branches all over the US, including Michigan. 

Kit Providers

If you do not want to start your construction from scratch, consider these barndominium kit providers who already sell prefabricated barndo structures. Here are some excellent manufacturers to choose from in Michigan:

Worldwide Steel Buildings 

Although not located in Michigan, Worldwide Steel Buildings offers shipping services to Michigan residents. You can contact and discuss your project needs, and they will deliver your barndominium kit to your doorstep and recommend the best local construction teams to erect it on your land. We have  a full review about Worldwide Steel Buildings company with customer reviews; check it out!

Steel Building Homes 

Steel buildings homes is registered in almost 50 states. They provide cost-effective kits and timely delivery without unnecessary delays. They can be a good option if you opt for a prefabricated kit and construct it yourself or hire a local team of builders to do it for you.


The cost of constructing a barndominium home will incorporate a variety of factors, some of which have already been discussed. You can also determine the cost of building your dream barndominium home in Michigan with our easy-to-use barndominium cost calculator.

In general, the cost of metal construction in Michigan is relatively reasonable since the cost of living is not very high here, and the essential building materials are easy to get. However, the construction cost fluctuates in Michigan depending on several variables. 

Compared to constructing a traditional house, the cost of building a barndominium in Michigan might be higher in some areas while lower in others. It is best to have a contractor give you an estimate before you make your decision.  

To roughly estimate the cost of a barndominium, it can cost you about $50 to $150 per square foot in Michigan, compared to getting a traditional house that can cost around $70-$150 per square foot depending on the area, number of stories, style, and material you use for construction.  

Where Can You Build A Barndominium In Michigan?

Barndominium can be built anywhere, but you need to be sure of whether the area rules allow the construction of the barndominium. 

Most counties in Michigan allow the building of a barndo. The lush green areas surrounding lakes and running streams are also ideal for building a barndominium. 

4 Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium 

For your ease, we have included several factors to consider beforehand to help you decide whether or not to make Michigan the location of your ideal barndominium. Putting up a house is a huge financial and lifestyle choice. Therefore, don’t rush; consider your decisions before beginning construction. 


Before constructing a barndominium, ensure that the area you chose is perfect for building a barndo home. There are no designated places to construct a barndo but checking for pristine locations is the best option.

Look For the Best Builder

Choosing the best builder for construction should be your primary goal. Check out previous works of the builder and their client’s reviews. It will help you to make the best decision.

Cost of Labor 

Considering the cost of labor before building a barndominium is essential. The average labor cost in 2022 is $100 to $230 per square foot. You can multiply the amount by the total area of your barndominium home. This way, you can estimate your total expense, the building site price, and materials. We know that the range is wide, and it can be a difference of $130,000, but eventually, the ballpark price comes down to many factors that we simply cannot estimate precisely, as every barndominium is different.

Barndo Style 

Be sure of the look of your barndo before you begin the construction process. If you need more creative ideas, we recommend checking out our Pinterest for exterior and interior ideas. Take your time while scrolling through our photo boards with stunning pictures of barndominiums, and use them as inspiration for your home project.

Is It Worth Building A Barndo In Michigan?

It is worth building your dream barndominium in Michigan! Buying land and constructing a barndominium is a smart financial move because it provides many advantages, as mentioned throughout the article. 

However, before you begin constructing your barndo, you must decide on the layout, isn’t it? Well, we have got you covered here, too! Have a look at our vast catalog of barndominium floor plans. From 1 bedroom to 5, from as small as 900 sq. ft. to as big as 5,000 sq. ft. – we have all kinds and shapes of barndo home plans.

And that’s not all; if you want to get to know the construction process from up close, we have you covered here too. Take a look at our barndo construction guide, which dives into great detail, from laying foundations to installing exterior sheets. Even if you’re not going to DIY your home, knowing the most critical phases and building techniques might be handy when dealing with your barndo contractor. Good luck!