8 Creative Ideas for Your Attic


Attics are probably the most geometrically challenging spaces that one can decorate. However, successfully redecorating your attic is a fulfilling task. With a little bit of creativity, ingenuity, and fun, the perfect attic ideas can turn that dust-collecting storage space into a perfect little nook.

Here are 8 creative ideas that you can incorporate to make your own unique attic designs: 

1. Cozy hammock

An easy and cheap way to get around into designing those awkward corners and ceilings of the attic is by adding a touch of a simple day hammock where you can rest and read a book comfortably.

Add a little bit of a coffee table on the side and this hammock can be a good place to open that perfect bottle of wine reserved for your own wanderings and self-indulging seclusion.


2. Space-saver

When in doubt, stack them all up! Turn that small space into a mini-library by refurbishing old shelves and turning them into a keeper of different stories and tales.

Attic ideas don’t have to be too complicated and expensive if you only know how to think outside the box.


3. Think-pad

The versatility that this room offers can also give you a quiet office space where you can think of new ideas and re-shuffle your thoughts.

Pick a white background that sets the mood to a free mind and makes it open to new design possibilities. Go crazy in playing with white filament bulbs to emphasize the stillness of the room.

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4. Play-time

Since the attic usually has a low ceiling, it can also become an art/activity room for your kids who want to bring out their creative juices through drawing, painting, and storytelling.

Install tables, shelves, and other small storages for materials. Furthermore, this can be a place where they learn how to clean-up after themselves.


5. Mini home theatre

Turn the space into a mini-home theatre by setting up a simple soft rug, a good audio system, a flat-screen TV, or a projector.

This is the best place to enjoy your Friday nights by watching movie marathons in the comforts of your own home.


6. Man-pad 

The place can also give a perfect ambiance for a man-pad. Set-up a simple game room with your buddies by installing your favorite games together with comfy armchairs.

You’re sure to set a trend on game-night after that!


7. Be our guest!

Add a cabin feel to the small room, and make your guests feel comfortable in spending the night in an unexpected breakfast-inn.


8. Love Nook 

Set-up a dreamy and rustic mood that is perfect for an alone-time with your partner. Play with natural elements and lighting.


The attic room actually offers endless possibilities, if you only know where to look and how to find the cheapest materials to get your attic ideas going. The trick is to get out of the comfort zone and make your imagination go wild so that you can turn a small space into a room full of enchantment.


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