Front approach to house.

One of The Most Beautiful Farmhouses Out There! (10 Pictures)

What we have here is a breathtaking and awe-inspiring farmhouse style dwelling. A trimmed lawn and simple garden even add extra charm of the place. A concrete garden path leads visitors from the sidewalk to a front door of dark wood and glass. The many windows this house has are all shuttered.

A shot of the whole front view

On entering, one can only describe the kitchen as Ultra-modern. There is a fully equipped kitchen that even the fussiest chef would enjoy cooking in. The latest version of kitchen lighting complements the granite kitchen tops. There is a kitchen island for working space and an eating space for two. There are wooden floors throughout the house. An enclosed porch at the back of the house is ideal for early evening relaxation.

The bathrooms are amazing. Old school ball and claw baths meet modern chrome-fitted showers in a bright and eclectic explosion. Colors are muted and neutral throughout this home, creating an utterly peaceful atmosphere.

Eclectic mix of old and new.

Bedrooms are large and airy with sporting large windows, allowing for more than enough light. The light fixtures in this house are unique; they are very modern. Care has been taken in choosing each and every one. From the fittings on the walls to the hanging lights, no expense has been spared and it really shows.

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Roomy and elegant setting.

The backdrop to this house is also spectacular. A tall forest of trees add to the charm of this home. This is an exquisite type farmhouse with a little twist of modern by Court Atkins Architects. It would be ideal if this gets built using metal or steel frames and sidings. Please ask the contractor for this option as much as possible.

Stats: total square footage – 4,500.

Plans: not available for purchase.

Source: Court Atkins Architects


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