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Bulldozer Price: How Much Does One Typically Cost in 2024?

A powerful crawler bulldozer dominating a construction site with its massive presence.
A crawler bulldozer. Image via

Bulldozers are critical equipment in mines, agriculture, forestry, and construction projects. You will often see dozers on construction sites because they are excellent for clearing debris, moving materials, and leveling uneven terrain. You will likely need a bulldozer if you have a large construction project.

This article will help you learn everything you need about bulldozers. It will help you understand the different types of bulldozers to know which ones to use for specific projects. We will also tell you their prices to know what to expect if you plan to buy or rent one. 

Are there Significant Price Differences Between New and Used Bulldozers?

Yes, the price difference between a new bulldozer and a used one can be significant. Used bulldozers often cost around 40% to 50% less than new ones. A small brand-new bulldozer can cost between $147,000 and $222,000, while used small John Deere dozers cost between $27,000 and $57,000. 

How Much Does a Bulldozer Typically Cost?

This section explains the different types of bulldozers and the cost of each type. Each type has its specific use, so it is crucial to understand them before purchasing or renting one. 

Crawler Bulldozer

A crawler bulldozer is the most common type of dozer. You can easily recognize it thanks to its tracks which is why it is sometimes called a track bulldozer. A crawler dozer also has a ripper at its rear. 

Because of its tracks, a crawler bulldozer is an excellent choice for working on terrains that require traction. If you need to work on areas with mud, like a field or an off-road construction site, a crawler bulldozer should do the trick. You can also use a crawler to work on a site with a steep incline, like a hilly area. The track can help keep the dozer in place so it doesn’t tip over. 

The ripper of a crawler bulldozer is a claw-like shank you can find on the rear of the machine. Some crawlers have single rippers, while others have multiple rippers mounted on them. The primary function of rippers is to help loosen hard and impacted materials, like earth, rocks, and pavement. You can use it if you’re replacing an existing concrete slab with a new one. 


Listings as of May 2023 place the cost of a 2023 Caterpillar D3 at around $196,950. 


A used John Deere 850k used for 7,397 hours costs $135,000.

A powerful crawler bulldozer dominating a construction site with its massive presence.
A crawler bulldozer. Image via

Wheel Bulldozer

As its name implies, a wheel bulldozer is a type of bulldozer with four tires under its tractor. The four large tires of this bulldozer type help distribute the machine’s weight to all four corners. This type of dozer is more versatile and has greater mobility because it operates on a smaller axis. It can easily make sharp turns, so you can use it to move around a job site.

A wheeled bulldozer is a great choice for working on construction sites with flat and sturdy surfaces, like concrete, asphalt, and compact dirt. This bulldozer type is available in many sizes and is often used to clear and level land. A wheel dozer is also often used in road maintenance works.

Although this type of dozer works best with sturdy surfaces, it can still work on uneven surfaces. Wheel bulldozers have outriggers to help you keep the machine stable. 


If you want a better idea of the cost of a new wheel bulldozer, you can request a price quote from an authorized dealer in your area. 


A used 2014 John Deere 824K costs around $161,000

wheel bulldozer taking center stage on a construction site, showcasing its versatility and agility.
A wheeled bulldozer. Image via


A mini bulldozer is also called a compact bulldozer. It resembles a mini excavator and is smaller than a standard-sized dozer. Just like crawlers, mini bulldozers have tracks. 

The compact size of this bulldozer type makes it ideal for working in small or narrow construction sites. Mini bulldozers are versatile machines and can handle a wide variety of tasks, like removing tree stumps, grading surfaces, clearing loose materials, and excavating soil. 


Packages for a MINI-DOZER® MD196K start at around $5,000. However, this is pricing for a bare model without any attachments, so expect the price to increase as you add the features and attachments you need. 


A used Caterpillar D4G mini dozer with a ripper costs around $10,000

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A compact and agile mini bulldozer standing ready on a construction site, highlighting its versatility in tight spa
A mini bulldozer. Image via

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bulldozer

Whether you are buying a new or used bulldozer, there are several factors you should consider. These factors can dictate the cost of a bulldozer. Knowing these factors can also help you choose the best bulldozer to serve your needs. 


Horsepower is the primary consideration when choosing a bulldozer. Like in cars, horsepower denotes the power of your dozer’s engine. The more horsepower a bulldozer has, the larger it is. A large bulldozer with more horsepower has a higher operating weight. This means it can push with more power compared to a dozer with less horsepower. 

Small bulldozers often have less than 100 horsepower. They have an operating weight of 18,000 pounds and a maximum digging depth of around 20 inches. Medium dozers often have up to 200 horsepower. They have an operating weight of around 46,000 pounds. Large dozers have up to 850 horsepower and an operating weight of more than 200,000 pounds. Operating weight is the total weight of a dozer while in use, including attachments, fluids, the operator, etc. 


Make sure that the dozer you are buying is in top condition. If you are buying a used bulldozer, ask to see its maintenance and repair records to get a better feel of the machine’s history. Walk around the dozer and inspect all its parts to ensure there is no damage. If you are not well-versed with bulldozers, bring someone knowledgeable with you. A bulldozer is a significant investment, so hire a professional appraiser if needed. 


Look at the specifications of the bulldozer you are buying to ensure that it can deliver the work you expect. Aside from the horsepower and operating weight we discussed earlier, consider the blade width, capacity, and track width. If you are looking online, dozers come in different sizes, and you can easily identify their size because it is often listed in the dozer’s name. 

Different manufacturers have various ways of helping customers identify the size of dozers. For example, Caterpillar bulldozers have sizes ranging from D1 to D11. D1 is for mini dozers, D4 to D8 are for medium-sized dozers, and D9 to D11 are for large dozers. The sizes of other brand names like Komatsu and John Deere are identifiable by the numerals attached to the model names of their dozers. The rule of thumb is that the higher the numeral, the larger the dozer is. 

You should also consider the technological advancements of the dozer you want to purchase. Newer models are smarter and more efficient than older ones. They are easier to operate even for less experienced users. There are also bulldozer models with automated blade and steering functions to increase the productivity of their operators. 


Consider the terrain you are working on since some bulldozer types are suitable for specific terrains. If you are building a pole barn home in a hilly area, the tracks of the crawler bulldozer should give you an advantage. If you are building a barndominium and want to start working on your garden or yard, a wheel dozer is a great piece of equipment because it won’t cause considerable damage to the soil. In addition, it will definitely speed up the prep work for advanced landscaping techniques such as steel garden edging, leveling out your plot, or forming a slope at a specific angle.

wheeled bulldozer
A wheeled bulldozer. Image via

Size of the construction site

The size of your construction site is another consideration you should keep in mind. If you are working on a small or medium-sized lot, a small or medium-sized bulldozer should do. The size of the dozer will let you maneuver it around the lot easily. A large dozer in a small construction site will be sluggish and hard to maneuver. 

Type of blade

Bulldozers have different types of blades with specific functions. Before buying a dozer, ensure the attached blade suits your needs. Sure, you can replace the blade, but it will be an added cost that you might want to avoid. 

An S-Blade is a straight blade with limited lifting and carrying capabilities. It is the shortest among blade types and does not have wings. It is ideal for stripping, back-filling, grading, shaping, stumping, and ditching. 

U-blades have curved designs and large side wings. You can use them for pushing, ditching, and handling materials. 

An S-U blade is a combination of the S-blade and U-blade. However, it is narrower and less curved than a U-blade. You can use it for back-filling, crowning, ditching, and hauling heavy material. 

An Angle blade can angle almost 30 degrees to the left and the right. This type of blade is ideal for moving debris to the side. 

A Power-Angle-Tilt or PAT blade is the most versatile among dozer blade types. It has the ability to angle and tilt in almost every direction. It is ideal for leveling, scraping, and spreading soil. 


Consider the age of the used machinery you are buying. The older the bulldozer is, the cheaper it gets. However, there are also challenges involved when buying old machinery. For one, old-model dozers require more maintenance to keep them in great running condition. 

Older bulldozers also often have higher fuel consumption rates than newer ones. Lastly, the older the machine is, the more challenging it is to get replacement parts should you need them. 

Consider Renting a Bulldozer Instead of Purchasing 

Buying a bulldozer can put a large dent in your budget, so consider renting one instead. Rent or lease a bulldozer if you will only use it for building a pole barn or barndo and nothing else. Aside from being a more cost-effective option, you don’t have to worry about storing the idle bulldozer after completing your construction project. 

Depending on the size, you can rent a dozer for $300 – $1,000 per day. You can also rent one for around $1,500 – $4,000 per week or monthly for around $4,000 – $12,000. On top of the rental fees, some rental companies also charge a delivery fee of around $2,000. 


A bulldozer is a crucial piece of equipment in construction sites. If you are building a barndominium, shouse, or shipping container home, you can use a dozer to help level the site, clear it of debris, and move materials around without breaking a sweat.

There are several types of dozers, each with a specific function. A dozer’s type also affects its cost. If you plan on buying a bulldozer, make sure that you read our article once again just in case you missed something important, or bookmark it for later. You also have the option to rent or lease a dozer if buying one is too expensive.

a crawler bulldozer cleaning snow on mountains
A crawler bulldozer cleaning snow on mountains. Image via


How does the condition of a used bulldozer impact its price?

As with any used equipment, the better the condition of a bulldozer, the higher its selling price. Aside from a bulldozer’s condition, check how many hours the dozer was used. Bulldozers that have been used longer are often cheaper than less-used ones. 

Are there regional price variations for bulldozers based on market demand and location?

Yes, your location can affect the price of a bulldozer. If you are in a region where bulldozers are in high demand, but there are few dealers, you can expect prices to be a little bit higher. 

What are some negotiation strategies when dealing with dealers or sellers to get the best price for a bulldozer?

Buying a bulldozer is no different from buying other used vehicles or pieces of equipment. One of the best ways to get the best price is by asking for quotes from multiple dealers. This allows you to compare quotes to get the best deal possible. 

You can also look for dealers that offer financing schemes. This will allow you to purchase new equipment without forking out the entire cost of the bulldozer. If you have allotted your entire budget to finance your barndominium, you can take out a personal loan to help you buy your dozer. 

If you are after used dozers, you can also join auctions. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with the different dozer types and their going market rate to know whether you are bidding within a reasonable price range.