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How Much Does a 60×100 Concrete Slab Cost in 2024?

60x100 concrete slab

A concrete slab is a common structural element needed during a construction project. People use concrete slabs in different ways. Some use it as flooring, roofing, driveways, or pathways. A 60×100 concrete slab is the right size for a barndominium with an attached workshop. 

Determining a concrete slab’s cost requires knowing its different characteristics and components. You need to understand how to compute the volume of wet concrete required to know how much you will spend. You also need to learn how to compute the slab’s size and thickness. This article will walk you through the intricacies of concrete slabs so you know how to compute costs accurately. 

What Factors Determine the Cost of a 60×100 Concrete Slab?

Multiple factors affect the cost of a 60×100 concrete slab, and we will tell you all about them. The first and most important factor is size. The size of your concrete slab dictates the number of building materials you need to complete it. Size is also a factor because a large concrete slab takes longer to complete, affecting labor expenses. Large concrete slabs are also more challenging to make, so contractors might charge more to make a large slab than a smaller one. 

Your location also affects the cost of a concrete slab. If you are building a pole barn home or barndominium in a remote area, which is harder to reach, some contractors might charge you more. If you live in an area where the prices of building materials are higher, your overall expenses will be more than that of someone building in a place where building materials cost less. 

How Much Does a 60×100 Concrete Slab Cost?

We mentioned earlier that the cost of a 60×100 concrete slab depends on its characteristics. This section tackles these characteristics and explains how they affect costs. 

Per Thickness

Thickness is one characteristic that dictates a concrete slab’s cost. A thick 6,000-square-foot concrete slab will use more materials than a thin one. So why make a thick concrete slab? You need to make a thick concrete slab if the structure is meant to bear enormous amounts of weight. This will ensure the slab won’t deform, crack, or break. A thick slab is also more durable, so even if it is more expensive, it will last longer, so you’ll get your money’s worth. 

ThicknessCost per square foot
4 inches $5.35
5 inches  $5.80
6 inches $6.20 
8 inches$7
This table shows the average cost per square foot of a concrete slab in 2023 depending on thickness (1)


Making a concrete slab means using tools, materials, and pieces of equipment. These are called inclusions and are critical to the success of making a slab. A concrete mixer is an example of an inclusion. It is a machine to help you thoroughly mix concrete to achieve maximum strength and durability upon curing. You can get a rental concrete mixer if you plan on mixing your own concrete. Search for companies near you that rent them out on a daily basis. Another alternative is to buy your own machine if you have other construction projects in the pipeline. 

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Inclusion Cost 
Site preparation                $1-$2 per square foot (2)
Concrete Rebar $1.40 – $1.85 per 2 feet (3)
Wire Mesh$0.28 per square foot (4)
The table shows the average costs of concrete slab inclusions in 2023.  

With Additional Features

One thing that can make a concrete slab more expensive is if you want it to have additional features. For example, if you plan on using concrete as the flooring for living spaces, you cannot leave it bare. A bare concrete slab is too rough and unattractive. You can opt for stained concrete. Staining is a process that lets you add color to your concrete slab. This will make it more attractive and help increase your property’s value. However, stained concrete is more expensive, so expect your barndominium costs to be higher. 

You can also consider polishing your concrete floor. Polishing makes concrete smoother and easier to walk on. It also looks better because it gives your concrete slab a shiny appearance that you won’t find in bare and unpolished concrete. 

Features Cost
Vapor barrier $0.50-$0.70 per square foot (5)
Stamped concrete$9 – $20 per square foot, inclusive of materials (6)
Stained concrete$2 – $4 per square foot, staining only (7)
This table shows the average costs of extra features of concrete slabs.

60×100 Concrete Slab Cost Breakdown

Let us now look at the breakdown of the costs of a concrete slab. 

Concrete Bag Cost Estimate

It’s called a concrete slab, so it’s no surprise that the major component is a concrete mixture. A bag of concrete mix will cost you $4.50 – $27 each (9). The difference in prices will depend on the bag size you are buying. The type of mixture you are buying will also affect prices. 

Labor Cost Estimate

Contractors charge $2 – $3 per square foot to make a concrete slab (10). These estimates can change depending on your location and the contractor you are hiring. If you are making a concrete slab as part of the floor plan of your barndominium, you don’t need to compute labor costs since it will be part of the overall labor expenses of making your barndominium. 

Truck Cost Estimate

Although we mentioned manually mixing your own concrete, you can also order pre-mixed wet concrete at $125 – $133 per cubic yard (11). It is more expensive, but you will save time to concentrate on other aspects of your construction project. Some suppliers also have fuel surcharges of $40 – $50 per truckload for deliveries outside their usual delivery area (8)

How Do You Calculate the Cost for a 60×100 Concrete Slab?

We will now teach you how to calculate the cost of a 60×100 concrete slab. We will present you with several price cost averages that you can use in computing expenses. 

Let us start by checking how much wet concrete you need to make a slab measuring 6,000 square feet with a thickness of six inches. This calculator places the volume of wet concrete you need at 66.667 cubic yards. We will add 10% to this figure as a waste allowance, so the total volume you need is 73.33 cubic yards. One cubic yard of wet concrete costs $137, according to data from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association or NRMCA (11). This means that 73.33 cubic yards of wet concrete will cost $10,046.21. 

concrete volume estimate for 60x100 slab
Concrete volume estimate for 60×100 slab

Let us now teach you how to compute costs on a per-square-foot basis. A 60×100 concrete slab equals 6,000 square feet. We know that one square foot of 6-inch thick concrete costs $6.20 (1). This means that a 60×100 concrete slab costs $40,920, including the 10% waste allowance. 

Should You DIY or Hire a Contractor for Your 60×100 Concrete Slab Project?

No, a concrete slab of this size should be left to the hands of contractors. They know how to quickly make a 60×100 concrete slab without sacrificing quality, so you can have peace of mind that your slab will last as long as needed. 


Concrete slabs require money to make, and nobody wants to spend more than what is needed. The best way to avoid overspending is by learning how to compute costs. By using the computations we outlined above, you can compute a concrete slab’s cost to ensure that you prepare a proper budget for making your 60×100 concrete slab. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for other articles about financing your barndominium, insuring your barndominium, and other helpful articles.  


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