Cozy front porch. Perfect for reading while sipping a cup of coffee.

VIDEO TOUR Around Ken’s Awesome Metal Building Home! (Video & Pics)

Since colors like off-white, beige, taupe, etc. are too mainstream to be painted on the wall, maybe it is about time you go for another color; a color that either matches your personality or lifts up your mood.

Here is another fantastic one-floor design made by Morton Buildings. Just like their previous idea, this, too, has a porch with bright yellow supports still arranged proportionally. The porch is the perfect spot for relaxing and reading. This house has a smaller built, suitable for families in smaller number. It also has a garage, though not mainly highlighted.

The green roof and the yellow-green wall on the porch area blend well with the surrounding since the trees mainly dominate the place and lawns are also rounding the entire place.

The interior portion of the house is mostly covered with wood of different shades. The walls have a light brown shade, perfect in keeping the area bright while the pieces of furniture are painted several shades darker than the wall to make the place more interesting and catchy.

Though the interior looks simple, the way the furniture is arranged, making the place classy and relaxing to stay. The living room gives off a cozy atmosphere with a small fireplace in front, perfect for the cold weather.

The rooms are beautifully crafted in a way to make anyone, especially the guests, feel extra comfortable. It gives a glimpse of how countryside rooms look like, making it more intriguing.

Simple, yet classy – suitable for anyone who enjoys traditional house arrangement.

Stats: 1620 sq. feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, garage, porch.

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Source: Morton Buildings


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