the view of the well lit living room

Unique Triangle-Shaped Metal Home (HQ Pictures & Stats)

Do you want to own a unique and extra-ordinary home? Then, this triangle shaped house is just what you are looking for! It is done with artistic finish that would definitely charm everybody.

the open porch that leads to the garden

The property is 100% strong because it is made by using metal frames and beams which are of high quality. The house has one wall made of glass that lets natural light get into a cozy and welcoming living room. Also, the ceilings are high enough to create a wide and comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, the interior is very modern, with doors and partitions all in glass. The effect that the glass and metal frames give off is an area that is full of warmth and security.

Furthermore, the bedroom and the kitchen each defines what minimalism can do in a home. Although it is almost bare with just the bed and a couch, it still feels comfy. The wooden floors and the wide windows create a feeling of  living in a paradise. The kitchen, on the other hand, is bright and well lit as it is lovingly sun-drenched with its glass windows and walls.

the glass walls and partitions

This triangle shaped house is done with class and taste that living in it would mean living in style. So, if you want to live comfortably and be proud about it, own one triangle shaped house now!

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Note: this home may be constructed using metal framing; however, you should always consult your local architect-engineer and receive a professional evaluation if such an option is feasible for this plan and your local building codes.

Source: Contemporist


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