Unbelievable Budget Steel Kit Homes Starting From $37k! (10 Pictures)

Building a home has never been this affordable. With just $37,000 you can now own a home that you can call your own. Yes, these amazing steel kit homes are just the right property for you.

pathway leading to the entrance

With its metal frames and beams that are of top-notch quality, you can be assured of having a house with a solid and strong foundation. With an open porch in front, it is easy to relax and enjoy watching the trees sway or simply just take a breath of fresh air.

The living room, though it is tiny, is well arranged and organized. The kitchen, on the other hand, is so inviting that you can never resist preparing your best recipe for the family or eat your heart out. In addition, the toilet is also nicely designed to achieve maximum comfort.

metal frames used

The luxury of having to bathe in a tub while looking at the scenery outside is at hand. Moreover, the four poster bed in the bedroom completes the package. Relaxing anytime of the day is possible in the privacy of your bedroom. It just looks so cozy that you end up cuddling for most of the day.

the tub in the toilet

Simplicity is beauty! The combination of wood and metal frames is enough reason why. However, this house may be ordinary but it displays style and class in its truest sense of the word.

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