Traditional Cottage Home w/ Screened Wrap-Around Porch (HQ Plans & Pictures)

Cottages are beautiful structures that a lot of people actually adore because of relaxing and tranquil environment that they provide. This particular model is definitely one of the classic ones and one of the most beautiful ones that was ever created. This model definitely tops all other cottage models with regard to design and aesthetics!

The great thing about this cottage is that it is a cottage that slightly resembles a farmhouse. The farmhouse features give off a very country feel. Its layout is quite unique in a sense that there is a porch at the back of the cottage and has a fireplace. As for the interior, the design is amazing! The design looks like something out of the Victorian era. Once you take step inside, you’ll probably feel like you traveled back in time to a period where the environment is so classy and grand. Although most people would prefer to have their cottages solely made out of wood, we would recommend that you get this kind of house built on a steel frame structure. At the very least, you have to use metal materials so that you can save on maintenance cost. Other than that, your cottage will be more durable. To get an idea as to what this model looks like, continue scrolling down! You may also take a look at the floor plan.


Stats: 4,195 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. More details and features in the plans below.

Blue Print Plans: Scroll down below!

Construction ready floor plans: get here.






Source: Our Town Plans

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