From the outside, this looks like a very old house.

Stylish Rustic Home w/ Timber Decorations (HQ Pictures)

Today, more and more people try to look for a more vintage look in everything they buy; from clothes to art, even homes. This house is truly a one of a kind house. Made by Goforth Gill Architects and produced from the highest quality steel metal, this house gives a warm and very vintage vibe.

Its timber decorations give the house a more cabin look to it.

If you are looking for a vacation house or a new home that is very close to Mother Nature for you and your family to enjoy, then look no further. Not only is this rustic house aesthetically pleasing and very sturdy, it also has a lot of space inside for the whole family. This two-storey structure can accommodate any family ranging from 5-7 members. Want to spend quality time with the family? Then spend it playing games at the upstairs loft! This space is dedicated for families to bond with one another, whether it is through board games, charades, or any type of activity for that matter.

If you are not in the mood to stay indoors, then maybe a little exploring outside might excite the kids. You will never get bored in this house, and the best part is that you and your family will be closer to each other. And did I mention that this house also looks good during winter?

Just wow.

Ask your contractor for better options; that is, building a house like this using steel framed and metal sidings.

Stats: around 1,600 sq.ft., great room, bedroom, bath and mudroom/laundry on main floor with open loft above.

Plan: feel free contact the contractor.

Source: Goforth Gill Architects


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