Marvel at the high ceiling and loft inside the garage

Sturdy Metal Building Garage w/ All You Need!

This well-built rectangular metal garage, which is concealed in white exterior walls and roofed and accented with hunter-green color, is made by Morton Buildings. It has a perfect spot just right at the front door where you can park one pick-up car or two compact cars if you wish.

White-washed walls with hunter green painted roof

Far from gigantic and not cramped, this garage has ample space for a car and all your other tools. This sturdy metal building garage has two big roll-up doors in front and at the side partnered with doors for human passage. It also has enough windows to let air and light pass through.

Nestled in the middle of lawn and trees, the temperature can surely be maintained normally due to the shade that the tall trees provide. It easily dispels any worry of how it will be like inside the garage. Its interior is coated with neutral colors with smoothened wood as rails and stairs for the loft.

The high ceiling emits the impression that the garage is larger than how it truly is. Built-in cabinets are readily available for storage next to the big stainless sink. One to five bikes can only be stored using wall mount hooks to maximize the space for other storage kits.

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While the larger portion of the garage is meant for its purpose to house cars and tools, there is a smaller part made for lounging. It can accommodate one to three individuals comfortably. This metal garage might be not too enormous, but it surely holds to its promise to come with all that you need.

Stats:  35’W x 15’H x 70’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B143041379

Source: Morton Buildings


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