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Studio Shed – Is It Worth Building With Them? (2024 Review)

A white shed
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A manufactured home is an excellent choice if you want to quickly build a house, ADU, granny flat, or rental unit. It is easy to assemble and is often cheaper than other residential structures. However, you need the help of an excellent prefab home builder to ensure you have the best home possible. Studio Shed is an excellent example of an outstanding builder. They have several home models you can choose from. They also have turnkey services if you want professionals to handle all aspects of your construction project. 

This article will tell you more about Studio Shed and its products and services. We will also look at the benefits and drawbacks of working with them. You will also hear from previous clients about their experiences to know what to expect while working with Studio Shed. 

Studio Shed Overview


Founded in 2008, Studio Shed is a Colorado-based company that helps clients who want a modern approach to traditional backyard sheds. 

A studio shed, a versatile and compact structure designed to serve as a creative workspace or retreat.
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Products and Services

Below are some of the products and services that Studio Shed has to offer:

Manufactured kits

Studio Shed sells manufactured kits for a wide range of uses. You can buy a kit for an accessory dwelling unit, a shed, or a garage. Their manufactured kits come in various sizes, from as small as a 120-square-foot unit to one with a total floor area of 1,000 square feet. If you are after something a bit more spacious, consider getting a barndominium kit or pole barn kit instead. These kits are often more spacious and ideal for larger families.                                                                      

Studio Shed’s manufactured units are easy to assemble; you can build them yourself or hire a local builder to handle the assembly and installation. 

A practical garage shed, designed to provide secure storage and shelter for vehicles, tools, and equipment.
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Turnkey services

Studio Shed offers turnkey services if you lack the time for a DIY build. Turnkey services mean Studio Shed will handle all aspects of building your prefab home. Studio Shed will be on top of your project, from the development of a floor plan to securing permits and to the assembly of the unit and interior finishing. They also have a nationwide network of authorized builders who can help handle the construction for you. 

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A DIY shed, a versatile and customizable structure designed for do-it-yourself projects and storage solutions.
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Project management

If you have a local builder that you want to work with, you can benefit from Studio Shed’s project management services. This can take the burden of supervising the construction of your manufactured home off your shoulders. 

Studio Shed’s project manager will handle the communication between you and your contractors. They can help make sure that your desired design changes get implemented. They can also coordinate with and answer any questions from your local zoning and permits office to help you save time. With Studio Shed’s project management services, you are sure your house will get built exactly how you envisioned it.

Interior packages

Studio Shed offers interior design packages if you want your manufactured home to have a professional touch. They can outfit your kitchen with your choice of countertops and cabinets. They can also fit your kitchen with stainless steel appliances, like electric ranges, vent hoods, dishwashers, and freezers or fridges. 

Studio Shed’s interior design experts can help transform your bathroom into a relaxing haven. They can design it with contemporary bathroom fixtures, like water-saving shower heads and hand showers. They can put in water-efficient toilets and faucets. They also have acrylic shower enclosures, glass shower doors, floating vanity cabinets, medicine cabinets, and exhaust fans with Bluetooth speakers.

An exquisite interior package showcasing a harmonious blend of style and functionality.
An interior Shed. Image via


The cost of a manufactured kit from Studio Shed will depend on its size and the complexity of its design. What’s great about Studio Shed is that they give you a rough estimate of the cost of a kit when you design your space using their 3D Design Center. 

If you want to go with their pre-designed kits, the starting price is around $40,000. This estimate includes the cost of the kit and permit plans. For complete packages that include the kit, site work, assembly, and permits, expect to pay about $250 per square foot for a 400-square-foot ADU. 

For example, their Summit 476 model is listed at a discounted price of $111,195. This is a one-bedroom unit with a total floor area of 476 square feet. If we do the math, the unit cost is around $233.61 per square foot. 

Client Testimonials 

“We purchased our Studio Shed in 2018 and couldn’t be happier with it.”

Emily Grunfeld-Mercier. Source: Google Review.

“We love our Studio Shed!! The shed was installed over 4 years ago and is holding up extremely well, we haven’t had a single issue with it.”

Baptiste M. Source: Google Review.  

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Let us look at some advantages and disadvantages of choosing Studio Shed. This section will help you weigh the pros and cons of working with them to know what to expect.      


  • Partnership with Acorn Finance and RenoFi – Although Studio Shed doesn’t have in-house financing services, they have a partnership with Acorn Finance and RenoFi. This can help you save time since there is no need to submit applications to multiple financing companies. This partnership also means that you can benefit from any financing promotion they have. 

Acorn Finance is ideal for small manufactured homes that you can cover with a personal loan. Personal loans are ideal because they don’t require collateral and have fixed interest rates. If you are aiming for a large manufactured home, RenoFi offers home equity lines of credit meant for extensive renovations and large construction projects. 

  • Ships to all 50 states – Studio Shed ships their manufactured homes to all fifty states, so you can order one whether you are in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, or any other state. This is a great help because some prefab home manufacturers only ship to selected states. Studio Shed also ships to some areas in Canada.  
  • 3D virtual tours – Studio Shed has virtual tours on its website. This feature lets you visualize the spaces and dimensions of your manufactured home. It can be of great help in developing the interior design of your house while waiting for the delivery of your manufactured home. You can plan the placement of appliances and furniture using a virtual tour. What’s great about Studio Shed’s virtual tour is that it lets you tour not just interior spaces but the exteriors, too, so you can use it to plan the landscaping of your future home. 
  • Design center – This is a valuable resource that Studio Shed provides to its clients. You can use this program to create a customized floor plan with all the features you need. What sets this program apart is that it gives you a rough estimate of how much it will cost to construct your design. This will help you prepare a suitable budget for building your house and help you avoid overextending yourself. 
  • Comprehensive installation guide – A DIY build can be challenging even to seasoned builders, and Studio Shed has a comprehensive installation guide to help you. Aside from the written guide clients receive with their kits, their website also has video installation guides. These visual guides are easier to follow to ensure your house is assembled properly. 


  • Building in Florida might require upgrades – If you are building a modular house in Florida, you might need to upgrade your Studio Shed kit. The construction of residential structures in Florida requires Florida Product Approvals for all building components. Unfortunately, Studio Shed has no Florida Product Approval Number for their buildings. In Miami and Dade Counties, the required additional levels of complexity are not present in base Studio Shed units, which might force you to upgrade your structure. 

Should You Choose Studio Shed?

Yes, Studio Shed is a great choice if you are looking for a prefab home builder. They ship to all US states and some parts of Canada, so they are a great option in an area with limited suppliers. 

On top of their kits, they have turnkey services for a hassle-free build. Additionally, they have a helpful Design Center that doesn’t just let you design a floor plan but also gives you an idea of how much your building might cost. If you are interested in other fantastic metal buildings like barndominiums, pole barns, shouses, and shipping container homes, make sure you follow our Facebook page.  


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