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Strong & Stable Traditional Design House (HQ Plans & Pictures)

Invest in this property that exudes an elegant and traditional style. The house measures at 2,735 square meters which accommodate 3 spacious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a garage. This awesome bungalow house has frames that are made out of pure metal. Wrapped around it are cobblestones and resolute stone details that give it a sturdy character.

Front View – wide open parking space

The interiors are a perfect mesh of hardwood ceiling panels and flooring while its fixtures are also finished with a dark wood tone which expressively radiates that traditional home feels. The house also contains an array of chandeliers and ceiling fans that fit style and comfort all at the same time.

It has a wide-open space that would suit your home-décor ideas and accommodate your family’s needs. The interiors of the house are well decorated to transport you back in time because everything exudes natural shades and tones.

Hardwood Ceilings and Flooring

Own this traditional home that offers a very strong and stable quality. The house has an excellent cabin vibe for your relaxing ideas. We advise you to check if the contractor can build this home with the use of metal/steel frames or sidings. Steel framed homes in the long run offer you an excellent quality house and lifetime worthy investment.

Dining Room

Check the pictures below and see for yourself the intricate details of this sturdy and stable home.

Stats: 2,735 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. More details and features in the plans below.

BluePrint Plans: Scroll down below!

Construction ready floor plans: get here.

Note: this home may be constructed using metal framing, however, you should always consult your local architect-engineer and receive professional evaluation if such an option is feasible for this plan and your local building codes.

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