SteelMaster Buildings – Is It Worth Building With Them? (2024 Review)

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Metal barndominiums and prefab metal buildings have developed greatly after years of construction advancement. Consequently, more and more people are choosing them over site-built structures for their durability and faster construction. That gives SteelMaster Buildings a chance to emerge into the picture, delivering high quality steel structures to almost everywhere in the US. 

SteelMaster Buildings is also widely known for its versatile quonset hut designs. But what else could there be for the future metal building owners? Let’s find out what services are in their scope of work.

SteelMaster Buildings Overview


SteelMaster Buildings was founded in 1982 in Virginia, specializing in pre-engineered barndominiums and quonset hut kits. They have already accomplished over 10,000 projects and acquired a good reputation for their eco-friendly units.

The company started teaming up with skilled engineers to develop high-standard, multipurpose, and disaster-resistant metal buildings to be marketed as their main product. Over time, they completed projects which promoted the company globally.

The arch or quonset design sets them apart from other metal building companies. It is their crucial unit feature as well, indicating the durability of their structures. In terms of materials, the structures they make are made of recycled LEED-certified content.

Though recycled materials are involved, they ensure their product’s quality and efficiency are proven and tested.

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Floor plan modification? Sure, SteelMaster Buildings accepts customizations to meet their clients’ space needs. And the prefab kits are mostly barrier-free due to the self-supporting nature of the arched steel.

If you opt for a customized quonset barndo, we bet you are now searching for the ideal floor plan online. For your convenience, here are some barndominium floor plans readily available; your future home might be just one click away!

Products and Services

SteelMaster Buildings supplies a variety of metal buildings for different functions and purposes. Their in-house engineers can design your metal buildings based on your requirements. The list of their building and design applications is as follows.

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  • Metal barndominiums
  • Detached storages
  • Sheds
  • Detached garages
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  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Storehouses
  • Production enclosed areas
  • Offices
  • Facilities
  • Covered carports
A spacious carport providing shelter to an array of vehicles, with a charming barndominium in the background. The mix of modern and rustic elements in the design of the barndominium, combined with the practicality of the carport, create a harmonious blend of form and function
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Custom Builds

  • Agricultural
  • Custom mining facilities
  • Steel barns
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Equipment Areas
  • Tailor-built covered spaces
  • Metal Roof Systems

The services, on the other hand, are mainly focused on the production of the metal kits. They handle everything from designing and planning to delivery to your location. They also have testing and analysis services to examine the strength of the metal structure before finally transporting it to you.

Once delivered, you can DIY construct your building or hire a team to assist you with the assembling. If DIY construction is up your alley, you don’t need to worry about the process. Their kits always come with a complete manual and a step-by-step plus maintenance guide for every purchase. 

A large aircraft hangar providing a home to a small plane.
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SteelMaster Buildings requests their clients to contact them for a quotation and pricing. The company does not reveal its prices on its website, but they claim to have reasonable and lower estimates than most builders. 

We suggest asking them about the costs, especially for custom builds. They usually quote depending on the size and specifications; therefore, your property requirements are needed for the computation. To help you know the budget and funds for your project, here’s a guide on barndominium costs.

A lovely grey detached garage with a contrasting brown door on the side, and a sleek grey car parked nearby. The clean lines of the building and the car create a modern and sophisticated scene, while the brown door adds a touch of warmth and character.
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Client Testimonials

SteelMaster Buildings continuously gains positive ratings from those who have experienced their excellent service and products. Let’s take a look at what the feedback says about the company’s performance.

“Literally the best company I’ve worked with when it comes to buying a building.  They gave me the best quality Quonset Hut I could ask for, and it’s the best looking building in my neighborhood!  Backed with a 40 year warranty?  Maintenance free?  The sales rep and the administration team took such good care of me.  Shout out to Monica, she was so professional and helpful.  Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a quality building that’ll stand for a lifetime.”

Tyler K.  Source: Google Business Reviews

“One of the easiest companies I’ve ever had to deal with. The salesman I had was very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and didn’t try to push me in anyway. I’d recommend these guys to anyone. When it comes time to build our hay barn I’ll be calling them again.”

Tanner S.  Source: Google Business Reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages

Metal buildings could have their pros and cons, but now, let’s first determine the advantages and disadvantages to consider, to help you decide whether to hire this builder or not.


Investing in SteelMaster metal buildings might be a worthwhile decision. Metal buildings like Quonset huts are easy to assemble; you might not need skilled labor to build them. The company’s prefab steel structures are also proven, long-lasting, disaster-proof, and adaptable– perfect for any build of purpose and location. They deliver to almost anywhere in the country, including the states of Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

Another great feature of these metal barndominiums is their classic arch shape that functions as the self-load bearing frame. Despite no supporting walls and beams, it can still be configured to cater to your needs. Each steel purchase comes with stamped blueprints, a warranty of up to 40 years, and seismic, wind, and snow analysis. 


SteelMaster metal buildings might not be allowed in some areas. In this case, you must check your state’s building codes before transacting with SteelMaster. Take note that they don’t do refunds; you need to be sure before closing a deal.

We noticed they did not mention any financing service, so you must do your own financing and funding. Read our barndominium financing and metal building home financing guides to grasp this crucial construction phase.

Should You Choose SteelMaster Buildings?

We can say that you might either love or dislike SteelMaster Buildings and their services. First, Quonset huts might be atypical and utilitarian barndos for some, and  construction might be prohibited in some states. However, if you’re in a place where they are allowed, you will enjoy their metal buildings.

Investing in these prefab metal buildings is worthwhile. Though they don’t publish any pricing, we assume they are reasonably priced since these are pre-engineered kits. And yes, the quality grade metals you’ll get are of great value.

SteelMaster Buildings could be the perfect metal building provider if semi-cylindrical metal structures are your style. We intend to help you kickstart your barndominium construction; feel free to browse our helpful articles on pole barn homes, prefab houses, shipping container homes, and other non-traditional housing options to guide you in your home hunting!


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