SteelCo Buildings – Should You Build With Them? (2024 Review)

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Due to the developing businesses and increasing space needs, more people are switching to quickly built but heavy-duty structures like metal buildings. Whether for homes or commercial spaces, these steel-framed structures are dependable enough. 

However, the quality might depend on the materials and manufacturing. That said, you need to aim for a builder that can give you the best possible product and excellent construction service. Speaking of the best metal building provider, SteelCo Buildings is one of the eminent names in the industry. With more than 20 years in business and many awards along the way, they have been supplying and continue to supply prefab metal kits to property owners in Georgia. 

Let’s jump straight to the review and check if they have the products and services you need to start your building project. 

SteelCo Buildings Overview


SteelCo Buildings was established in 2001; a veteran-owned company passionate about providing metal structure and construction services. The consecutive years after their founding, they received awards (one of them is the Dick James Small Business of the Year) for their outstanding performance in the construction sector. Also, not long ago, they were named the Best Contractor for the contracting services they render for metal building projects.

Their metal kits are made with high-tensile steel, the perfect disaster-proof build for any purpose. If you opt for a DIY and custom metal barndominium, you don’t have to worry about building codes since they manufacture code-compliant units. 

Custom builds are welcome, but they have ready kits if you need a quick process. Don’t look too far; check out our readily available custom floor plans for specific home purposes if you ever need one. Explore your future metal build with us!

Products and Services


SteelCo Buildings has general contracting services to attend to your design/build, traditional brick, and concrete, wood frame, or complex metal projects. Dealing with them means your construction duties and time frame are prioritized as much as your specifications and upgrades. They have an experienced on-site team willing to accompany you on your building journey.

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They also manufacture DIY kits and deliver anywhere nationwide. However, they provide these contracting services within their limited reach, catering only to some areas within Georgia. Nonetheless, SteelCo has a wide scale of metal builds. Here’s a list of what they usually build and fabricate.


  • Metal Building Homes or Metal Barndominiums – they have disaster-resistant and DIY steel units for you. Ranging from 2000 square meters and up, you can have a comfortable and spacious residence. Sample floor plans are published on their site; check them out for more.
  • Man cave and “she sheds” – they have open floor plans to meet your housing space requirements.
  • Detached garages and workshops 

The large builds, custom, and complex projects they welcome are:

An image featuring a pristine white residential barndominium, situated in the midst of a vast open landscape. The building is a two-story structure with a peaked roof and rectangular shape, with a large garage door and windows on the ground floor. The upper level features more windows, and a balcony runs the length of the structure. The barndominium is surrounded by neatly trimmed grass and a few scattered trees, with a clear blue sky in the background."
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  • Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Auto Shops
  • Fitness Gyms
  • Storage Facilities
  • Strip Malls
An image featuring a peach-colored commercial metal building that serves as an auto shop. The building has a rectangular shape and a flat roof, with several large windows on the front and sides. The entrance to the auto shop is a large garage door on the front of the building, with a smaller entrance door next to it. The exterior walls are made of metal panels, and there are several cars parked in front of the building. The surroundings include a paved parking lot, a few trees, and a clear blue sky in the background.
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  • Livestock Barns
  • Hay Sheds
  • Agri Storages
  • Grow Houses
An image showcasing a white metal horse barn situated in a wide, open space. The barn has a rectangular shape with a peaked roof, and its exterior is composed of metal panels. The front of the barn features two large doors that can be opened to allow horses to enter and exit, and several smaller windows are scattered throughout the structure. The barn is surrounded by a fenced area that is covered in green grass, and there are a few trees in the distance. A clear blue sky forms the background of the image
A white metal horse barn. Image via


  • Warehouses
  • Equipment Showrooms
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Storages
An image featuring a large grey and white industrial metal building. The building has a rectangular shape and a flat roof, with several large windows and a double-door entrance on the front. The exterior walls are made of metal panels, and there are no visible signs of any landscaping or other structures in the immediate surroundings. The image is set against a clear blue sky background, and the building's size and appearance suggest that it may be a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or other similar industrial facility.
A grey and white industrial metal building. Image via


  • Indoor Swimming Pools
  • Sports Venues
  • Horse Arenas
  • Recreation Centers
  • Museums
  • Public Facilities
  • Churches
  • Aircraft Hangars
An image featuring a cluster of white aircraft hangars made of metal. The hangars are situated on a large flat surface, possibly a tarmac, and are identical in appearance, with rectangular shapes and peaked roofs. Each hangar has a large sliding door that can be opened to allow aircraft to enter or exit, and there are no windows on the exterior walls. The surroundings include a few small buildings and a clear blue sky in the background, suggesting that the hangars may be located on an airfield or airport.
A white aircraft hangar. Image via


As for the contracting services and actual kits, SteelCo Buildings does not publish any pricing on their website. Obviously, It adjusts and varies depending on the customizations. However, they publish plan prices online. Their 2,800 sq. ft. metal barndominium plan costs $1,300, while their 3,900 sq. ft. barndo plan costs $1,800. These are engineered, stamped, and code-compliant plans made for your convenience. They have other plan options, which you access on the SteelCo website. 

To understand a bit about the usual cost of construction, here’s a guide to barndominium cost per square foot. Give it a read and know what to consider when preparing your funds.

Client Testimonials

With all the past awards and satisfied clients, we can say that SteelCo Buildings is competitive and highly rated. Here’s some of the recent feedback they got on business reviews.

“I used SteelCo for my most recent building addition at our self storage facility. Clint and Brad were great to work with from start to finish. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a metal building.”

Brandon W.   Source: SteelCo Buildings Google Review

“Had a project I was working on and contacted Clint Neely. Although it wasn’t a huge project, he was very helpful. Within 24 hours I had a price, and he came and met me later that day to sign the order. In less than a week, materials were dropped, and work has begun. Couldn’t be happier with Steelco or with Clint. Thanks!”

Michael J.  Source: SteelCo Buildings Google Review

Advantages and Disadvantages

Metal buildings have their own beauty in terms of quality. But yet, they also have their advantages and disadvantages, the same as working with a builder you might not have partnered or dealt with before. How about a rundown of SteelCo Buildings’ strengths and weaknesses to see if they are a worthy company, shall we?


Working with SteelCo Buildings might be practical, thanks to their reliable contracting services and high-grade steel materials. Their kits are made by manufacturers affiliated with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), guaranteeing that the kits are qualified, safe, DIY-friendly, and disaster-proof. Every kit you purchase from them comes with a 25-year warranty. They do custom builds and upgrades to maximize your lot/land and administer to your building needs and use.


Like any other builders offering DIY structures, SteelCo does not cover financing services for your projects. They suggest preparing your own funds or coordinating with local banks to ensure hands-on and transparent fund management. If you need help with this phase, kindly refer to our metal building home financing article.

Apart from this financing drawback, few reviews have reported insulation issues which can lead to additional service. Nonetheless, you can raise such concerns with them if you encounter this issue. They can help you minimize and prevent further costs.

Should You Choose SteelCo Buildings?

SteelCo Buildings is one reputable company to work with, especially with metal building projects. They distribute high-class metal kits and deliver them anywhere in North America. If you are in Georgia, you can consider their contracting team to oversee and work for your site construction. They also have the experience and awards proving their excellence in the steel structure business. Overall, they’ve got what it takes to be a trusted builder. Feel free to contact them if you have decided to partner with them.

Aside from metal buildings, you might be looking for alternatives like pole barn homes, prefab homes, or shipping container homes. Visit our website and explore more similar structures that might be your next project. 


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