Steel Metal Home Building Kit of 3500 sq. ft. for $36,995!!

Who’d ever think that buying steel frame house kits would be possible through Ebay? Well, here’s one example to take a look at – for $36,995 you can have this awesome prefabricated metal building wonder delivered straight to your land.

Obviously, this structure is meticulously cared for. From the very first glance, you can already know it’s expertly made

This spacious home will suit most people’s tastes! It has great looking and practically laid out steel frame construction with a cathedral ceiling, with various parts that can be customized to your needs and budget. It comes with a front covered porch of 10′ x 50′ as well as a steel roof which has 45 years warranty.

You will be astounded with the spaciousness this steel frame home has to offer. It can be shared by huge family, co-lived with your closest friends or you could easily make an office/shop with living quarters out of it.

You’ll love this with built-ins throughout

The space allows you to furnish it as you please – whether it’s something very fancy and expensive, or simple and cheap that you have in mind – it’s only a matter of your budget, taste, and imagination. These days prefabricated steel structures such as this house are easy to customize to your individual liking, with different color, door, and window options.

We do not need to say much more about this great Ebay gem – you will see it all in the pictures below. We are very happy that pre engineered metal building homes are gaining popularity due to their additional safety, generally lower building and maintenance costs and easy accessibility just like this example! If these are important points for your future house then this model might be it! Do you feel the excitement?!

Stats: 3,500 sq. ft. More info about this house on Ebay – click here.

Price: DYI Kit Costs $36,995, but please take into consideration extra costs such as: foundation, permits, doors, windows, plumbing, interior, furniture, assembly, etc. The final price might end up above $100,000, but that is still very cheap considering it’s 3,500 sq. feet!

Source: eBay


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