Steel Frame Gambrel Type Homes Starting from $19,950 (HQ Pictures)

Are looking for a big house but low on budget? We have good news for you! We have an amazing steel frame gambrel-style metal building homes for those on a tight budget! With this type of house, you can benefit from its low maintenance design. Originally, Gambrel style was being used in barns, but with a little help of exterior/interior designers, they could turn a barn-looking house into a remarkable, stylish home to stay in evermore.

30’ x 30’ 1800 sq ft Starting at $19,950 delivered.

This house was built by Ameri Built Steel, the producer of these fine steel frame kits as shown in the picture below. Starting from just a little below $20,000 per kit, your family will surely fall in love with this type of house.

Inside of this house, you’ll find a big, cozy and cool atmosphere, thanks to its custom wooden walls your living room might not need air conditioning at all. You will also find the 2nd floor fantastic, perfect for any indoor games and family activities or you can also make it a perfect office area if you are working from home. The custom wood kitchen interior also looks amazing, anyone in the family will love it.

Custom wood kitchen design

This type of house comes in different sizes and designs. This can also be a great place when having an occasion, your friends and guests will be comfortable and accommodated because of its size plus they will surely appreciate the house exquisite interior designs.

Stats: varies depending on model, feel free to contact the contractor.
Plan: varies depending on model, feel free to contact the contractor.

Cost: these gambrel type building kits sell for around $20,000. Scroll down below to find out exact prices or feel free to contact Ameri Built Steel.

Source: Ameri Built Steel


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